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Shani 29th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Devraj Insults Dhamini Repeatedly!


Shani 29th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| When one thinks ill for someone or does bad karma to harm them, he is in turn creating problems for himself. Shani teaches that we get karamfal in this very birth based on our karmas. ||

Shani 29th December 2017 Episode Start With Dhamini blocks Shani’s way. Where are you off to? He replies that his presence isn’t needed here amongst these many enthusiastic people. I anyways don’t like people who act / plot. Mangal wonders why Dhamini agreed so easily. There was no drama or tears. Devraj says we should look at some other aspects too instead of just thinking of taking revenge from Shani. Seems like something strange is going on between Dhamini and Shani which we are unaware of!

Dhamini asks Shani if this is how he will insult the would be DIL of Surya Loka. Don’t forget that Dharmaraj Yam is your elder brother.It is your duty to respect his would be wife. You might like it or not, you will have to stay here!

Dev Vishwakarma and everyone is seated for some yagya. Devi Chhaya prays that all the problems in the wedding go away. Surya Dev gives first aahuti in the yagya followed by Chitrarath but a strong wave of fire emits. Devi Chhaya is puzzled as to why this yagya dint accept Chitrarath’s aahuti. This is ominous. Surya Dev is sure Dev Vishwakarma will find a solution for it. Devi Chhaya insists this is a bad omen. It is no coincidence. Maybe this isn’t the time to do this yagya. Dev Vishwakarma reasons that they cannot get up without completing this yagya. There is no other way to calm down the planets in Dhamini’s life. Chitrarath seconds him but Devi Chhaya feels she should have been in Surya Loka at this very moment. This fire is making me restless.

Yami asks Shani to stop this from happening. Shani accepts Dhamini’s words. I cannot let your words be disrespected. Thanks for reminding a brother of his duties but there is still something which I have to do. He walks up to Yam. Sometimes we have to do our duties against nature. Youngsters guide elders when they lose their path. You once punished your mother to bring her on the right path. Ask yourself if you are eligible of marrying Dhamini. Is this how a husband behaves with a wife? Dhamini tells him not to forget that he is speaking to his would be husband. I have taken every single decision about me. Yami suggests Shani to discuss the matter in private or Devraj Indra will get another chance to mock the situation. Shani and Dhamini go aside.

Devraj is sure there is something that they do not know.

Shani tells Dhamini that there should be a motive behind our every karma. You are just bent upon proving your by doing all this which is wrong. She asks him how it will be a disadvantage for her. It is true that I am doing it to prove my words. You must understand the significance of karmafal before talking about it. Who will teach you that your karmas have no relation to anyone else? Shani tells Dhamini to understand. You don’t even know the reason as to why this celebration was announced in the first place. She tells him to go ahead and tell her then. Nothing can escape your Drishti after all Shani Dev. Flashback shows Rahu telling everything to Shani. Indra Dev has two ways to pressurise Dhamini. She cannot say no to him till the time the wedding happens as she is Gandharva kanya. Yam is also under Devraj’s control. He will make Dhamini dance at any point of time. He will insult her in a way that she will not be left with anything. Flashback ends. Shani points out that it wont be easy for her to accept the truth. It will also be beneficial for the dignity of Surya Loka. She assures him that she can take care of herself. I don’t need your suggestion. They go back to where everyone is. Dhamini asks Devraj to start the music. I am ready.

Chitrarath asks Dev Vishwakarma if everything is fine. He denies. The planetary positions haven’t altered after this yagya also. Devi Chhaya’s doubts are confirmed. I feel so restless as if my kids are in some problem.

Dhamini looks at the ghungroos.

Devi Chhaya expresses a wish to reach Surya Loka right away. Dev Vishwakarma advises Surya Dev to go too. All 3 of them leave. Dev Vishwakarma wonders what all these problems in Yam and Dhamini’s wedding indicate.

Dhamini wears ghungroos. Devraj praises Yam for gifting them to his dancer wife. Today, she will wear them and dance before all of us! Dhamini ignores his words and looks at Shani. She gets ready to dance when Mangal asks if there is any fun in the dance of Gandharva kanya without liquor. She readily agrees. Pardon me Devraj. She pours liquor for Yam, Devraj and Mangal while staring them straight in the eye. She offers it to Shani too. How else would be able to enjoy the dance of this dancer? Shani just keeps looking at her. She keeps the glass back and takes position. Devraj interrupts this time. How are we supposed to praise your dance though? Give us those flowers. We will praise your dance by showering flowers. Yami warns him to remember his limits. Devraj asks her what is wrong. Flower shower is a way to appreciate a dancer’s performance. The only difference here is that this dancer is the would be DIL of Surya Loka. We can shower gold coins if you say! Dhamini seconds him. Appreciation is what inspires an artist! She walks up to everyone with the tray of flower petals. Once done, she seeks Devraj’s permission to start her performance. He nods.

Dhamini starts dancing. Devraj and Mangal keep showering flower petals on her. Yam is drinking happily. Devraj intentionally drops his glass and pushes it towards Dhamini. She stops in her tracks upon noticing it. Devraj points at the glass and gestures her to bring it to him. Yami looks super angry. Dhamini looks at Shani and then at the glass. Devraj thinks it is just the first insult. There is still a lot to happen!


Shani 1st January 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Yam’s marriage got fixed with Dhamini but she has to face insults by Devraj. Fate has something else in plan too. Shani tells everyone that Dhamini cannot marry Yam as he loves Dhamini. She will only marry me! Yam glares at him.

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