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Shani 26th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Narayan Guides Shani!


Shani 26th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Shani Dev always walks on the path of karma without bias. He teaches that our karamfal depends on our karmas. Our good karmas will yield good results and if our karmas are bad, we get bad results.||

Shani 26th December 2017 Episode Start With

Dhamini says I wanted such life partner only. Yami and Kakol are in tears. Yami realises that Shani refused Dhamini’s proposal thereby hurting her badly. He also insulted a woman by calling her vikarshan (distraction). I dint expect it from you Shani!

Shani congratulates Dhamini. The Sabha is in agreement with your decision. Dhamini tells him he did a favour on her by organizing this Swayamvar. I need another favour. I have chosen my partner. Bid adieu to all the other guests. He nods calling it his duty. He thanks everyone for coming at such a short notice. Devi Dhamini has chosen her life partner so it is over. Gods are angry. They call it a sham. Why did you call us here when it wasn’t going to happen? They leave.

Dhamini leaves it on Yam to decide if he wishes to marry her or not. Surya Dev asks Yam if he accepts Dhamini’s proposal. Yam nods. Surya Dev announces that the wedding will happen asap. Devi Chhaya hugs Yami. I am really happy that both my kids got the best life partners. Yami says I always wanted my brother to get a good life partner. I never thought situation will become like this. Devi Chhaya offers to organize a grand wedding for both her kids.

Chitrarath calls it a moment of pride. I never thought she will get so much love in Surya Loka. Devi Chhaya gave her her daughter’s place. Now my daughter will become the DIL of Surya family. Dev Vishwakarma tells Shani he feels Dhamini is really worried over something. Shani calls it natural. It is such a big decision of her life. Dev Vishwakarma suggests Surya Dev to start the Vaagdaan ceremony of the new couple.

Narayan says going by present situation, seems like Shani does not know that Dhamini is important part of his life. Mahadev adds that he is detached of worldly emotions which is why he does not realise it but for the greater good, he would have to marry Dhamini for the very same reason. it is time to guide him.

Dhamini and Yam sit down for Vaagdaan ceremony. He asks her if she is happy with this decision. She nods. People should rectify their mistake when they realise it. I got lost for a while and rejected your proposal but everything is fine now. The puja starts.

Devraj tells Mangal they will have to keep an eye on Dhamini till the wedding happens. I will tell you the plan once this ceremony is complete.

Dhamini thinks of all her meetings with Shani as she gives aahuti in the puja. Yam extends his hand and she looks at it hesitantly for a moment worrying Chhaya. She keeps her hand in his when she notices Shani looking at her. Chitrarath blesses the couple when the puja is done. Devi Chhaya also blesses them but she tells Dhamini she wants to talk to her in private. Dhamini nods.

Chhaya asks Dhamini if her decision to marry Yam is completely her own. If no then tell me, I will end this Vaagdaan right away. Don’t take any decision of your life under any pressure. No one knows it better than me how hard it is to express what’s in your heart. Dhamini looks at Shani. There is nothing like that. Dharmaraj Yam is the best partner for me. Stop worrying and bless us. Chhaya is relieved. We will announce the wedding day soon. Devraj congratulates Surya family. Shani did a fab job by completing the task of Swayamvar. I too have some responsibilities towards Gandharvas so I would like to take responsibility of the wedding. Chhaya declines. We are capable of doing it. Devraj insists that ti might clear the differences between him and Dhamini. She is going to marry Yam who I guided in Surya Dev’s absence. I too have some responsibility towards it but only if Surya Dev will allow. Surya Dev nods. Devraj thinks real game has just begun. I will keep an eye on Dhamini from now till the wedding. He thanks Surya Dev and smiles at Shani. He suggests Dhamini and Yam to spend some quality time alone. Yam and Dhamini go out of the Sabha. Shani looks at Devaj.

Yami asks Shani why he said no to Dhamini. Why did you force her to make a decision which
He replies that he dint force her for anything. I just expressed what’s in my heart. I don’t feel any such thing for her. She says first you gave the right to choose her own life partner and then you snatched it from her! I have seen love in her eyes. Do you know that it isn’t easy for a woman to express her love? It wasn’t easy for her to express her feelings to you yet she did it with so many hopes and love. You broke her love. You broke the dream which you only showed to her. You too have to marry someday then why don’t you marry her? He refuses to fall under any pressure to make him agree to someone’s decision. She reasons that his logics might not be always right. Dhamini is hurt. She dint pressurise you. It is you who has hurt her feelings. She leaves from there upset. Narayan tells Shani Yami is right. Shani greets him.

Dhamini is sitting alone in her room. Chitrarath enters. He tells her that she has fulfilled his age old dream into reality today. Your mther would have been so happy today. She is happy to fulfil his dream. He says it isn’t about my happiness but you. Are you happy? She nods. I cannot express it in words how happy a daughter is to make her father’s dream come true. I am happy as I always wanted to marry a Surya-putra.

Shani calls wedding a hindrance in his path. Narayan reasons that two people also affect each other intellectually. Shani sticks to his logic of detachment. Narayan gives him Mahadev’s example. He was detached but after meeting Shakti, he realised that he is nothing without Shakti. The world is run by the unison of male and female only. Mahadev is incomplete without Shakti. Brahma is incomplete without Saraswati and I am nothing without Lakshmi. This is the law on which the world survives / runs. A woman saved you from Rahu and Mangal’s attack in Grah-yuddha. After saving Mahadev from Ravan’s blind devotion, there was a reason behind Mata Parvati giving you that blessing. Think once again. you refused a wedding proposal today but you would need a woman’s support in your life to reach your destination. Shani looks at him in shock.


Shani 27th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :  Indra Dev makes another plan to insult Dhamini. Will Shani be able to save her again or will she become a prey to Indra Dev’s tactics?

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