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Shani 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Lightning strikes. Bhadra takes Shani’s name feeling scared. Shani reaches there just then. She tells him to leave. I told you not to come here. He replies that he knows his sister is extremely scared at the moment. You can say whatever you wish to but I will stay here only. She asks him why he will stay here. Am I not capable to take care of myself? I don’t need you. Why don’t you want me to be independent? Why do you dependent on you always? Shani angrily questions her as to how she even thought of this. Why are you behaving like this? What will you get by hurting your brother? Answer me. He falls down on his knees feeling helpless. Bhadra hides her tears and walks away from there. Shani shouts after her but she keeps walking.

Sanghya says the next phase of our game has begun. She is hiding the ball of energy under a cloth. Noticing Yam and Yami in the corridor, she shouts after Bhadra to stop, They rush to her side. Sanghya tells them that Bhadra was here only. Yam tells her not to worry. She may have come here but she wont leave from here. Sanghya sends Yami to inform Surya Dev about her arrival.

Shani does not find Bhadra anywhere in the jungle. Did she leave for Surya Loka to meet mother?

Yam asks Bhadra to stop but she pays no heed to his words. Surya Dev is irked to see her there. Why has this Anishta come here again? Shani also reaches Surya Loka. He calls out to Bhadra. She goes in a direction and a ball of energy comes from that direction creating a blast. Everyone ducks to save themselves. Shani notices Sanghya hurriedly leaving from there. He too runs after her. Surya Dev orders the servants to find Bhadra. Shani wont be able to save her today. I will destroy her. Find her!

Sanghya shouts in pain (fake). She creates a wound on her hand. Shani tries going near her but she reminds him of his promise. He says I can never forget it. You are in pain. She says I cannot face anyone after what Bhadra did today. What has she done! Shani says she isn’t at fault. It is that maya which is responsible for it. I will never forgive Indra Dev for this! He will be surely punished for it. Sanghya says we cannot blame Indra Dev for everything. I am Bhadra’s mother. I know it was her only. She has maligned by womb. I did not know that my son will be so weak. Shani says I know I am responsible for whatever she has done wrong but I must find out truth before coming to any conclusion. This isn’t an ordinary game plan. I will bring out truth before everyone real soon. Yami shouts Shani’s name. He rushes out. Sanghya smiles. I will win the game by the time you will figure out this game!

Hanuman is near Yami. SHani asks her who did this to her. Yami shares that she was only trying to stop her but Bhadra attacked her! Shani calls it impossible. It wasn’t Bhadra if you were attacked. Yami insists it was Bhadra only. Hanuman seconds her. She is trying to kill everyone. Shani says it is natural for you to be angry. Everyone including Mata Chhaya feel this way but I know it cannot be Bhadra.

Devraj says Shani was trying to bring me on the right path. He lost his own path today. The way Bhadra melted my Vajra with her eyes, I will get her under my control and melt your weapon Shani! Rahu says you don’t even know how dangerous Devi Sanghya is this time. Yam and Yami were present at the scene. When she isn’t bothered about her kids how will she spare us? I might be saved but you had banished her from your Loka. Indra Dev finds logic in his words. Keep an eye on her every move. Try to get Bhadra under our control or it is possible that Devi Sanghya can kill us using Halahal too.

Shani comes to jungle. Bhadra gets up to leave but he stops her. She asks him why he came back again. Shani points out that it is Karamfaldata Shani who is standing before her right now. You must answer my questions today! She says I am not forced to answer you. He insists upon her to answer. Every being in the world is liable to answer me. Where were you last night? Answer my question or you might have to bear the punishment of the wrongdoings done by someone else. Did you go to Surya Loka yesterday? She declines. I was here only. Shani is relieved to hear her answer. I am finally at peace. You spent the night alone, without getting scared. I am proud of you. Till now I was thinking you to be a small kid, my sister, who I was bound to protect but no, you are powerful!

Sanghya apologizes to Surya Dev. Surya Dev tells her she must return if she has come to apologize on BHadra’s behalf. She accepts it that Bhadra is Anishta. I made a mistake about her. She is doing all this intentionally. I supported her till now but I apologize to you for everything now. I accept whatever punishment you will give to her. Which sister would attack her own siblings? Surya Dev says the one who is responsible for the death of others deserves it for herself too! I will kill her. Indra Dev asks him why he needs to do it himself. Surya Dev reminds him he must protect his Loka. Indra Dev reminds him that Karamfaldata Shani has a right to punish. Surya Dev agrees. The same Shani who protected that Anista will now kill her. Shani says there will be punishment.


Shani 29th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shani says punishment will be given to the person who has actually committed that mistake. It will be such that the culprit would not repeat his mistake ever again.

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