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Shani 25th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Dhamini Chooses Yam As Her Life Partner!


Shani 25th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Having trust and control on oneself is very important to for our willpower. Shani teaches that in absence of these, people would fail to win. ||

Shani 25th December 2017 Episode Start With Dhamini saying I have dreamt to marry you! Will you marry me Shani?

Everyone is waiting anxiously for Dhamini in Surya Sabha. Devi Chhaya asks Yami if everything is fine. Where is Dhamini? Yami assures her everything is ok. She is just getting ready and will come down soon. She hopes Shani accepts Dhamini’s proposal.

Shani says it was my karma so it does not need to be appreciated yet I thank you for doing so. I am lucky that you considered me to be your life partner but I cannot accept it. She calls it a lie. I am an artist. I cannot mistake reading emotions. Look at me if you have no such feelings towards me. Just saythat you don’t love me. He replies that he has no intention of hurting her. It is true that I never felt that way about you. Whatever I did was my duty and not love! I saved you from Kupan, protected you before Indra Dev as it was my duty.

My intention behind organising this Swayamvar is to set an example for the world that women too have a right to choose and make all the decisions related to their life. It is my duty to walk on the right path. Marriage can sway me from my path which is why I cannot accept it. I apologize to you. If anything that I did made you feel I love you then I am sorry but I was only doing my duty. She looks at him in shock.

Mangal says we got saved somehow today. Devraj is sure they would have been the culprit if they hadn’t brought Rahu here. Mangal is irked that they are still waiting for Dhamini’s Swayamvar to start like cowards. She is now under no pressure to marry Yam!

Dhamini says you are the first person in my life with whom I shared my fears. I always thought that you also love and respect me as much as I do! But I was wrong. I dint know that what I am thinking to be love is just my imagination. Do you know why a new bride is called Grah-lakshmi? It is because luck also enters in the house along with her. That woman’s world ends up being her husband. She does not divert him from his path but becomes his inspiration instead. Sadly, you wont get this change again. I know you promised Mata you wont let anyone point fingers at my dignity. I was sure you would live up to it but you couldn’t do it!

Surya Dev tells Chhaya not to worry. Yami just said she is fine. Chhaya is feeling restless. I am feeling the same way I used to feel whenever Shani used to be in some problem. He advises her to speak to Dhamini before the Swayamvar starts.

Dhamini says I thought you have the same feelings that I have. I thought you feel it but are incapable of expressing it. I was wrong! You are that empty well which cannot be filled ever. Love does not divert you from your path. It guides you instead. It makes you complete. Becoming attached to emotions/ relations only makes one stronger. You have forgotten the importance of your loved ones by walking on this path of karma. It is ok then! I promise you that one day you will accept that you were wrong and my love is right! They see Devi Chhaya standing at the door. Dhamini wipes her tears.

Chhaya asks Dhamini why she is teary eyed. Dhamini says nothing. I only knew some people in the beginning but now I have come to understand them fully. Chhaya says you were under Rahu’s spell. Think it to be bad dream and forget it. She calls it hard to forget. It dint pain me as much back then as I am feeling right now. Chhaya says I can understand. You had to go through so much today and now you have to make the biggest decision of your life. We can postpone this Swayamvar for a few days if you want.

Devraj suggests postponing the Swayamvar. Whatever happened recently has cast a doubt in the mind of the Gods present here about me. Dhamini should be happy while making this decision but I feel she is under shock. How will she be able to make such an important decision then? I leave it on your guys to decide. Surya Dev seconds him. Swayamvar can be postponed as we are past mahurat time.

Devi Chhaya agrees. There is no need for a Swayamvar now. Devi Chhaya, Dhamini and Shani enter. Yami thinks Dhamini told mother. Maybe Shani has accepted Dhamini’s proposal. Dhamini shares that she has chosen Yam as her life partner. Yami and Kakol are stunned. Shani and Dhamini are looking at each other. She thinks he hurt her by refusing her love. now I will make you realise your mistake. Till now you have seen me as a good girl. now you will see my revenge.

Mangal murmurs to Devraj that Kaal is in their favour today. no one doubted us about Dhamini’s abduction earlier. Now Dhamini has chosen to marry Yam. Devraj refuses to think it to be in their favour till the marriage happens. How did Dhamini change her mind? Shani calms everyone. This Swayamvar was organized so Devi Dhamini could choose her life partner. If she has decided then! Devi Chhaya stops him. She asks Dhamini if she took this decision under any pressure. Dhamini denies. This is my decision only. Dharmaraj Yam has all the capabilities that a Surya-putra should have. He understands what self-respect means for a woman. He proved it by apologising to me and my father in front of everyone in the Sabha. I refused it. He could have taken it as an insult but he instead took part in the Swayamvar to win my trust. I want such life partner only.


Shani 26th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dhamini is going to marry Surya-putra Yam. Will Shani take the most important decision of his life and marry Dhamini or will he remain Virakta only?

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