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Shani 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update on

Having true intention is more important than Karma. Shani teaches that a deed becomes good deed when it is accompanied with a good intention.

Devguru asks Surya Dev if he accepts Devi Chhaya as his wife. Shani imagines his mother standing next to Surya Dev. Surya Dev keeps his hand over the diya. I accept Chhaya as my wife. Chhaya looks at her son overwhelmed and keeps her hand over Surya Dev’s hand. Shani smiles. Chhaya thanks her son for getting her respect and her right. Shani takes a step forward but is jolted by Sanghya’s voice. She asks Surya Dev what he did. Surya Dev replies that he lived up to his word. I always do what I say. I also don’t forgive the ones who hurt me. I accept Chhaya as my wife but I will never accept Shani as my son! Sanghya looks relieved. Surya Dev adds that world might know him as his son but I have only one son. Shani says I don’t need any right for me anyways. But today you gave me what is most precious to me – my mother’s right.

I will be forever indebted to you for this. I don’t regret anything but I am thankful to the husband who gave his wife his right. I have no qualms with the father who disowned me but I am thankful to the one who respected my mother. I have no inkling of anything but I am thankful to you as Chhaya putra. You may not think of me as a part of your family but I am at peace as today my mother got what she deserved. I wont ask you anything now. He turns to Yam. I never did any injustice to you in my eyes but if I ever hurt you then please forgive me. He goes to Yami next and wipes her tears. Thank you Yami for the trust and love that you gave to me. He walks up to to Devi Sanghya. I know you are pained to see me everyday yet you let me live here. Thank you for this. He stands before his father next. A son’s duty is to make his father proud and not angry. If I stay here then you will always be angry and agitated which is why I am leaving Surya Loka. Devi Sanghya remarks that it will be good for everyone.

Shani begins to walk away when Surya Dev tells him to stop. Who said I get angry seeing you or agitated seeing you around. You get upset on your loved ones. Surya does not waste his anger or patience on strangers. You don’t need to leave. World knows you as Surya Putra so you have a right to stay here. I will never accept you as my son though! I want you to stay here so you should realise every second that you got a chance to be Surya Putra but you neglected it. This will be your punishment which will give me peace. Devi Sanghya smirks. Surya Dev walks away. Shani closes his eyes sadly as tears roll down his cheeks.

Shani is in the jungle (at his home). Memories of his mother flash before his eyes. I miss you a lot today. I wish I could meet you again and be in your shadow. He closes his eyes. Strong wind blows and the swing begins to sway. He hears his mother calling out to him and stands up with a start. He runs in all the directions from where he hears her voice and finds her sitting in the puja room. He stops himself from approaching her thinking what if it is just his imagination. She turns and points out that what he is seeing isn’t true but it also not just an imagination. A mother can never leave her kid alone. I might not be present here physically but my love will always be with you. Shani hugs his mother. He opens his eyes only to realise he was holding onto nothing. He hears his mother’s voice yet again and rushes outside. He finds her near the swing. I know you are always there for me but you are not my mother. Who are you? His mother says mother is no different than Mahadev.

Mahadev comes in his real avatar. I thought you would need me right now. Shani nods. Thank you for coming here and stopping me from falling weak. Mahadev is with me just the way my mother is. You came here especially today which means there is something special. Mahadev tells him about his task at earth. You have to go to earth. You have followed your duties diligently here. Now you have to do the same on earth to a great king (Raja Harishchandra). He is the best ruler on earth. His karmas and decisions will affect everyone on earth. How you decide his karamfal depending on the karmas will decide your place and position on earth. People will look up to you the same way in future.

Everyone cheers for Raja Harishchandra as he sits on his throne.

Shani says you said I would like to know whatever people will think of me afterwards. Mahadev nods. Shani says you created me to bring the misguided people on the right path. You only taught me that good is good not considering what people do. I will do my karma without any such thought. Mahadev says karma and truth together become good deed which brings good results for people. Shani agrees to go to earth and do his duty as per his instructions.


Shani 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Raja Harishchandra allows a Maharishi to take his son with him. Shani thinks to find out what he finds is out of place. He notices the queen talking secretly to someone and is puzzled.