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Shani 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Shani 28th March 2017 video watch online HD on

Shani’s Saade-Sati: Promising someone of something and using their services without living up to your word is an unpardonable crime in Shani’s eyes. in Saade-Sati, Shani tells us that we should live up to our word at any cost.

Chandra Dev asks Shani why he came here without permission. Shani replies that he knows the reason already. I will destroy you if Yami is harmed. No one can stop me today! Chandra Dev says why she would be here. She stays in Surya Loka. You insulted me first in Surya Loka and are now here! You wont let me stay here peacefully.

Kakol is looking for Yami. He stops outside a door sensing something and peeks in. He sees something inside.

Chandra Dev calls it right. If I wasn’t insulted and had not lost my respect then I wouldn’t have been thinking right now.

I am thinking about what happened (retrospection). Shani feels he has to keep an eye on him forever. Chandra Dev asks him in surprise as to why he would do that. Shani replies that arrogance leaves but not practise. You have enough practise to influence everyone. Yami isn’t here but Buddh is also nowhere to be seen. He stays here only, right? Chandra Dev nods. He is resting in his room. He is a kid and is tired of the long journey. I will tell him once he wakes up. Shani warns him to come on the right path or he will have to do so. Chandra Dev asks him to trust him. I dint cheat! Kakol comes running there. I checked entire palace. Yami isn’t here. Let’s go somewhere else. Shani tells him against it. Now that I am here, I will have to stay for a while or Chandra Dev will feel bad. Chandra Dev nods hesitantly. Rest here for a while. You will find Yami for sure. Kakol wonders why Chandra Dev needs to much cool. He shares with Shani that Chandra Dev has filled a room with ice even when it’s so cool here. Shani gets alert. Where is that room?

Shani goes in that room and looks at the ice (which has the pot of water inside including Yami). He closes his eyes and senses everything that had happened. He hits it because of which ice is broken. The pot and Yami have frozen. Shani assures Yami nothing will happen to her. I am here. I wont let anything happen to you. He uses his powers to bring it back to normal. He pours the water on floor. Yami appears. Shani holds her as she was about to fall. She hugs her brother feeling relieved. She relates everything to him. Chandra wanted to kill me but I was sure you will come to save me. Shani gets angry. Chandra has crossed his limits. Now Dandnayak Shani will punish him. Chandra!

Kakol advises Shani not to take any decision in anger. They come back in the main hall but Chandra Dev is not there. Shani senses Buddh being in trouble and heads to a room. Buddh is tied to a pillar. Shani frees him. Buddh hugs him tight. SHani tells Kakol to take Yami and Buddh to a safe place. Kakol asks him if he isn’t coming. Keep your anger in check friend. Shani says if Chandra has crossed the limit of peace then he will have to face anger!

Shani finds Chandra Dev. Chandra smiles. I know you have saved your beloved sister Yami. What do you want now? Shani replies that he has come to do his duty. I will punish you for your karma. Chandra laughs. You are still a kid. You are challenging me in my own Loka. You can try if you want to! Shani attacks him but Chandra avoids all of his attacks. Shani succeeds in pulling him down finally. I forgive everyone but not those who hurt and affect women!

Yami thinks of Shani and Chandra Dev’s words. Chandra Dev kidnapped me. I am stained. I have no right to live. I have no reason to live. She determinedly walks.

Shani says women give birth and nurtures. How do you hurt the one who gives birth? He hits Chandra Dev who begs for mercy but Shani denies. Chandra Dev says I am Brahma Dev’s son. You cannot kill me. Shani replies that he wouldn’t have forgiven him even if he was Mahadev’s son. Chandra starts running. Shani says you can try to run and hide but you cannot escape from me!

Yami walks absentmindedly. Kakol calls out to her but she does not hear him.

On the other hand, Shani chases Chandra Dev. Mahadev appears there. Chandra thinks he adorned me on his head. I should go back there. Shani wont be able to do anything then. He becomes Mahadev’s adornment. Shani is angry to see him thus. Come out. You dared to hurt Yami. Why are you hiding now? Come out or I will attack! He is about to attack when Mahadev tells him to stop. Shani says you know everything. You know what he did. Why are you stopping me now? Mahadev reminds him of his duty as Karamfaldata. What will be his punishment depending on his karmas? You also have to set example for future. Chandra Dev comes in his original form. He looks at Shani in fear. Mahadev adds that Chandra may have weaknesses but he has some plus points too which will be beneficial for the world. If you would have killed him then the world would have been affected. I know you. You wont do this. As Karamfaldata, your work is way above that. Your duty is to teach right lesson to culprit and not kill him. You have to bring them on the right path. Shani keeps his weapon down relieving Chandra. Mahadev smiles.

Shani thanks Mahadev for guiding him. Chandra is not just culprit his powers affect people and can take them on the wrong path which is why I will always keep an eye on him. Whosoever will come under his influence will be under my Drishti too. I need this permission. Brahma Dev and Narayan also appear there. Narayan says you (Mahadev) dint stop Shani from casting his Drishti on you. You will have to grant his wish now. Mahadev allows Shani to cast his Drishti on Chandra shocking Chandra Dev. Mahadev advises him to figure out the minimum possible time. Chandra requests him against it but Mahadev stays put. This is the reason why Shani was created in the first place. We cannot stop it. He asks Shani for how long he will do that. Shani stays quiet. Mahadev suggests him to do some soul searching and find his answers. He remembers the incidents when he had cast his Drishti on Mahadev and then on Surya Dev and Yami. I got my answer. Whosoever I will look on will undergo a journey of life. That journey will take them from the stage of impurity to purity.


Shani 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shani decides to send Chandra Dev to the journey of purity and soul searching. This span of 7.5 years will be called Saade-Sati.

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