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Shani 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Shani 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Karma is very important for humans. One gets the results of the karmas depending on his or her intentions behind doing those karmas. Shani teaches that if we do our karma with dedication and put in some hard work then we will get the best results ||

Surya Dev says Chhaya did her wifely duties till date and Shani did his duties as a son. I have realised my dharma today because of Shani. No one, not even Mahadev can stop me from protecting Chhaya today!

Chhaya reaches a dead end. Mali and Sumali corner her. She shouts for Shani.

On the other hand, Surya Dev advises Shani not to go to save chhaya today. He creates a shield between himself and others thereby blocking everyone’s path. Devi Sanghya shouts after him. Don’t go there Dev. I am also your wife. What about my rights? Mali, Sumali have Mahadev’s boon. Mahadev will kill you if you try to hurt them! Surya Dev questions her as to how she could allow Shani to go then. a woman is a mother first of all. A woman, who cannot become a good mother, cannot be a good person at all. My wife is calling out for help there. I am going to protect her. He leaves. Sanghya shouts after him but in vain.

Mali, Sumali laugh seeing Chhaya trapped. They are about to attack her when Surya Dev tells them to stop. Chhaya is surprised to see him there. He tells her not to be afraid. I am here.

Shani tries breaking the kavach using his powers but fails. Shukracharya insists they must do something. Shani knows it isn’t easy to break as it’s made using Surya Dev’s powers. You all must step back a little. He finally succeeds in breaking the kavach. Kakol also wakes up and calls out his friend’s name. Mata. Shani nods. I know she is in trouble. Let’s go. Kakol flies up. Everyone else runs after them. Sanghya thinks she wanted to trap Shani but her husband is in problem now. There is only one person who can stop Mahadev. I will have to pray to him.

Shani tells Kakol to hurry up.

Mali, Sumali tells Surya Dev that they don’t have a problem with him but with Chhaya. It would be great if you wont come in between. Surya Dev says you come to Surya Loka and abduct Surya’s wife and don’t expect Surya not to come in between? Shani tells everyone to stop. He shares that Mali and Sumali have abducted not Devi Sanghya but my mother Chhaya. No one can do anything to my mother till I am alive. One of them is ready to back out but the other one insists they cannot back down from their promise that they have made to Shukracharya. Shani saves his mother from the attack. He glares at the Asura as his mother gets hurt in the process. His weapon appears in his hand. He is about to attack the Asuras when Surya Dev stops him. They have Mahadev’s blessing. Don’t attack. Shani doesn’t mind fighting even Mahadev for his mother. They attacked my mother. They will have to bear the punishment now! Chhaya steps in his way. Think about the pain I will feel when I will lose either you or Surya Dev. Do you want to see me in pain? Shani relents. Mali-Sumali use this opportunity to attack Chhaya. She winces in pain. Surya Dev and Shani stand together to face them but Mali, Sumali are stronger. They suggest Surya Dev to attack as well. Will you only save your wife? Chhaya advises Surya Dev not to attack. Mali, Sumali call him a coward. He will see his wife getting hurt before his eyes. Surya Dev gets upset and attacks them even when Shani tells him against it. Mahadev appears there.

Devi Sanghya requests Maharishi Kashyap to open his eyes. Your son’s life is in danger. Please protect him from Mahadev’s wrath. Rishi Kashyap opens his eyes.

Surya Dev asks Mahadev if he is protecting these Asuras. Mahadev shares that he is bound by his promise. Whosoever will attack him will have to fight with me first. It will be great if you step back. Surya Dev reasons that his son taught him his pati-dharma. I am also bound by a promise like you. I will do my dharma and you can do yours.

Brahma Dev remarks that it will be devastating if Mahadev kill Surya Dev. World will become unstable. Narayan nods. Mahadev wont step back from his promise though. Whosoever will try to hurt Mali, Sumali will have to die by Mahadev’s hands.

Mahadev gives last warning to Surya Dev. I am bound by my word. I will have to kill you if you don’t withdraw from this fight. Surya Dev refuses to back off. I am doing my pati-dharma after so many years. I wont step back even if it is you who will ask me to do so. Forgive me Mahadev. Mahadev and Surya Dev continue their efforts. Sanghya and Rishi Kashyap also come there. Chhaya requests Shani to stop Mahadev. Mahadev aims his trident at Surya Dev who falls down writhing in pain because of the impact. Everyone shouts in concern.


Shani 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shani says Surya Dev maintained life and stability in the world. What will happen after his death?