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Shani 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update on

Mother’s place is highest in a person’s life. She is the one from which one takes birth. Everyone’s life becomes easy after thinking of mother.

Narayan is upset with Shani for breaking the rules made by him. I gave Yam the duty of taking care of souls of dead and you are stopping him. Shani explains that he was only doing his karma by trying to maintain balance in the world. Narayan firmly tells him it isn’t his duty. Devi Sanghya and Indra Dev smirk. Shani agrees with Narayan. But I have to find solution of the problem which arose because of me. I came to you to get Gods Amrit as it was their Karamfal but it wasn’t the Karamfal of Asuras to die like this. As Karamfaldata, I have to maintain balance in the world. Narayan tells him to keep out of the duties of Tridev. If you try to intervene in anyone else’s work next then I will be the one attacking you next. Rahu asks Shani why he is quiet before Narayan now. You wanted to protect Asuras, right? Shani replies that he is quiet because of his devotion towards Narayan. You are quiet because of your fear. It doesn’t mean I will sway from the path of duty. Narayan gets angry. He aims his Vakra-Sudarshan at Shani which pleases Rahu. I will be even now!

Mahadev requests Narayan to stop. Everyone greets him. Mahadev asks Narayan if he wont listen to his devotee. Narayan tells him not to stop him today. I know how dear Shani is to you but he has crossed his limit today. Mahadev says I have come to stop you not because Shani is dear to me but because you are my Aradhya. I told you to stop as there was a time when I was angry on Shani and wanted to punish him, it was you who stopped me back then. Hey Narayan, whatever Shani did back then was because he had lost his powers were out of his balance. He is doing everything today to maintain the same energy. Shani seconds him. You yourself can see how much instability has increased as it is affecting Tridev too. Narayan came to destroy which is the duty of Mahadev and Mahadev is creating / protecting which is actually the duty of Narayan! What else can be the biggest example of instability? It’s happening because of Gods killing Asuras completely. There was only one way to bring balance back in the world – to save Asuras. This is why I stopped Yam from doing the duty assigned by Narayan. Narayan finds logic in his words and stops. You are right but Yam cannot overlook his duty as well. Rule is rule. Yam is following my orders only. Mahadev says every problem in the world can be solved. You only need to meditate on it.

Mahadev gives a boon to Shukracharya (Mrit Sanjeevani Vidya). He will be able to return Asuras their lives. Yam can take everyone’s soul as per the rule but Shukracharya can return lives to Asuras as per his wish. Shukracharya thanks him whereas Devraj calls it injustice. Mahadev tells him this situation wouldn’t have arisen if he would have done his dharma after drinking Amrit.

Shukracharya makes all Asuras alive one by one. Shani says from now on the energy between Dev and Asuras will remain balanced. From now on there will be no fight between Gods and Asuras. Mahadev nods. You fulfilled your duty once again. He turns to Rahu. Your body is divided in 2 parts but you are immortal after drinking Amrit. The other part of Rahu will be called Ketu. You both are emblems of greed and cheating which can take anyone on the wrong path. I make you planets of the galaxy. You will be part of Navgraha – Surya, Chandra, Mangal, Buddh, Guru, Shukra, Shani, Rahu and Ketu! All these planets together will keep the lives of people in check. Surya Dev points out to Shani that he might have succeeded in creating peace between Gods and Asuras but he has made his father his enemy after what he did today! You went against my wish! Shani is taken aback. Surya Dev leaves from there.

Shukracharya addresses Asuras. We will be forver indebted to Shani now. You all are alive today as Shani stood against all Gods so I could continue my yagya. We will be ready to help him whenever he will need us. He has proved he is unbiased. He will always be on our sides whenever needed. Rahu asks him if it is true. Shani not just divided my body but my identity too. He has made a mockery out of me! I will still take revenge. I am still capable of taking anyone under my control. I can cast bad influences on anyone which is why they will be punished. World will not love but hate Shani!

Devi Sanghya tells Devguru to stop the puja. Shani wont come! Don’t think Acharya. Finish it. Yami says father went to bring him. He must be coming. Surya Dev enters just then. Devi Sanghya repeats Shani wont come. We are past the Mahurat time now. Yami tries saying something but Surya Dev speaks in Sanghya’s favour. Shani wont come. Shani announces his presence just then. Surya Dev is not at all pleased to see him there. Shani wants to complete the puja.

Devi Sanghya points out that Mahurat is gone. Shani reasons that birth and death don’t have any specified time and so does love or hate. Similarly, there cannot be a particular time or Mahurat for me to think of my mother and for a husband to pay homage to a wife. Relation between mother and son is most pious relation of the world which is why there cannot be any specified time to do puja for mother. Yami and Kakol smile. Shani thinks of his mother and folds his hands. Forgive me for coming late mother but I am not far from you. You know why I am late. You only taught me that there is no dharma bigger than fulfilling your duty. Devi Sanghya says you could have said this anywhere if that was all you had to say. Why do all this drama? Surya Dev has refused to accept you as his son and nor will he accept Chhaya as his wife. What’s the need of this puja then? Stop this drama and go away!

Shani turns to go when Surya Dev tells him to stop. He stands next to Devi Sanghya. I cannot back out from my words ever. He tells Devguru to start the puja. Everyone folds their hands in reverence. Shani is too shocked to react. Devguru asks Surya Dev if accepts Devi Chhaya as his wife. Shani imagines his mother standing next to Surya Dev.


Shani 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Mahadev tells Shani his first task at earth awaits him. Shani tells him he is ready for it. Rahu decides to malign Shani’s name on earth!

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