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Shani 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Shani 28th February 2017 Video Watch Online on 

Shani asks Mahadev how this will be useful for him. You only will have to teach me this. Can I use this Vakra-Drishti on you once? Smile disappears from Mahadev’s lips. He gives permission to Shani. Shani opens his eyes and glances at Mahadev. His Vakra-Drishti falls on Mahadev. Shani is startled. I dint understand what I saw. Mahadev says one who has to justice must think well before making any decision. Take your time. Think through your conscience before making any decision. Shani agrees to think and then come before him. Mahadev tells him he will wait. Remember that knowledge and conscience are not just to know. They are to be used to realise your responsibilities. Shani takes his leave.

Shani thinks of the boon of Vakra-Drishti given by Mahadev. Someone is following him. Shani suddenly pulls someone from behind making him fall before him. It turns out to be Kakol. Kakol says I am calling you since so long. Shani admits not hearing his voice. Kakol smiles. I understood everything or shall I say I knew it beforehand. There is something special about you. The way you killed Dambhanaad; finished Chakravaad; taught a lesson to Vyaktagandha made me understand that you are different from everyone. Remember I told you you are my God? He says his introductory lines cutely. I may not be smart but sometimes you find the answers to most complex questions. Mahadev told entire world that you are Karamfaldata. I am proud to be the carriage of the one who will give everyone the fruits of their labour. Shani is tensed which does
Shani says questions arise before happiness when you get responsibilities. How to use them correctly! With great power comes great responsibility! The bigger the responsibility the bigger the task!

Sanghya still speaks against Shani. He might have become Karamfadata but I don’t want him to come here. I wont accept him after what he did to Yam and you (Surya Dev). Yam says you accept the one who is your own. I cannot forget that Shani made father a captive right before my eyes. Surya Dev seconds him. Shani has no place in Surya Loka. Yami says Shani wont go anywhere. He will stay here. Everyone is taken aback. Sanghya asks her what she is saying. Yami says he did everything unintentionally. He was under Rahu’s influence and sad. He still apologized before everyone but what about that what you did intentionally? You left me and Yam and went to do tapasya. You have no right to curse Shani! Surya Dev tells her she is disrespecting her mother. Yami denies. I am not disrespecting mother. I am only saying that everyone makes mistake. Would you have thrown me and brother out too of the Loka if we had done something similar? Surya Dev tells her to be quiet. I will banish you also if you say another word in Shani’s favour. Shani says that wont be necessary. Surya Dev looks at him. Shani says I have apologized to you for my karma’s but I feel you dint forgive me. I too don’t want to stay here but Mahadev said he made me take birth from you so I can do justice equally. He wanted me to learn to be unbiased. I will have to stay here then. Surya Dev refuses to let him stay in his Loka. Shani tells him to go ahead Mahadev’s wish if he wants to but he (Shani) cannot do that. Surya Dev allows him to stay in Surya Loka. If you cross your limit then I will throw you out of Surya Loka myself even if that means that I will have to face Mahadev’s wrath. Shani excuses himself.

Lord Vishnu says you allowed Shani to cast Vakra-Drishti on you. Have you thought of the consequence? Mahadev says what harm Shani can do to me. he is my disciple. Lord Vishnu nods. But every energy has its own results which are not in our hands. Shani is your creation. How will you avoid his Vakra-Drishti?

Shani and Kakol pace in the room. Yami tells him not to take father’s words to his heart. He says anything when angry but he has a soft heart. Kakol is curious to know what Shani is thinking. What happened when Mahadev took you somewhere? Where did he take you? Shani says he took me to Kailash. Kakol wants to know how Mahadev lives there. Yami excitedly asks if Mahadev lives in the form of Shivlinga in Kailash. Kakol relates that Mahadev appears in different avatar and comes forward in different avatar. He goes quiet realising something. Shani tells ihm to go ahead and say what he wanted to. Kakol says why he will live in Shivlinga form. Yami says that’s his energy avatar. Nana Shree told me that Mahadev’s first form was in the form of a pillar of light (Prakash-Stambha). Shani realises what he had seen when he cast Vakra-Drishti on Mahadev. I saw Mahadev getting created. He thinks of Mahadev’s words. Thank you yami. You cleared the darkness which was surrounding my conscience. Kakol is confused. Shani says I understood everything. He tells Yami he has to go. Kakol calls out to him but Shani does not stop. I am coming Mahadev.

Mahadev tells Narayan he has full faith on Shani. He will do full justice. You will see his Vakra-Drishti will cast no effect on me. Narayan says even I have faith on him. He will finish his work. Shani greets Mahadev. Tridev look in his direction. Narayan keeps looking at Mahadev. Shani greets him with folded hands. I understood what I saw yesterday. I saw how the world was created. It taught me that I should do my karma without any biases. Justice and fruits of karma are pious acts. Drishti has to be pious before doing the same. Pardon me that I will I have to use it on you. Mahadev allows him to do so. Don’t keep it on me for more than a day. Shani closes his eyes accepting his condition. He looks up at Mahadev but he isn’t there. Where did Mahadev go? Narayan smile. Don’t ask me where he is. I myself am equally surprised. Shani says I am not surprised though. I know what Mahadev wants. He is the one who shows me the path; guides me. They always lead. He wants me to do my karma. I will do that only. He remembers Mahadev’s condition. I will only do my karma. I will find Mahadev before sunset.


Shani 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mahadev is in a jungle. Shani wont realise I am on earth. Shani senses where Mahadev is. He comes on earth. Mahadev has disguised himself as a human but Shani sees him.


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