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Shani 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| It is important to try solving difficult situations. Shani teaches that our attempts can fail but if we don’t try then it is pointless to even hope to come out of our problems. ||

Epi begins with Bhadra saying you know I have many powers. Who can come near me? Shani requests her to stop. She relents. He tells her to understand that he wants to protect her not just from the world but from this poison too. She says your uncalled support is making me weak. It is time I fight my battle myself. Shani is taken aback. A brother’s support strengthens a sister and not weakens her. Hanuman joins them. There is nothing to worry about now. Mother has returned to Surya Loka. Shani is surprised. Where did she go to though? Shani turns to Bhadra but she holds her hand before him.

I know you wish to know. You may leave. I will take care of myself. Hanuman is about to say something but goes mum noticing Shani’s stare. Shani is about to keep his hand on Bhadra’s shoulder but refrains himself. I know what you are going through right now but I must rush to meet mother. Take care of yourself. She doesn’t reply. He leaves for Surya Loka followed by Hanuman. Bhadra apologizes to Shani. I dint have any other option. Mother told me to do this.

Sanghya comes to Surya Loka and pretends to be Chhaya before everyone. Yami asks her where she was. We were so concerned. Sanghya lies that Bhadra came to call her so she went with her. Yam asks her how she can come here when she was banished from Surya Loka. I must tell father. She tells him against it. Bhadra has Halahal’s power. What if Surya Dev falls in any problem because of it? Yam asks her what they can do then. Sanghya very smartly replies that the Halahal inside Bhadra is making her do all this. Don’t know what all will go wrong in future. Yam says I knew it from the beginning. You couldn’t see it though. Yami says now that you believe it I too have begun to believe it. Sanghya hears Shani calling out to her. She hastily tells Yam and Yami to tell Shani she cannot meet him right away. It is time for my puja. Yami nods and leaves from the room with Yam.

Yami stops Shani from going inside. Mother is doing puja right now. She does not want anyone to hamper her prayers. Shani asks her if she is saying truth. Yam replies that mother only told them to say so. Shani says I only wanted to see her once to make sure she is fine. Yam again stops him from going inside but Shani heads inside. Sanghya is worried that Shani will get to know her reality the moment he will see her. How to escape his Vakra Drishti? She has her back to him and utters his name. Shani tells her not to worry. I remember my promise. I wont show you my face till I bring Bhadra before you again. Sanghya heaves a sigh of relief. These promises between mother and son sometimes turn things in my favour. Shani adds that he only came to check on her to make sure she is fine. Just be careful. I feel something is about to go wrong. She asks him what he means. He shares that the Bhadra, for whom she left Surya Loka, wasn’t really Bhadra! Sanghya asks him how he can be so sure. SHani replies that he saw it too closely. I know who has created it – Devraj Indra! Sanghya’s eyes widen in fear / shock. Shani tells her to take care of herself. Don’t follow the maya again. She agrees to take care. He leaves. Sanghya panics. Shani has found out that Indra Dev created those illusions. I must do something.

Devraj says when Shani understood it in one go that that Bhadra was my illusion then Devi Sanghya too cannot avoid his Drishti for too long. Something needs to be done. He smiles thinking of some idea and produces a ball of energy. This time it will be Shani who will be scared and defeated. Such a trap will be laid this time that Shani wont be able to come out of it ever! Rahu asks him how he got this Halahal. Devraj says this isn’t Halahal. This is my power which will work just like Halahal and destroy Bhadra and Shani! Take it to Devi Sanghya. Rahu takes it and heads to Surya Loka. Devraj remarks that the next phase of the game has begun. Shani should get ready to breathe his last!

Shani is thinking about Bhadra’s words. There must be a solution to this problem. Someone might be able to make her understand things. She isn’t ready to even listen to me. Hanuman offers to talk to her once. You and I also had a fight and I could see the good in you afterwards only. Maybe I can make her understand. Shani says there is no harm in trying.

Bhadra cries thinking about how Shani made every God his enemy for her sake. Mother was right. Bhai went against everyone for me. He made everyone his enemy. How can I go away from him? Sanghya comes there and hugs her (while making faces at the same time). Bhadra tells her she doesn’t have the courage to go away from Bhai. I wont be able to do it. Sanghya acts to sympathise with her. I can feel your pain but what you think to be pain is actually happiness (for Shani). Bhadra nods. Sanghya hears some sound and gets alert. Seems like someone is coming. Maybe it’s Hanuman. I must leave. It will be a problem if he sees me here with you and tells Surya Dev. Bhadra holds her hand requesting her against it. Sanghya requests her to understand that she must leave. It is important. She goes.

Hanuman comes to where Bhadra is. I came to talk to you about Shani. She refuses to talk about Shani. Hanuman tells her Shani is only worried for her. He isn’t that bad. She again gives him the same reply. You can leave. He calls her unruly. Who wants to talk to you? He walks away. Bhadra gets teary eyed yet again and looks in the direction in which Sanghya went.

Rahu hands over the ball of energy to Sanghya. Indra Dev has made it using his own powers. But what will you do with it? She replies that she will create a loud blast which will echo in every direction.


Shani 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : She (Bhadra) is the emblem of destruction. The aim of Gods is to kill her but her brother Karamfaldata Shani is protecting her. Will Karamfalata Shani stand by Bhadra against Tridev in the last Chapter of Childhood?

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