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Shani 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Shani 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| When our mission, its path and the partner is wrong then people lose their sense. Shani teaches that right selection is very important in life ||

Shani gasps for breath and finally loses conscious.

Chhaya senses that Shani is in trouble. She requests her husband to do something. We have to save him. Surya Dev says I don’t know where he is but he must be finding a way out of the problem he is into. He is Mahadev’s creation. She refuses to let anything happen to her son. Chhaya passes out eventually.

Neelima turns to Sanghya. I fulfilled my promise. Shall we go to Surya Loka now? It is time for you to sit on the throne. They look at Shani one more time as they finally leave from there.

Mahadev says the yuga is about change. Brahma Dev says without Karamfaldata?

Indra Dev, Sanghya and Neelima reach Surya Loka. Everyone else is already gathered there. Surya Dev steps down from his throne which pleases Sanghya. It is nice to see you bending down with the changing times. She walks upstairs recalling how her position was snatched by Surya Dev earlier. I am the new ruler of Surya Loka. I thank all of you with all my heart. If you wouldn’t have given me pain then I wouldn’t be this happy today. Thank you Chhaya. If you had not taken my place then I wouldn’t have been here today. Thank you Yam and Yami. If you had not hurt my feelings then I wouldn’t have been this strong today. Thank you Surya Dev. If you had not snatched my position frpom me then I would not have been ruling Surya Loka today! Thanks to Shani! If he had not cast his Drishti on me then I wouldn’t have dared to put him to sleep once and for all! He breathed his last before me a while ago. Chhaya shakes her head in disbelief. She remembers his words (of good karmas and good results!). Nothing can happen to my son. He promised his mother that no harm will come to him if he has not done anything wrong. Dev Vishwakarma holds her but she tells him she isn’t broken. I have faith on my son, my love and Mahadev. He will have to answer. Tell me Mahadev where is my son? Answer me! Where is Shani? She shouts his name. Shani is still submerged in water.

Sanghya mocks Chhaya. If shouting could bring dead to life then every mother could keep her son alive. Shani wont return! Chhaya is sure her son will return and punish her for her misdeeds. Sanghya says you forgot to add Devi before my name. No problem. I forgive this mistake of the mother who is lamenting her son’s death. Now it is time for me to take my seat. I hope you all will cheer for your new ruler certainly. You must say – Devi Sanghya ki Jai – in unison! Everyone keeps quiet which irks her. She forces everyone to cheer for her. She is stunned to hear Shani’s voice. Everyone has mixed reactions on their faces as they see Shani standing alive before them. Shani again cheers for Devi Sanghya. Sanghya remembers seeing him drowning in the water and is boggled.

Chhaya, Dev Vishwakarma, Yami, Surya Dev, Kakol and Yam smile in relief. Chhaya, Kakol and Yami envelope him in a warm hug. Chhaya says I knew nothing will happen to you son. I had faith. Shani says nothing can happen to me till the time I have your love and trust. Kakol asks Sanghya what she will do now. My friend is back. Sanghya says how you can survive. I saw you dying right before my eyes! What’s this maya? Shani says this is no magic. The war between Neelima and me is still not over! Neelima asks him if he is ready. Shani tells her to try herself. Her attack pushes him behind. His body begins to turn blue yet again. Shani’s allies shout in concern as he falls on his knees (feeling weak). A smile appears on Shani’s face and he stands once again. He closes his eyes and his body turns yellow as he becomes normal. Neelima smiles as well as his energies reach out to her thus making her an equally content person from inside out. It is over now. He affirms.

Sanghya asks them what they are talking about. Why isn’t Shani dead? I will have to do it myself now. She takes a step forward but this time Neelima stands in her way and attacks her. Sanghya says you attacked me. you were on my side? You wanted to kill Shani for me and are attacking me now? Shani tells Neelima to explain to Devi Sanghya why she did this to her.

Flashback shows Shani telling Neelima she wasn’t told the right things by Devi Sanghya. Neelima insists that she swore and told her everything. Shani offers to show her his life journey. You will be able to understand as to why I had to punish her. You can then decide who is lying – me or Devi Sanghya! He shows her his entire life journey to Neelima. Neelima’s eyes well up. Shani says when all her plans foiled Devi Sanghya decided to use you against me. Neelima realises her mistake. How can I make such a mistake? How can I fall in someone’s trap? He says it happened but you still have a chance to rectify your mistake. She asks him how it is possible. There is so much negativity and pain inside me. Shani advises her to attack him using her powers in a way that her negative energy will kill all his doubts. In return my positive energy will change you for good. She asks him if he is sure. He nods. Flashback ends.

Shani says now Devi Sanghya and her allies will be punished.


Shani 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shani says I, Karamfaldata Shani, accept Neelima as my power. She will be known as Neelam gem in the world from now onwards. He turns to Devi Sanghya. You cannot hide in any corner of the world now as you will be punished finally! You will be punished by Dandnayak Shani. She tries to escape but Shani warns her that she wont be able to escape her Karamfal!