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Shani 25th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 25th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Revenge takes away our calm. Shani teaches that one who wishes to seek revenge ends up destroying himself. This is why one must never have such feelings in their mind towards anyone. ||

Shani meets his mother in the jungle. She asks him if everything is fine. He nods. How is Bhadra? She is shocked. What kind of a question is that? I was going to ask you this. Shani fails to understand where Bhadra is. Hanuman also says Bhadra is here so we came to meet her. Shani declines. She isn’t with me. Apart from me, it is only you who can take Bhadra with her. I am here now and so are you. No one can take Bhadra unless it is someone who looks like you – Sanghya!

Bhadra asks Sanghya if she is hiding something. Sanghya denies. You are my daughter. Shani isn’t here yet. I don’t know why it is paining in my throat which is why I cant sing lullaby. Bhadra asks her if its paining. Sanghya tells her to rest assured. Once Shani comes, everything will be fine. Bhadra asks her if her brother will come. Sanghya affirms. He will have to come. Bhadra falls asleep in her lap. Sanghya thinks your sister is with me right now Shani. The Halahal, which dint kill any of you, will now kill all of you.

Chhaya wonders why Sanghya will do anything like this. Shani reasons that she can go to any extent to seek revenge from him and her (Chhaya). Chhaya reminds him of his promise. You promised no harm will come on Bhadra. Shani assures her he will bring Bhadra safely. If I fail then I vow to never show my face to you again! Hanuman asks him where would be Bhadra then.

Rahu reprimands Devraj for getting them insulted by Shani for no reason. Your plan failed miserably. Devraj says I wont forget what he did today. I will give him a fitting reply in near future. We must find out where Bhadra is. Devraj declines. She is Shani’s sister. She cannot be diverted so easily. Someone is surely on the task. It is only one person who can manage to take Bhadra then.

Sanghya looks at sleeping Bhadra. It is good that my plan to kill you before your birth foiled. You will now help me kill my enemies. You are my daughter in a way as Chhaya is an extension of me only. It is your duty to help you mother. Bhadra wakes up. Sanghya acts to cry in a corner. Bhadra asks her if everything is fine. Why are you crying? Sanghya says I am fine. I got emotional thinking about Shani. Bhadra gets alert. What happened to him? Sanghya says nothing happened till now but very soon it will. Bhadra asks her what she means. Sanghya turns to face her.

Shani comes to meet Guru Shukracharya. Shukracharya asks him why he called him today. Tell me. Shani asks him about Devi Sanghya.

Bhadra requests her mother to speak up. Sanghya says I will tell you only if you promise not to disclose it to anyone, including Shani. Can you promise me? Bhadra agrees. My brother has taught me all about love and mother. Please tell me. Sanghya shares that Shani is in a problem but you are not helpless. I am helpless but you can do what I cannot. You can free him from this pain. You can bring Karamfaldata Shani back on the path of righteousness.

Shukracharya calls it impossible. No one can come in Pataal Loka without my permission. Hanuman suggests searching somewhere else but Shani stays put. Shukracharya said no one can enter in Pataal Loka without his permission but someone can enter stealthily. Shukracharya nods. Shani seeks his permission to search Devi Sanghya in Pataal Loka. Shukracharya allows him. Hanuman promises Shani this time he will punish Devi Sanghya if she is indeed found here.

Sanghya says Shani took a stand against all Gods when you were born. Entire world has become his enemy now. He not just fought with Gods but with his own father. He did everything for you. He left his home, his mother for you! He left his duty, his dharma behind. Those who do so don’t even get a place in hell. Bhadra tells her not to worry. I will surely get Bhai out of this problem. Guide me. What should I do? Sanghya advises her to go away from Shani. Bhadra is stunned hearing it. But how? Sanghya says I know it will be really difficult for you but you must do it. Gods will once again be friends with Shani if you will go away from him. He will be back on the right path. Promise me that you will go away from him. I am here. You can come to me for forever then. She extends her hand forward. Bhadra is in thoughts.

Hanuman and Shani are looking for Bhadra. They are really concerned for her. Shani hopes nothing untoward has happened with Bhadra.

Bhadra ends up promising Sanghya. Sanghya says I am proud of you. She hugs Bhadra but is shocked to see Shani entering in the cave just then. What should I do now? He is here! She makes Bhadra unconscious using her powers. Devraj pats at her shoulder just then. Shani is very close to them so he signals her to be quiet. Shani looks in that direction but they disappear by then. Hanuman also tells Shani he couldn’t find Devi Sanghya anywhere. Shani nods. Where would she have taken Bhadra to?

Shani is back in the jungle. Where can Devi Sanghya go to? Hanuman says I am also wondering the same. They both are surprised to see Bhadra coming towards them. Shani immediately rushes to her side. They both ask her too many questions. Bhadra replies that she is fine. Shani asks her where she went to and with whom. Shani notices the fear on her face. She says nothing. I went on my own. He tells her not to lie to brother. She wipes her tears before facing him again. I am speaking truth. He looks in her eyes and smiles. No problem. You went this time but don’t go anywhere next time without informing me. She agrees to sleep here only. You may go. Shani and Hanuman are puzzled by her reaction. Bhadra sits down on the swing looking lost / scared.


Shani 26th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sanghya says there is only one motive of my life now – revenge! First I will get Chhaya killed by Bhadra and then I will use Hanuman to my advantage. Shani will be left all alone then and we will take care of him.

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