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Shani 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Shani teaches that one has right only over his or her karmas. When people do good deeds with a positive mind then the results are positive too ||

Devraj shares that it is something that has happened in Kailash. Devi Parvati has created her child. Entire world is celebrating it. All Gods are heading to Kailash. I came to inform Surya Dev only. Chhaya too shows eagerness to join them. Devraj agrees. It is strange that Mahadev is not in Kailash at the moment. He leaves to inform other Gods. Shani wonders why he feels something isn’t right. Chhaya asks him about it. Aren’t your pleased? Shani says I am very happy but I cannot understand why Mahadev isn’t present in Kailash at this pious moment. There is something for sure. Chhaya says it is natural to worry if you get good news suddenly.

I am sure Mahadev will return soon. Nothing will go wrong. Let’s go to Kailash.

All Gods head to Kailash together. Kailash is covered in snow. Yami remarks that Kailash is very beautiful and amazing. Brahma Dev and Narayan appear there. They bless everyone. Devraj asks them when they will get to see Vinayak. We cannot wait anymore. When will Mahadev return? Narayan replies that it will be soon. Just wait. Shani notices the tension on Narayan’s face. There is indeed some secret. Devi Parvati also joins them. Everyone greets and cheers for her. Shani goes from there. Brahma Dev and Narayan also disappear. Devi Parvati welcomes everyone. I accept your well wishes. My wish of having a son is fulfilled now. I hope our son will bring goodness in the world. Surya Dev asks her what his name is. Devi Parvati shares that she has named her son Vinayak. Vinayak steps forward. Chhaya is pleased / relieved even by his sight. Devi Parvati asks about Shani. Chhaya is surprised to not see him there. He did come along. Don’t know where he went.

Shani is pacing worriedly in a corner. Narayan appears there. Shani greets him. I know you want to know why I came here. I was feeling restless. Narayan asks him why he was feeling restless at such a pious moment. Shani says I have a bad feeling and a concern. One, I cannot understand why Mahadev isn’t here at this moment. Two, I am restless since the time when Devraj mentioned that Mata Parvati has created her son. Why dint he say that she gave birth to him? Narayan shares that she hasn’t actually given birth to him. She created him when she was just playing. Flashback shows how Devi Parvati gives life to the statue (Vinayak). Vinayak calls her mother. She kisses him on the forehead touched. Shani deduces that Mahadev doesn’t know any of this. It means I am right. Something wrong is about to happen. Narayan says I know that already. What will you do in this situation? Shani decides to follow the path of karma. Everything will be good then. Narayan hopes it comes true. It’s time that you should be there. Shani says my conscience tells me to stay away. Narayan reminds him of what he just said. That what is destined to happen will happen. Shani nods. I don’t want Vinayak to be in some problem because of me. He must be having some dirt (something wrong) in himself. I hope I meet him only when his heart is pure. Narayan reasons that neither he nor Mahadev nor I can change that what is destined to happen. Shani says that is my concern. Narayan tells him to stick to him path. Fate will try to divert you from your path. Time has come when fate will demand that you do your duty. He disappears. Chhaya comes to call Shani. Devi Parvati wants you to meet Vinayak. Shani recalls Narayan’s words. He goes with his mother.

Devi Parvati puts a kala teeka on Vinayak so no evil eye falls on him. All Gods bless him (with some of their powers or weapons). Dev Vishwakarma gives him a gift. His mother notices his sad face. Aren’t you happy? He shares that he is hungry. She agrees to feed him with her own hands once everyone is done blessing him. He insists upon eating first as she is Mata Annapurna. I am your son. I should be the first one to get food. She brings food for him. Vinayak tells everyone to continue blessing him. I will be occupied with food though. Shani observes it all. Narayan and Brahma Dev join them once again. Devi Parvati asks Shani if he wont bless Vinayak. She notices hesitation on his face. Vinayak asks her why she looks so worried. Tell me if there is some problem. You don’t have to worry till Vinayak is here. She shakes her head. Surya Dev tells Shani to bless Shani. Devi Parvati is calling you.

Shani steps forward but does not look at Vinayak. Devi Parvati asks him about it. He folds his hands. Don’t take me otherwise. Everyone gave Vinayak what they have. As a Karamfaldata, I can only give Karamfal. Hope nothing wrong happens if I look at him. It will be right if I will leave. She stops him. I am happy to know that you are concerned for my son. We all know what you have done for your mother. You respect mothers a lot. Will you fulfil my one request? He agrees to fulfil whatever he will be capable of. She seeks promise from him that he will never cast his Drishti on her son whenever she will come to Kailash. He looks at her in shock. He promises her. Narayan thinks Shani will have to do his karma. Fate will make you do what is required. Devi Parvati is pleased with his gift. She thanks everyone for coming to Kailash especially to bless her son. I have to complete my yagya now. She tells Vinayak not to let her yagya be disturbed. Don’t let anyone come here till it is done. Vinayak asks her how he will protect himself if someone attacks him. Give me some power or weapon. She gives him a weapon. No one can move you from here till you have this. He assures her he wont let anyone come here till her yagya is complete. Epi ends on Shani’s shocked face.


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