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Shani 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update, Written Update of Shani 25th May 2017 on

Stubbornness and decision are different. Decision shows you your path but stubbornness blinds you.

Epi begins with Shani telling Devi Sanghya to experience the fear, the silence which those kids feel when their mothers leave them. This is just the beginning. You cannot even imagine the scary end ever. Sanghya wakes up screaming and realises she had been dreaming. Shani has stolen my sleep. Don’t know what the day will bring for me.

Surya Dev sits on his throne marking sunrise. Shani enters just then. Surya Dev is not at all pleased to see him. He recalls their last meeting. Why did you come here after what you said yesterday? Shani says it was your proposal that made me come here. You said you wanted peace and unity in your family. I accept the proposal. Chhaya also joins them. If you accept my mother as your family then I am sure you wont mind if we live here.

Devi Sanghya refuses to let Shani and Chhaya stay in her home. They cannot come in my home till I am alive! She heads out of the room in anger. Shani’s words echo in the corridor – I take care of those who don’t come on the right path. Sometimes I teach, sometimes I punish. You will sway from your path till the time you wont come on the right path. A light falls down. Sanghya decides to show Chhaya her place. I will bring Shani on the right path! She tries reaching Sabha room but comes back to the corridor always. Shani’s words haunt her. You want to escape your destiny Devi Sanghya? She holds her ears to shut out the voice. This is all Shani’s game. How do I come back to the same place always from where I start? I will have to break this trap. Suddenly, the pillars close in on her. She extends her hands to save herself. Shani tells her to try as much as she wants. You will find me in front of you whenever you will try. She screams seeing Shani right in front of her. Yam calls out to his mother worriedly. She finds herself in the same room as Yam. How did I come here? I was there. I kept running but couldn’t reach anywhere. Yam denies. You were here only. She shakes her head. Shani is behind this. He is trying to disillusion me. She holds his hand and heads to Surya Dev’s Sabha room.

She questions Surya Dev as to how he could allow Chhaya and Shani to stay here. He replies that he is her husband. I am attached to your Karamfal. Chhaya is also my wife. I had to bring her here to take care of her. Sanghya is about to say something when Indra Dev walks up to them. He asks Surya Dev’s help. Gods need you. You will have to come with me right away. Surya Dev asks him about it. Indra Dev bluntly replies that his wife is only under Shani’s Drishti which will eventually go away. It will be a problem if you don’t help Gods today. Surya Dev goes with him.

Sanghya remembers Shani’s punishment. It’s all Shani’s plan. He wants to distance me from everyone. Shani tells her that the first part of the day is gone. Your husband is going away from you. Remember that he will be the first one to leave you followed by all the other family members. Yam and Yami will also leave your side. You will be left all alone! Sanghya asks Yam to instruct Shani to leave. Yam looks around. Who should I say that to? There is no one here except you and me. Sanghya realises it too. Why am I so disillusioned? This cannot be. Surya Dev and Yam cannot leave me alone.

Brahma Dev asks Mahadev how Shani has started behaving so differently all of a sudden. Mahadev suggests Narayan to answer the question. Narayan shares that Shani was using Mahadev’s energy till the time he was Karamfaldata. He started using my power (of Maya) when he became Dandnayak. It leaves people restless. Their hearts deceive them then. They do all the wrong things and end up on the receiving end of punishment. Brahma Dev seems impressed by the whole idea. Mahadev is sure Shani will succeed.

Indra Dev brings Surya Dev to where Mali-Sumali are doing yagya to please Mahadev. Surya Dev recalls Indra Dev telling him about it earlier also. Indra Dev adds that if they succeed, then we will be finished. We will create a hindrance in their yagya together. Shukracharya and other Asuras will try to protect them. Surya Dev calls it a sin but Indra Dev justifies it calling an attempt to save Gods. Surya Dev refuses to hurt Mahadev’s devotees or upset Mahadev for Indra Dev’s wishes! He leaves. Indra Dev wonders why no one understands the problem that Gods will have to face if Mali-Sumali succeed.

Chhaya asks Shani why he brought her here.

On the other hand, Yam is puzzled as to why Shani brought his mother here when he never wanted to do it initially. Sanghya says he brought her here to insult me. I wont let him succeed though.

Shani shares with his mother that he brought her to fulfil Mahadev’s wish. Chhaya nods. Shani tells her they wont stay here for too long.

Sanghya says I will make sure Chhaya wont stay here for too long.

Chhaya looks at Shani in confusion. Shani says you are the instigator. You will instigate Devi Sanghya to run away from her punishment thereby bringing her closer to her punishment.

Yam stops Shani in the corridor. I did my duty as Dharmaraj but it doesn’t mean I would renounce my duties as a son and allow you to hurt my mother. I will throw you and your mother out of Surya Loka before you hurt my mother more. Shani points out that it is their mother. My mother might not have given birth to you but she has raised you. Is there no place for the Chhaya who protected you for years from Surya Dev’s heat and everything? You can talk to her if you feel she is wrong and her staying here isn’t justified. She is in your room. You can talk to her. I wont come between a mother and son. Yam heads to his room. Shani thinks Yam can try as much as he wants to but Devi Sanghya will be punished. Her family will leave her alone by sunset time.

Shani 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Journey of Dandnayak Shani is shown.

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