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Shani 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update


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Lord Vishnu says when you don’t know what the motive of your life is; lose your loved one and fall in the wrong company then you automatically lose sight of right and wrong. This is what happened with Shani. He lost his mother and thus lost his mission. Then he got Rahu on his side. Who knows it better than you? What is done intentionally is crime but what is done unintentionally is a mistake. You give a chance to mistake. You don’t punish then. Mahadev clams down and pulls his trident back. Shani folds his hands in reverence and stands up. Don’t stop Mahadev. Kill me. I dint commit a mistake. I committed that what’s sin in your eyes. I rebelled against fate. I have become a danger for both Gods and Asuras. Since mother left, I neither have any identity nor any meaning of life.

You were my mother’s Aaradhya. How can I lift a weapon against the one before whom my mother used to bow her head and pray? Finish me! But I do want to know why you let my mother die. If everyone gets results of their karma’s then tell me what wrong my mother did that she was allowed to die even after getting the boon of life from you. Nandi and Veerbhadra got attacked today which made you angry. Why did you keep quiet when my mother went through a similar phase? Answer my questions if you can so I can calm down before dying.

Mahadev says I have answers to your questions but your conscience isn’t that active yet to know them. You will first have to know the reason of your creation. It is important to free your conscience from negativity for the same reason. He magically cleanses Shani using his powers. What do you feel Shani? Shani remembers the moments spent with his mother; Kakol’s mother and losing both of them. Shani replies that he is feeling fear, defeat, sadness and pain. I am feeling as if everyone is trying to snatch everything from me and want to harm me. Mahadev explains that this is associated to this circle. It isn’t really you who is feeling it. He free Shani free his fears. What do you feel now? Shani says I feel as if I don’t belong to anyone here. The only thing that I remember is the moment when my mother sang the lullaby to Yami that was made for me. I feel dejected. Mahadev frees him from that as well.

He again asks what he is feeling right now. Shani says I feel helpless. I couldn’t protect my mother. I feel so very helpless. Mahadev says it isn’t you who is experiencing it. He frees Shani from his feeling of helplessness. Shani says I feel my identity was for no reason. I remember the time when I saw my mother with Yam, Yami and Surya Dev for the first time. Mahadev liberates him from that chakra next. Shani adds that he feels no one in the world is to be trusted. I even distrust myself now. Mahadev speaks of the Vishudhi Chakra (of mistrust) and frees Shani. Shani says I have no control over anything; neither on myself nor on my feelings. I don’t see anything clearly. I don’t understand the meaning of what anyone says. Mahadev says you will be now free from this darkness and come in light. Remember that it isn’t you who is living it. Shani says now I feel I have no motive in life. There is no peace inside my heart. There is no meaning of my identity since my mother left. Mahadev relieves him from this negative feeling too. Open your eyes and clear away all the clouds of dissatisfaction from your life. Liberate yourself. There is still one thing left to do. See your life journey by separating yourself from it. He shows it to him. Everyone else looks on keenly.

Shani opens his eyes. Mahadev says I had to intervene in Dev-Asura war when it crossed all its limits. Energy was created which could do justice with people based on their karma’s. This is why I created you and I wanted you to be born from Surya Dev. A slow-walker (as you need to walk slow to analyse everything). You were created then to give people the fruits of their deeds. It is time to answer your questions now. Your first question was – why I let your mother die / killed her. I dint kill your mother. She disappeared on her will. It was important for you to be unbiased and devoid of any feeling to become Karamfaldata. She had realised that she was the biggest obstacle of your path. You loved your mother the most which is why she sacrificed herself. Yes, this Shiv was quiet during his devotee Chhaya’s death as that is how you respect a sacrifice. Now your second question – why your mother was punished. She chose prize. You are the shadow of her sacrifices and ideals. Body has to bear the heat of sun to give birth to shadow! Shani realises his mother’s words (telling him to make his own identity and become a big man; parents have to leave their kids one day which is why I want you to live for yourself). Tears roll down Shani’s cheeks. He folds his hands. I want to apologize to my mother. I understood her every word without her saying it but I couldn’t understand her sacrifice. I apologize to you for not trusting you. I apologize for every pain that I gave to all of you unknowingly. Mahadev says I pardon you but now you have to tell. Are you ready to pay the price of your mother’s sacrifice; to become your mother’s shadow and provide shade to the world; to become Karamfaldata? Shani wipes his tears.

Shani says yes to Mahadev. Mahadev tells Shani his weapon will remain Akshund from today onwards. Energies spread out in sky from Shani’s weapon. Mahadev tells him to fulfil this motive with full dedication. Never let go of your patience and conscience. Do you have any doubt? Shani kneels down and folds his hands. I don’t have a doubt but a question. You said I have to give everyone the fruits of their labour but how will I analyse them? How will I know what’s right or wrong? How will I know whom to punish or whom to give prize to? Mahadev is impressed by his question. One who has such power must have this question in his heart otherwise the power will also be waste. You need Divya-Drishti for the same. No one but Tridev’s have it. I give you the boon of Vakra-Drishti. You will get to know everything (right, wrong and every thought) of someone whosoever you will look at. You can even bring them on the right path if you want! Look at my trident. Mahadev transfers his powers to his trident and they automatically reach Shani. Now you have Vakra-Drishti. It will help you in doing your duty.

Lord Vishnu says Mahadev gave Shani Vakra-Drishti. Now he himself will have to fall into this chakra. Narad Muni asks him what’s in his mind. Lord Vishnu says it is about an incident which is going to give a new lesson to the world. Have some patience. You and Shani will find out soon.

Shani asks Mahadev how this will be useful for him. You only will have to teach me this. Can I use this Vakra-Drishti on you once? Smile disappears from Mahadev’s lips.


Shani 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Lord Vishnu says you allowed Shani to cast Vakra-Drishti on you. Mahadev says what harm Shani can do to me. Lord Vishnu says he is your creation. How will you avoid his Vakra-Drishti?

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