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Shani 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Karma and their results are interconnected. Everyone gets to experience the good and bad outcomes of the same in their lives.

Devi Sanghya cries. Shani mocks her. It is still not sunset but your family has left you already. Do you know from where Surya Dev is going to rise after tonight’s sunset? He will rise from the darkness where my mother took me after I was born. Light of truth and love will rise today! Sanghya looks at him in shock.

Devi Sanghya is stunned to see Chhaya singing lullaby to Yam and Yami. She also notices Surya Dev smiling down at them. Shani joins Devi Sanghya. Your punishment is your solitude. Your punishment means Mata Chhaya will get support of everyone. Our karmas come back at us. You tried to snatch her family yet you are alone today! This is not the end of Dandnayak Shani but the beginning of your punishment. Do you see how happy your family is even after staying away from you? She blames it on his maya. Surya Dev tells Chhaya they were living in some illusion till date. Our eyes have opened today. Your love towards all of us is so pure and pious. You did so much for us whereas we couldn’t save you from the pain inflicted by Sanghya. I feel so ashamed today. I am Surya Dev who distributes light to the world but I couldn’t understand the darkness in my own home. Chhaya tells him not to say so. All is well that ends well. I am happy that we are together now and all the misunderstandings are cleared. Surya Dev suggests her to come home. You have as much right on that house as Sanghya.

Devi Sanghya shouts against it gaining everyone’s attention. Only I have right on that house and family. I did everything for you, Yam and Yami’s future. I wont lose you or my family to this Sanghya at any cost! Surya Dev tells her she wont lose anything. You are being kept in your own house. Sanghya points out that she knows the difference. Her existence is because of me. She is trying to diminish my existence? Don’t even think about it! Surya dev tells her not to cross her limits. She says the same for him. You have crossed your limits. Yam and Yami are still kids but you also fell for that cheater, characterless woman! Surya Dev utters Sanghya angrily. Shani steps forward. You wont utter another word against Chhaya. Chhaya turns into Shani. You have time till tomorrow morning to think about your first punishment. Be ready for your second punishment. Yam also turns into Shani. Shani reminds her of her next punishment for hurting her father. Yami also turns into Shani. No one can save you from that punishment as you deserve it. Surya Dev also turns in Shani. All Shani’s speak in unison. You only deserve punishment. Dandnayak will punish you! Sanghya passes out.

Mahadev says Devi Sanghya’s maligned heart is cheating with her once again. This will be an example to the world. If you don’t come back on the right path then your sins will pave a new, painful path for you. Dandnayak Shani neither forgives nor forgets.

Chhaya does puja. She notices Shani waiting for him. I know you have come to tell me it will be the beginning of Devi Sanghya’s punishment. Shani tells her it will only last for some time. Punishment will be complete but there will be some pain too. She says I am ok to bear anything to see my son doing his duty. Shani senses someone’s presence at the door and opens the door. It is Shukracharya. Shukaracharya tells Shani about Indra trying to create a hurdle in Mali-Sumali’s path. They are Mahadev’s devotees. Don’t you have a responsibility towards them? Shani says I have the responsibility and it will be done at the right time but it is time to punish someone else at this moment.

Surya Dev asks Dev Vishwakarma if there is no solution. Dev Vishwakarma reasons that we can heal the wounds or emotional pain but Sanghya is going through mental agony. Someone must be around her all the time. Surya Dev agrees to be near her all the time. I will do my pati-dharma. Dev Vishwakarma advises him against it. We have to calm her down. Shani offers to be with Devi Sanghya. I have anyways cast my Drishti on her. You shouldn’t doubt about her safety. Kakol also joins Shani. Yam declines. I don’t trust you. You are forgetting she is my mother. No one else has to worry. I can take care of my mother. Dev Vishwakarma asks him if he is sure. Yam promises him. I will take care of my mother. I will make sure she only rests and doesn’t go anywhere. Shani smiles. Yam did what I wanted him to. Great! He takes leave from everyone.

Indra Dev calls out to Surya Dev. Shani and Kakol walk past him. Indra Dev wants to speak to Surya Dev alone. They both go aside.

Surya Dev reminds INdra Dev he refused to help him. Why are you here then? Indra Dev replies that world and Gods are much more important for him than his family. You are ignoring your duties. Shukracharya is in Surya Loka. Surya Dev tells him against it. Flashback shows Shukracharya deciding to go to the only person he trusts and who can help him. I realise it now. He came to seek help from Shani. We must stop him from giving Karamfal. Surya Dev insists he wont stop Mahadev’s devotees from doing his duty. I cannot help you. Indra Dev suggests him to stop Shani then. Surya Dev says if I could do that then I wouldn’t have let this problem come on my family. I also wont stop Shani from doing his duty. I am afraid I wont be able to help you in anyway. He walks away. Indra Dev refuses to sit quietly.

Devi Sanghya wakes up with a headache. She is confused to see herself back in her room. I was in the jungle. She recalls all that she had seen. I will have to do something or Shani will affect me badly. Only Devraj Indra can help me now. Yam asks her what happened. You fell unconscious as you were very tired. Tell me if you need anything. She reprimands him to go back to Chhaya. I will take care of myself. He tells her to rest but she wants freedom from Shani. She gets up to go but he refuses to allow her to leave. She sees Shani in him. You will have to stay here only. You cannot go anywhere till you get punishment for your second misdeed.

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