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Shani 26th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 26th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Difficult situations are a part of everyone’s life. They cannot be in anyone’s hands. Shani teaches how important it is to tackle such situations and get out of them. ||

Epi begins with Bhadra telling Shani she will stay here only. Please go. Shani watches her as she sits on the swing. Where should I go? Bhadra tells him not to worry for her. I won’t go anywhere from here. You can do your other duties now. Hanuman asks her which duties she is hinting at. Shani gestures him to be quiet. He tells Bhadra to take care of herself. I will come back in some time. He leaves with Hanuamn. Bhadra sits there teary eyed.

Sanghya says I am surprised that you (Devraj) dint let me stay in Dev Loka yet you came to rescue me here in Pataal Loka. Devraj says paths become same when your motive is same. I have to finish Bhadra! She is a problem for me. I have to also kill Shani. Sanghya advises him to not even think of killing Bhadra. She is under my control completely. Now I will use my powers to make her work as per my wish. There is only one motive of my life now – revenge! She will be my weapon. First I will get Chhaya killed by Bhadra and then I will use her to separate Hanuman from Shani. Shani will be left all alone then and we will take care of him. Devraj says Bhadra is also my enemy. Sanghya points out that Bhadra isn’t her own daughter after all. She can die once my work is done.

Shani is sure something is wrong with Bhadra. I know her well. She will never do it. Not just this, her behaviour, her talks and her actions were really strange today. It hinted at the fact that something did go wrong with her. Hanuman asks him how they will know about it. Shani says we must find out if something wrong is happening with her. This is the only way.

Chhaya requests Surya Dev to help Shani in finding Bhadra. She is your daughter as well. Surya Dev reprimands her for losing her mind over Bhadra. I am warning you for the last time. Think of your other kids other than Bhadra. If you still worry for her then you must leave Surya Loka! There is no place for her here. Chhaya wonders where Bhadra went to. Shani is the only solution now.

Shani stands up sensing something wrong. Hanuman asks him what happened. Shani shares that mother is in some problem.

Chhaya hears Bhadra calling out to her. Yam and Yami try to stop her but in vain. Chhaya walks out of the palace.

Chhaya notices Bhadra heading somewhere and follows her.

Shani asks Yami about Chhaya. She shares that she just went out of Surya Loka. We tried to stop her but in vain.

Chhaya follows Bhadra inside the cave. Chhaya tries reaching out o her but it is just an illusion, a shadow. Why did you bring me here? It disappears. Sanghya steps forward. You were brought here so you could be killed. I am your death.

Shani leaves for the jungle with Kakol.

Sanghya ties Chhaya using her powers. This is such a peaceful sight. I feel as if I am in heaven. Chhaya says you lost your everything because of this mentality. You should change yourself before you lose your life. Sanghya is bent upon seeking revenge from all those who have done her wrong. You and Shani must die! Chhaya tells her it is not possible. Shani wont let you succeed. Sanghya says I know it already but will he fight with Bhadra. Chhaya is puzzled. Why would he do that? Sanghya says when he can fight with Mahadev for his mother then he can do this much with Bhadra too. Chhaya points out that she is Sanghya. Sanghya laughs. We know this but Bhadra is not aware of this. Chhaya speaks of Bhadra’s capabilities and anger. She melted Devraj’s Vajra in seconds when she lost her cool. Think about what she can do when she will find out the truth. Sanghya says it will surely happen. She will kill you both because of her anger but you don’t deserve an easy death. She makes Chhaya her captive and organizes a screen for her where she can see Bhadra killing her own brother. Sanghya leaves from there.

Yam also follows Bhadra’s illusion. Shani rushes past Yam and keeps shouting out to Bhadra. Why are you running away from your own brother? She smiles at him. Shani finds something wrong. You cannot be Bhadra. Who are you then? The girl runs and hides behind a stone. She goes missing the next moment when Shani comes around. Yam fills Shani’s ears against Shani but Shani shares that it wasn’t Bhadra. Yam tells him not to hide the truth. You brought that Halahali in this world. You snatched our mother from us. Shani warns him to stop. I only know that it wasn’t Bhadra! He thinks to make sure that Bhadra is not in any trouble.

Devraj is the one creating Bhadra’s illusions. Shani’s end is near now! Sanghya agrees. Shani will surely die. Devraj tells her to hurry up. Shani is very clever. Our plan cannot be hidden from him for too long. Bhadra will soon tell Shani it was only her shadow. Sanghya assures her Bhadra will not tell anyone anything. She is my daughter before anyone else now. She will only do what I will tell her to. Devraj asks her how she will continue to be Chhaya before Shani. Sanghya says I have a plan up my sleeve.

Chhaya shouts. You cannot kill Karamfaldata Shani as Devon ke Dev Mahadev is on his side. Mahadev says it isn’t true anymore. I am not with Shani anymore as he is on the wrong path now and I cannot support him in any of this. He left his karmas behind and is walking on the path of attachment. It is only pushing him towards death. It will only bring his downfall. It will also destroy entire world. I cannot support him in his this choice ever!

Bhadra thinks of Sanghya’s words. Bhai is in trouble because of me! Shani reaches there just then. She wipes her tears. I must go away from Bhai. I don’t want to trouble him anymore. Shani envelops Bhadra in a hug. Thank God you are safe. She is about to hug him back but stops. Shani notices it. Is everything alright? Bhadra replies that she is fine. I can take care of myself. Shani says I know it but you don’t know that someone is trying to divert us using maya. I will first take you and mother to a safer place. Bhadra tells him she can take care of mother herself. Shani asks her why she is behaving so strange. She remembers what Sanghya had told her and lies to Shani. I don’t want you to worry for me. I am not a kid. She produces her powers. You know I have many powers. Results of anyone coming near me can be adverse.


Shani 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sanghya comes to Surya Loka and pretends to be Chhaya before everyone. She tells Yam and Yami to tell Shani she cannot meet him right away. Yami tells SHani not to meet mother. She is doing puja right now. Sanghya is worried that Shani will immediately get to know her reality the moment he will see her. Shani comes to meet his mother and looks at Sanghya.

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