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Shani 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Water heats up when it is brought in contact with fire but it cools down once again in a while due to its nature. Shani teaches that nature is inborn in a person and no one can change its basics. ||

Epi begins with Hanuman telling Kakol he is not keen to keep any relation with Kakol. You may leave! Kakol turns sadly. He has something else in his mind while his words say something else. Hanuman asks him if he has got power to read minds. Kakol tells him he has the power which he does not have. It is the power of friendship. You may speak against him or say you are not thinking about him but I know you are thinking about him only. He leaves.

Narayan says if Shani and Hanuman stand against each then it will be worrisome. Mahadev explains that it is neither Shani’s nor Hanuman’s fault. Rahu Kaal has begun. In this Kaal, Rahu and Ketu are on two opposite sides. This is the time when there will be misunderstandings and fights and when people wont understand each other. This time Rahu Kaal will prove out to be a problem for the entire world.

Rahu keeps thinking of how Hanuman beat / defeated him. Enough! I cannot take it anymore. You must be happy to see my condition. He speaks to a cave. Keep enjoying while I will spend my life like this! I will hurt myself so much now that even death will pity me. Ketu watches him take out a dagger and slash his wrist. Few drops of blood fall on the ground. Entire area seems shaken up. Rahu passes out. There is a blast just then. A lady (Simhika) steps out of the cave. Rahu and Ketu smile seeing her.

Brahma Dev says she is awake now. Mahadev nods. This time we will have to play an important role in this incident. Brahma Dev says Shani and Hanuman will have to manage this situation together but they have fought. Narayan speaks of their third ally. Mahadev points out that if a problem has come up then Vighnaharta will also have to come.

Kakol thanks Ganesha for coming. Ganesha tells him he comes whenever people think of him with a pure heart. You are my friend after all. This time I have come for my friend Shani. Did you bring it? Kakol gives him a plate full of laddoos. Ganesha eats all of them. You are a dear friend. Kakol is also tempted. Ganesha assures him he will take care of his problems. You offered me laddoos. Kakol wonders about the solution. Ganesha assures him he will get the solution as he has laddoos now. Solution is coming. Kakol sees Chhaya and Mata Anjana coming there. They ask him how to sort out the differences between Shani and Hanuman. Ganesha says mothers can bring their dead son back to life. You just have to unite them. Sometimes even when I am not doing anything my mother still succeeds in making me do something by instigating me (negatively also). You have to instigate your kids. Trust me. You will see me, Shani and Hanuman eating together then.

Rahu opens his eyes. I knew you would come, mother. Ketu nods. Simhika ties them in her energy. Stay quiet. Only kids have a right to call mother. I gave birth to only one son. Who is my son Swarbhanu out of both of you? Rahu tells her he has her son’s head while Ketu has the rest of his body. She is shocked to know this. Who did this to you? Who is responsible for your condition? I wont spare him! Rahu thinks to bring his mother on the right path. It isn’t only one person. The Chakra belonged to the same person who killed father and grandfather but it was someone else’s plan! She shouts Vishnu’s name. Rahu shares that he couldn’t become either Dev or Asura even after drinking Amrit. Someone else is responsible for my condition. She tells him to stop shedding crocodile tears. I am your mother. Tell me who has attacked my son! Rahu takes Karamfaldata Shani’s name.

Shani cannot stop thinking of what Rahu did. He crossed his limits this time. If he is capable of hurting Hanuman’s mother then he can do worse in future. I should be careful. He notices someone’s presence behind him and turns. Mata Anjana?

Chhaya meets Hanuman.

Mata Anjana tells Shani that Hanuman is out of her league now. He was naughty earlier only and has now become stubborn too. He does not think of anyone’s emotions. He takes all decisions in anger. Look at yourself. You helped him. He should have thanked you but he got upset with you.

Chhaya says Shani should have ended the argument. Kids can do anything for their mothers. Rahu dint do the right thing. You can break the promise but you must not spare someone who hurt your mother. Shani is your friend but he shouldn’t have hurt you like this. He could have atleast come to you to pacify you. Hanuman gets thinking. Chhaya says I have always supported Shani but he has crossed his limits this time. Ganesha was also scolding Shani. It is right after all. He should be punished for daring to stop you. Hanuman says he isn’t that bad. He has responsibilities on his shoulder. I too should have thought about it as I too have got responsibilities from Surya Dev. Be assured. I am going to Surya Loka right away.

Mata Anjana says something similar to Shani. Shani agrees with her. Hanuman deserves that only. It is good that Ganesha is scolding him. It might change him for good. Mata Anjana says I thought you would. Shani asks her if she thought he would stop Ganesha from doing so. I would have done it if Ganesha was really scolding Hanuman. He looks out of his window. She asks him about it. Shani tells her he is waiting for Hanuman. Maybe my mother succeeded in doing what you could not. She smiles and so does Shani.

Rahu tells his mother about Karamfaldata Shani. He is Tridev’s creation. Simhika remarks it is time that Tridev’s power ends Karamfaldata.


Shani 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : A new villain (Simhika) will come face to face with Hanuman. Karamfaldata Shani and Ganesha!

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