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Shani 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Shani 27th March 2017 video watch online HD on

Shani’s Saade-Sati: Shani gives a chance to people to change for good. If they don’t, then they have to bear the punishment.

Chandra Dev extends his hand towards the pot of water. Shani reaches the room just then and stops in shock. He calls out to Yami. Kakol also comes in. I don’t understand what happened. Why are you so worried? Shani replies that he can sense Yami is around. Chandra Dev has poured the water in another pot. Yami calls out for help which makes Chandra Dev happy. This is your destiny! He begins to walk out of the palace holding the pot. Yami calls out for Shani. Shani hears her voice. She was here Kakol. He comes out. Kakol says we would have seen her if she was here. You are mistaken. She isn’t here. Shani notices drops of water on the floor. Dev Vishwakarma tells himt hat Rahu has created a problem in Indra Sabha. Hurry up. Only you can help now.

Rahu reminds Indra Dev of his promise. Indra Dev reasons he isn’t backing off from his promise. Rahu counters him. You promised to make me a Dev to help you. Don’t you remember? I remember everything. Indra Dev says I remember every moment but I wasn’t Devraj when I made that promise. Surya Dev was Devraj. Rahu tells him not to try and cheat me. Indra Dev denies. This isn’t cheating. I am Devraj. I have to protect Gods too. Seeing your powers and nature, it wouldn’t be apt to make you a God. Rahu is about to retort when Shani tells Indra Dev he should have thought of this before promising. Sometimes I feel not Devraj but the throne is to be blamed. The moment you sat on it, you are back with your deviousness. Devraj suggests taking Surya Dev’s help on this matter.

Surya Dev is heartbroken thinking about what happened in the Sabha. He absentmindedly begins to remove his jewellery as he walks up to his throne. He removes his crown and looks at it with pain / anguish. Why is this happening with me? I became all alone in a few minutes. All my loved ones left me. Why? Everyone cheated me. Why? He recalls Shani’s words about what happens when people’s arrogance is broken. He decides to meditate.

Shani says Surya Dev cannot come here right now. He is busy with something more important. It isn’t important here as to what Surya Dev has to say. Justice is important. Devraj tells him that they are Dev whereas Rahu is an Asura. How can I make an Asura a God? If I make Rahu a God today then tomorrow some other Asura will demand of this. It can create imbalance. It wont be right for the world. Shani says it happens when people misuse people or things for greed. The consequences will be dire if you don’t fulfil your promise. Indra Dev points out to him that he is threatening Devraj. Shani declines. I am giving warning to come back on the time. I feel not just the king should make decision. An unrestrained king always takes wrong decisions. Devraj speaks against it but Shani stays put. I am doing what I am created to do. A Sabha will be created here tomorrow. We will choose the members. Rahu will surely get justice.

Devi Sanghya is looking for Yami. She gets tensed not finding her anywhere. Yam hears her. She tells him Yami is not in her room. He assures her she must be around. They go in different directions to look for her. Kakol sees them. It means Shani’s doubt was right. Where can Yami go though?

Chandra Dev has brought Yami to Chandra Loka. Yami asks Chandra Dev why he is doing this to her. I have to go home. Free me. He says I brought you home only. You are very pure. This is what Shani said, right? Why shouldn’t I freeze you like this for forever? He begins to freeze her using his powers. Buddh sees this. He turns to run but collides with a pot. Chandra Dev angrily calls out to him.

Devi Sanghya tells Surya Dev Yami is nowhere to be seen. He is taken aback. Where is she? Kakol says Shani is also feeling the same. Surya Dev asks him when Shani saw her. Shani and Dev Vishwakarma enter just then. Shani asks them if everything is fine. Devi Sanghya denies. How can it be when you are around? Dev Vishwakarma tells her not to blame Shani for everything. Be quiet. She retorts as to how she can be quiet when her daughter is missing. She asks Shani what wrong her daughter did that she isn’t here. Where is she?

Yami calls out to Shani for help. Buddh slips. Chandra Dev pulls him closer using his power. Why did you intervene in my personal work? I warned you to stay out of my way. Buddh tells him he is wrong. Chandra calls it his karmas. I will pay for my karmas. You don’t have to intervene in them. Understood?

Surya Dev asks SHani about Yami. What has happened to her? Shani replies that he does not know but he felt she is in trouble. Devi Sanghya blames him and his Vakra-Drishti. My daughter is in this condition because of your Drishti! It is inauspicious! Shani closes his eyes to find out any info about Yami. He takes Chandra Dev’s name angrily.

Chandra Dev tells Buddh he will now see the end of who he wanted to save. Yami is shivering badly. Chandra says neither Surya Dev will find out about his beloved daughter nor will Shani be able to find her. I was insulted in the Sabha in front of everyone but losing you will break them apart. I will enjoy seeing them thus. Yami tells him he wont succeed. My brother will come to punish you for your misdeeds. He will surely come!

Shani and Kakol reach Chandra Loka. Chandra Dev is informed about his arrival. Yami is beginning to lose consciousness. Chandra Dev takes his seat and starts thinking. Doors open. Chandra Dev looks angrily at Shani but then smiles (as Yami becomes invisible). Chandra Dev asks him why he came here without permission. Shani replies that he knows the reason already. I will destroy you if Yami is harmed. No one can stop me today! Mahadev tells Shani to stop. Both Shani and Chandra are taken aback to see Mahadev there.


Shani 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:Mahadev says I am allowing Chandra to live. Shani asks him how he can stop him from killing Chandra. Mahadev reminds him of his duty as Karamfaldata. What will be his punishment depending on his karmas?

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