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Shani 28th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Dhamini Accepts Devraj’s Proposal!


Shani 28th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Sometimes our karmas appear to be wrong but our intentions behind those karmas are more important. Shani teaches that if our intentions are good and justified then we get good results. ||

Shani 28th December 2017 Episode Start With Shani says the absence of Devi Chhaya, Surya Dev and Chitrarath from Surya Loka indicates that Indra Dev sent them away intentionally. It is important to know what he is up to. Kakol wonders where they are. Yami also does not know anything. Shani tells him not to worry. I don’t know about Surya Dev but Mata and Chitrarath might have gone to meet Nana Shree.

Surya Dev asks Dev Vishwakarma what more he knows. Dev Vishwakarma shares that coming days would be really difficult for Dhamini. It is also possible that the alliance will break. This is the sole reason of calling all 3 of you here. We will have to organise a yagya for them. They all nod.

Yam has written an invitation and hands it to Devraj. I wrote like you told me to. Devraj extends his hand to take it but Yam lowers his hand for a moment. Is it really important? Devraj says Dhamini never received this much love and respect before. It is important to be sent along with your second gift. Make her trust you so much that when her dignity is ruined, both Dhamini and Shani are finished!

Shani sees Rahu struggling with his chains. Answer my questions first. I will later decide what I have to do. Rahu asks him what he wants to know. Shani asks him what Indra Dev is plotting this time. What is he planning to do with Dhamini?

Dhamini reads Yam’s letter. I was mesmerised seeing your dance when I saw you for the first time in Surya Sabha. Your beauty adds to your talent. You taught Yami dance with so much love. After meeting you I realised that a Gandharva dancer can make someone’s life really beautiful. I have sent a gift for you. She looks at the ghungroo and smiles. Her inner self appears in the mirror. What happened? Are you surprised seeing yourself? Mirror never lies. This is your truth.D hamini asks her what she means. Her inner self points out that this isn’t a gift but a chain in her feet. Maybe you cannot see the real meaning behind this gift. Dhamini tells her not to confuse her. I know what’s good and bad for me. This is why I am going to become the DIL of Surya family. Her inner self laughs. It isn’t right to see the dream which is a lie. You are an ordinary Gandharva kanya only! Dhamini calls it a lie. Her inner self tells her to come out of her illusion. You first wanted to marry Dharmaraj Yam for your father’s sake. Shani gave you a chance to marry the guy of her choice but truth is he does not love you. You should wake up. He never lies. Accept it! Dhamini calls it a lie. Just go away! She cries. I will prove you wrong! Shani will have to accept that he loves me. She looks at the ghungroos. You will have to accept it Shani!

Shani asks Rahu to answer him. I am asking you for the last time. Rahu calls him a captive of Surya Loka. How can I help you? I know nothing about what Indra Dev is planning? Shani helps him
You should know one thing for sure. You influenced Chitrarath in his inebriated state and made him present the proposal of Yam and Dhamini’s marriage before Surya Dev in the Sabha. It ended up insulting Dhamini. I know everything that you did. It will be fun to see the reaction of Surya Dev and Dharmaraj when they will know of this truth. Rahu agrees to tell him everything. You should go asap in the Sanskar ceremony if you want to avoid anything from going wrong.

Devraj, Mangal, Yami and lot many people are in the Sabha. Indra Dev says the rituals start from today. Mangal praises Indra Dev on his efforts. Yami demands to know why her parents are not invited here. Yam shares that they want us to spend some time amongst ourselves. Yami tells Devraj not to forget her father’s anger before doing anything. Devraj laughs. It isn’t some plotting to organize a wedding. She says I dint say anything like that. I was forced to come here as you dint invite my parents for this ceremony. Yam asks her if she has come to support her would be Bhabhi. Dhamini enters just then. Devraj says there are only a few days left in the wedding. He will have the responsibility of his wife afterwards. People forget their friends after marriage. Today’s celebration is especially organized for Yam and Dhamini. It should start with a dance. He leans closer to Dhamini. You are a Gandharva dancer. You would know of this. You are smart, talented and beautiful. It is a family function. We have dancers her but why do we need outsiders when there is such a talented Gandharva dancer in the family only. She can mesmerise anyone with her dance. Mangal asks Dhamini if she felt bad. This is a normal thing amongst Gods. Yami asks him what he is saying. He stops her. This tradition is going on since forever. Shani calls it a bad tradition. It is bad karma to follow a bad tradition. There is no place for a bad deed in Surya family! Right Dharmaraj Yam? Mangal looks upset but is stopped by Devraj. Shani tells him it can be Amangal (ominous) for him to intervene. Stay away.

Shani walks up to Yam. Your karmas are avoiding dharma. If you will encourage immorality (adharma) even after being Dharmaraj then I am sad that you do not deserve to be Dharmaraj! There is still time. Come on the right path or my Drishti is always on you. This is my second warning to you! Devraj suggests Shani to let other dancers dance when it is mandatory. Yami and Shani decline. Dhamini tells everyone to calm down. Devraj says I am speaking on your behalf only. She thanks him for speaking on her behalf but adds that she can do it herself. Shani tells her not to do something foolish to prove her point. She replies that a fool has to make some efforts to prove his point. It is right that no outsider (dancer) will dance today. Shani is right. I will dance today. Mangal and Devraj smile whereas Shani looks upset with her decision.

Yami tells Dhamini that neither this celebration will happen nor will she dance here. If anyone has any objection then he can talk to mother and father. Come. Dhamini refuses to go anywhere. This was organized for me and Dharmaraj. Why hesitate to dance in your own function? I am a dancer. I know that music and dance mark the best beginning of occasions like wedding. Start the music Devraj. These ghungroos will just add to the beauty of the dance. Dharmaraj is about to say something but Devraj does not let him speak. He will be really pleased to see you wearing this. Dhamini blocks Shani’s way. Where are you off to? He replies that his presence isn’t needed here amongst these many enthusiastic people. I anyways don’t like people who act / plot.


Shani 29th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Indra Dev makes another plan to insult Dhamini. Shani tells everyone that Dhamini cannot marry Yam as he loves Dhamini. She will only marry me! Yam glares at him.

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