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Shani 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update


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Shani’s Saade-Sati: In reality, Chandra is the epitome of our heart which deviates so easily on everything. This is why Shani always keeps an eye on Chandra (meaning our hearts) so that he can bring the lost souls on the right path. Saade-Sati helps bring the soul back to the right path.

Epi begins with Shani saying I got my answer. Whosoever I will look on will undergo a journey of life. That journey will take them from the stage of impurity to purity. There will be 7 stages of this journey. It will begin with over confidence. Person walking on the wrong path will have too much confidence on himself. It will be the first step in bringing him back to earth. Over confidence makes you lose confidence on yourself. He knows he is making a mistake but isn’t ready to accept it. It pushes you to become impatient thus making wrong decisions. This is the beginning of purification. Impatience gives birth to defeat. When you are unsuccessful, you feel helpless thinking about it over and over. You start thinking about where you went wrong, what mistake you made and then come back on the right path. This takes you back to cleansing of your soul. With my Drishti, I would like to send Chandra on this journey. Chandra Dev shakes his head. Shani says I will only take as much time as you (Mahadev) will take in opening and closing your eyes 7 times to fulfil this process. I will keep my eyes on Chandra. Chandra hides requesting Mahadev not to agree with Shani but Mahadev cannot intervene in Shani’s duties. Step out. Chandra complies.

Shani says you tried to hurt Yami, you tried to make her impure but you failed as she is very pure. You will have to bear this punishment for forever though! He closes his eyes. Mahadev and Shani open their eyes on the same time. Shani casts his Drishti on Chandra who shouts in pain. Mahadev opens and closes his eyes 7 times so as to complete the ritual as described by Shani earlier. Shani adds that his Drishti isn’t good or bad. It depends on the karmas of people. My Drishti will burn people if they have committed misdeeds. They will feel the same pain like you are going through right now! Chnadra looks at Tridev who stand there as mere spectators. Brahma Dev tells Shani to stop. It is enough. Narayan notices Mahadev has his eyes still closed. Chandra points out that he has closed his eyes 7 times. Mahadev finally opens his eyes. Is it enough Shani? Shani withdraws his Drishti from Chandra.

Brahma Dev calls it unjust. You told Shani to keep his Drishti for 7 moments but he held it for a longer period of time. Why? Mahadev asks Shani to answer this question. Shani replies that he did it for 7 moments only. Rest half moment was used by Mahadev to open his eyes. It was important to bring Chandra back on the right path. These 7.5 moments are equivalent to 7.5 years of human life. Whenever Chandra will come in anyone’s life I will cast my Drishti on both of them for full 7.5 years.
7 years time will be given to live through all the stages of this journey. Rest half year will be given to come back on the right path. Shani adds that this span of 7.5 years will be called Saade-Sati. He tells Chandra to remember it always. I will always keep my eyes on you whenever I will come near you. He divides it in 3 spans of 2.5 years each. If you and that person don’t come on the right path in this much time then I will do it. He apologizes to Brahma Dev. I am doing the duty for which I was created – to punish those who commit misdeeds and to prize pure souls like Yami. If you think I am right then bless me Mahadev. Mahadev blesses Shani.

Surya Dev and Devi Sanghya talk about Yami. She asks about Shani. Surya Dev assures her they will find Yami. Our spies are looking everywhere. Kakol comes running there. She wont stop. It is impossible to stop her. Surya Dev asks about Yami. He shares that she is headed towards a cliff.

Yami cannot stop thinking of what Chandra Dev wanted to do to her. She extends her foot forward when Surya Dev and Sanghya tell her to stop. Yam and Kakol have also come along. Sanghya says I know you are hurt but forget what has happened. Yami shakes her. Chandra Dev touched me, kidnapped me. I am stained. I cannot live like this. Surya Dev tells her she is wrong. You are my daughter. There is nothing wrong with you. She knows he will never say something like that. But I will always see pity in your eyes for me. I cannot live with this burden anymore. He suggests her to stop thinking about this. You are my daughter and will always be my pride. She points out that your head is raised in pride but it will only bow down because of me. I cannot let it happen. Forgive me. Surya Dev kneels down before her and cries. I made the biggest mistake by trusting Chandra. Don’t punish me like this though. I will lose my everything if I lose you. You are not killing yourself but your father. Give me my life please. Yami runs up to him teary eyed. They share an emotional hug. She says I cannot forget that moment. It wont let me live. Surya Dev replies that now it is Chandra who wont live! I will finish him! Yam says not you but we will do it together. I will also come with you to teach a lesson to Chandra.

Shani says Chandra has been taught a lesson and punished too. You don’t punish someone twice for one mistake. Yam says Yami is my sister. I will punish Chandra many times for her. He did an unpardonable crime. Sanghya blames Shani yet again for everything. Chandra had enmity with you. He wanted to hurt you so he kidnapped Yami. You are at fault. Yami denies. Shani isn’t at fault. I am alive and safe because of Shani. Sanghya asks her when she will understand his Drishti is dangerous. Shani asks her when she will understand it is karmas which are at fault. I will keep my eyes on Chandra for forever to make sure he never commits another mistake again. Yam taunts him on this punishment. He hurt Yami and you will only look at him? Do you realise what Yami has gone through? She will only feel mocked upon whenever she will see him. You are Karamdata. Why should Yami be punished when Chandra is at fault? Shani agrees with him on what he just said. Tomorrow there will be a Sabha in Surya Loka where I will get Yami justice before everyone.


Shani 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shani advises Yami to be present in tomorrow’s Sabha. Your life will be changed for forever. Everyone is thinking about tomorrow’s Sabha and what they will bring for them individually.

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