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Shani 27th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Devraj Plans To Trap Dhamini!


Shani 27th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Karma is puja and following your duty is devotion. Shani teaches that one should continue doing their karmas as it defines the good or bad outcomes for them. ||

Shani 27th December 2017 Episode Start With Narayan says you refused a wedding proposal today but you would need a woman’s support in your life to reach your destination. Shani looks at him in shock.

Mangal offers liquor to Devraj but he stops him. Mangal tells him to get happy sometimes. Our plan succeeded today. Let’s celebrate. Devraj says this isn’t the time to celebrate. I feel something wrong seeing the change in Dhamini’s behaviour. She wasn’t ready to marry Yam till now. Mangal does not mind whatever made her do it. It has come in our favour now. Think as to how we will take our revenge from Shani. Devraj again says he knows Shani more than him.

He could have blamed us for Chitrarath’s abduction that day but he dint do it. He wanted the Swayamvar to happen smoothly. There is surely something which we are unaware of. I have the responsibility of the wedding now. I will find out that reason. see how I will make her dance to my tune.

Shani paces in his room thinking about Yami’s words and Dhamini’s challenging words and here decision thereof.

Yami suggests Dhamini to speak to Shani once. Dhamini declines. You would have never suggested me this if you would have hear our conversation. A woman can never feel wrong about love. This has hurt me badly. Shani does love me. I feel it but he is not willing to accept it. He isn’t ready to understand that it is difficult to spend life alone. Yami reasons that it is no solution to marry Yam. Shani is detached by nature. When you can give second chance to Yam then can you not give a second chance to Shani?

Narayan’s words echo in Shani’s mind. He meets Dhamini in the corridor. He realises she wants to say something and tells her to go ahead. She says you have nothing to do with feelings and I am out of words. If you have to say something then you can go ahead. Shani says life partner is everything for a Gandharva lady but it isn’t possible that a God will not marry someone else in his entire lifetime. A God is free to marry as many times as he pleases. You chose Yam as your life partner. Gave a reason in the Sabha but I hope you have no objection to the fact that he will only be married to you for life. This is just Vaagdaan. You can stop this wedding if you want. That’s all that I wanted to say! She calls his thoughts hypocrite. Yam’s proposal is better than it. I accept it. You do not love me so it is ok. I promise you I will make you realise it. Remember it! She turns to go but he calls out her name. She hopes he feels it once. I will forget everything and start afresh. Shani tells her it is ok if this is her last decision. I hope your wedding will happen smoothly amidst the preps made by Devraj. She walks away.

Yam asks Devraj if this is why he took responsibility of this wedding. Devraj laughs. Seems like you have fallen in love with Dhamini! This is not love but her acceptance given to you in pity. You are getting diverted from your mission. There is no place for Dhamini or love in this wedding. Important is to take revenge from Shani for all the wrong that he has done to you since childhood! Yam refuses to risk Surya Loka’s dignity in this game. Mangal asks him how he can forget what Shani did to their family. He cast his Drishti on your father! Devraj adds that this is the same Surya Loka where Shani had hit your mother with his leg. Mangal says this is the same Surya Loka where Shani killed your mother! Devraj says Dhamini’s insult will become the reason for Shani’s end. It will be destroyed the moment Dhamini will lose her dignity. He used to call himself Karamfaldata. See how I will malign Dhamini’s dignity right in front of his eyes. He will be finished! Get ready for this dangerous game Shani!

Brahma Dev says Shani and Dhamini are going away from each other whereas Yam is falling under the influence of Devraj and Mangal. How will Shani and Dhamini realise they got to be together? Narayan nods. There was also no outcome of the conversation between Dhamini and Shani. How will fate bring them together then? Mahadev points out that this is Shani’s fate. All the big milestones of his life will come Shanay-Shanay. Dhamini and Shani will come together too but Shanay-Shanay. There both will have to face really difficult circumstances before that happens.

Devi Chhaya thanks Mahadev for blessing her with such an abundant life till date. I just hope that tomorrow’s sunrise will bring hope and prosperity in the lives of both my kids. I am a mother which is why a strange fear keeps warning me against something wrong all the time. I have become fearful of the fact what if something goes wrong in Yam and Yami’s wedding because of Shani. Surya Dev shares that Dev Vishwakarma has called for them. She wonders if everything is fine. Surya Dev says I don’t know. He wants us to come along with Chitrarath. She thinks what it is that is so urgent.

Dhamini is told by a servant that Yam has called for her. He has organized a Sanskar ceremony for you. Dhamini agrees to join him. She thinks he is not so bad. No one has called me with this much respect till date.

Devraj vows to break Dhamini’s self-respect.

Brahma Dev says when we know that Shani and Dhamini are destined to marry and it is important for the world that they marry. Why don’t we do something when we know it already? Mahadev explains that they are opposite energies. It isn’t easy for them to come together but their life is joined together. They too are aware of it somehow. They are going in opposite directions so they can prepare each other for one another. They are like fire and water but when they will unite, they will be unbreakable and undefeatable. Their Manthan is important before that happens.

Chitrarath asks Dev Vishwakarma if it is something serious. Dev Vishwakarma says the Vaagdaan has happened but when I was trying to figure out a date for the wedding! There is some secret which I am unable to unravel. I can say this much that Dhamini will have to struggle a lot before marriage.

Dhamini gets ready.

Devraj says Shani wont be able to protect Dhamini’s dignity even if he would want to! He would have to be invited in this ceremony.

Shani is also invited to the Sanskar ceremony organized by Devraj. Shani agrees to come. He thinks Devraj would have taken control of Yam and Dhamini. It will be a grand occasion surely but you are forgetting that I wont let you succeed in any of your evil plans till the time I am here!


Shani 28th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Indra Dev makes another plan to insult Dhamini. Shani tells everyone that Dhamini cannot marry Yam as he loves Dhamini. She will only marry me! Yam glares at him.

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