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Shani 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update on

Shani and Yam’s fight continues. Yam says we are equal now. I too drank Amrit. Shukracharya continues his puja. Shani pushes Yam far away. Indra Dev extends his hand towards Yam and looks pointedly at shani. Yam takes his help. Indra Dev says Yam is a Dev putra and I am Devraj. He is against Asuras which is why I support you. Come what may I wont let Shani stop you from doing your duty. Step forward before Shukracharya completes his yagya. Shani blames him for causing instability. You will have to pay for it in future. Right now, I wont let anyone either intervene in Shukracharya’s tapasya nor will I let Yam take the souls of all these Asuras. Indra Dev says we will decide now who wins and who will lose! He orders his soldiers to attack but Surya Dev tells him against it.

Surya Dev and Sanghya join them. Indra Dev advises him to stop his son instead. Surya Dev says you will have to stop as you broke the rules thereby causing instability in the world. Indra Dev reasons that being Devraj, he is free to break rules for the sake of Gods. Think why I killed Asuras. If they wont be there then there would be no fight between Gods and Asuras. Without war, Gods will progress and there will be peace in the world. Surya Dev calls him the instigator of Ashanti. Indra Dev refuses to give any further explanation. I am Devraj Indra. I don’t need either yours or Shani’s permission before making any decision. Shani tells him to be prepared for consequences then. Surya Dev accepts that Devraj did wrong. What you did is also wrong. You are fighting with your own brother for Asuras! What do you want? You want Shukracharya to please Mahadev and save Asuras? They will become powerful than Gods once again and create problem for us. We can talk about this later. We must go to Surya Loka right now as the yagya held for Devi Chhaya is much dearer than this.

Shani recalls his mother’s words and also remembers Shukracharya holding him responsible for what just happened with Asuras. He is in a fix. Surya Dev tells him he is going to accept him as his son. There cannot be anything bigger than this right now. Come son. Shani says you are going to accept my mother as your wife. There cannot be anything better than this. She will finally get her right. But right now my duty is most important for me as my mother, for whom this yagya is happening, has taught me to do my duties. She sacrificed herself so I am able to do justice. You are right at your place in terms of dharma but I too cannot look away from my karma. Indra Dev adds fuel to fire. Your son proved that he is with our opponent. Come on our side now. Surya Dev points out to Shani that his actions can make their relation bitter for forever. Would you accept this? Shani thinks of how Surya Dev had proudly accepted him as his son. His eyes well up for a minute. I will have to accept it unwillingly as this is the demand of my duty! Surya Dev tells him to do his karma then. I will do my dharma which means that Asuras must not become strong. He tells Indra Dev and Yam to do their work. Indra Dev and Yam nod at each other.

Shani again warns them not to cross the line or there will be dire consequences of it. Indra Dev’s soldiers start heading towards the line but Shani beats them badly. Indra Dev looks upset. Yam walks ahead next ignoring all of Shani’s warnings. Shani throws him far away using his weapon. Devi Sanghya and Surya Dev rush to his side. Sanghya wonders if Narayan will still keep quiet. You cannot hear a mother’s plea but you can atleast look after the one who is doing the duty assigned by you. How can you see him getting hurt? If my son is following his duty diligently then you will have to prove that no one can break the rules made by you, not even Karamfaldata Shani! Narayan opens his eyes. Surya Dev glares at Shani. You attacked your own brother! Shani denies. Yam tells his father not to worry. If you, I and Indra Dev will attack Shani together then he wont be able to withstand it for even a minute. Indra Dev seconds him. All three of them join their energies / power and aim at Shani. Shani is having a hard time holding them back all by himself. Shani notices Rahu there and asks him to help. The existence of Asuras is in trouble. You are the only Asura alive. Help me. Rahu thinks he cannot let Gods win. Now I will show them what I can do after gaining Amrit.

Rahu chants some mantras because of which his body appears magically. He also creates another Asura (replica) and they stand on either side of Shani. They support Shani with their powers and end up pushing Gods way behind the warning line.

Sanghya again prays to Narayan. If you still don’t come now and stop the injustice happening with my son then devotees will lose faith on you. Narayan appears there. Shani greets him. Narayan is upset with him for breaking the rules made by him. I gave Yam the duty of taking care of souls of dead and you are stopping him. Shani explains that he was only trying to maintain balance in the world. Narayan tells him it isn’t his duty.


Shani 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mahadev tells Shani of a solution to save Asuras. Shani says from now on there will be no fight between Gods and Asuras. Surya Dev points out that he might have avoided Devasura Sangram but he has made his father his enemy after what he did today! You went against my wish!