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Shani 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| When people wish ill for others then bad happens with that person only. Shani teaches that one reaps what one sows ||

Shani asks Sanghya if she understands there is no maya behind him surviving. It is actually your Chhaya. Now you and your allies will be punished. Rahu tries to escape but in vain. Devraj pleads for mercy. I fell in Devi Sanghya’s trap. I thought it was happening for the benefit of the world. I accept my punishment. I also accept Neelima as Devi. Neelima points out that she doesn’t wish to become a Devi. I only want to be on the side of truth. I know why I was created. I am Shani’s power. I am a part of his energy only so I return my energies to him to avoid any misuse. She gets Shani’s weapon and turns to him. Pardon me. I hurt you a lot. Please accept this.

Shani accepts the weapon. Shani says I, Karamfaldata Shani, accept Neelima as my energy. She will be known as Neelam gem in the world from now onwards. It will be complete with my powers! Neelima adds that she will increase his powers by staying with him. I will turn into Neelima whenever he will think of me or need me. Neelam gem will always make him more powerful. It is time for your punishment Devi (Sanghya). Shani stops her. I am Karamfaldata. I don’t think it is a solution to kill Devi Sanghya. I know how to bring the one, who has lost his path repeatedly, on the right path. Neelima says I have found my right path. Just think of me whenever you will need me. She turns into gem and graces his weapon and headband.

Sanghya thanks Shani for sparing her life. He says I said I wont kill you but I dint say I wont punish you. I warned you last time but this time, you have even maligned your soul now. Now you cannot hide in any corner of the world. You will be punished now by Dandnayak Shani! She tries to escape but Shani warns her that she wont be able to escape her Karamfal! It will be good if you accept your fate.

Sanghya reaches jungle. Shani tells her to stop. She refuses to let him either cast his Drishti on her or punish her. She continues running. Shani remarks that one can run but his karmas always follow him. The Karamfal is also something you cannot escape from. You can run as much as you want to but you wont be able to escape this time.

A Maharishi is doing his yagya. He prays to Mahadev to give him more horses so he can complete his yagya. Shani smiles. Shani brings the Karamfal right in front of those who actually try to escape their Karamfal. Sanghya comes face to face with Shani. It is my last warning to you. Get ready to face your Karamfal. She refuses to get scared of him. Bear my attack now. She attacks him but he ducks. Maharishi’s horse dies in the process making him angry. He caresses his horse sadly. Who attacked you? He notices Sanghya there and walks up to her angrily. This horse was not a mere horse but a part of my family. You committed a sin by killing this innocent. SHani asks her if she wont apologize for her mistake. Sanghya retorts that she dint do it intentionally. It was an accident. You are responsible for it as you were chasing me. I attacked to save myself.

Shani points out that this was her last chance to apologize and rectify her mistake but you lost that as well. You will surely be punished now! Shani apologises to Maharishi for his loss. I came to punish Devi Sanghya for her misdeeds but you lost your horse. Now it is your right to punish her. Sanghya insists that she is Surya-patni. You cannot ask any random person to punish me! Maharishi tells her to stop. You not just killed my horse but also don’t want to accept your mistake. You are stuck on this matter like a stubborn horse! I curse you to become a horse right away! You will change when you will learn to follow commands. You dint pity my horse so no one else will also pity you. You will have to wander around for a long time as a horse. He throws holy water on her. She refuses to accept it. I cannot be cursed! Shani says it can. It has already happened. Shani doesn’t punish himself always. It can work as a curse too. You never listened to anyone so now you will have to bear your Karamfal. She apologizes to Rishi asking for a solution. He gives her one solution as she begs him repeatedly – when your husband will come here and stay with you.

Sanghya begins to turn into a horse. Shani says Shani stands in the way of those who don’t come on the right path even after being warned repeatedly. I will continue to do so till the time you come on the right path. Till the time you will run away from your Karamfal, Shani will make sure you are running towards your Karamfal only! She calls out for help as he begins to walk away.

Brahma Dev remarks that Karamfaldata did justice. Those who act as animals deserve this fate only. He tells Narayan that he understands his concern. Narayan says my worry can also not avoid that what is about to happen in Mahadev’s life. The outcome will be destructive. Brahma Dev asks him if Mahadev knows about it. Narayan nods. A new chapter is about to begin in Mahadev and Shani’s life.

Chhaya is watering plants. Kakol asks her if they will grow fast now. She nods. Shani says how those nurtured by you cannot grow. She asks about Devi Sanghya. He replies that she is where she deserves to be. It was all her karmas. He suddenly stops talking. The seeds blossom. Chhaya and Kakol smile in surprise but Shani observes everything very carefully. Chhaya says it is as if nature is happily welcoming someone all of a sudden. Kakol shares that he too is feeling really happy all of a sudden. What is it? Devraj shares that it is something that has happened in Kailash. Devi Parvati has created her child. Entire world is celebrating it. All Gods are heading to Kailash. I came to inform Surya Dev only. Chhaya too shows eagerness to join them. Devraj agrees. It is strange that Mahadev is not in Kailash at the moment. He leaves to inform other Gods. Shani wonders why he feels something isn’t right.


Shani 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :  Shani deduces that Devi Parvati’s son is made of her sweat. It means Mahadev knows nothing about it. Narayan asks Shani what he will do in this situation. Shani agrees to follow the path of karma.

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