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Shani 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update and Shani 2nd March 2017 video watch online on

Shani vows to find Mahadev at any cost.

Narayan is happy with Mahadev for running around so much and to Shani for not giving up. Finally Mahadev has found his match in Shani. I haven’t seen Mahadev in such an avatar. Mahadev has disguised himself as an elephant.

Narad Muni is taken aback to see Mahadev’s new avatar. Narayan says he took his avatar to save himself from Shani. Nandi too is awed. I told you, Shani might have powers but he will fail before Mahadev. Narad Muni cannot understand why this is happening. Narayan says Shani and Mahadev are mere players. The story is about something else altogether. More players are going to join this story very soon.

Surya Dev comes to Chandra Loka. He finds it to be very cool. He hears some music and looks at Chandra Loka intrigued. Chandra Dev sees celestial nymphs’ performance. Amazing! Surya Dev is headed there only. Chandra Dev is very pleased with the dance. A nymph greets Surya Dev. Are you lost? Shall I help? Surya Dev replies that Surya finds his way himself. A guy informs Chandra Dev about Surya Dev’s arrival. Chandra Dev panics. He drops the glass in shock. What should I do now? Surya Dev has come here!

Surya Dev asks the gatekeepers to open the door for him. They oblige. Chandra Dev acts to be doing some havan. Surya Dev smiles seeing him thus. Chandra Dev greets him. I am so lucky to have you here. Welcome! I apologize to you as the door was closed. I was praying. I had given orders to guards to not allow anyone inside till I am praying to my Aradhya Surya Dev. Have a seat. Surya Dev says I dint come here to be greeted. I came here on purpose.

Mahadev (in the form of elephant) thinks Shani wont be able to find him in this avatar. On the other hand, Shani does not stop his quest for Mahadev. Mahadev feels hungry because of his avatar. I will have to eat grass now or Shani might recognise me otherwise.

Narad muni asks Narayan when this game will end. Narayan replies that this has just begun. This is not just Shani’s but Mahadev’s test as well. A hunter notices the elephant / Mahadev eating grass happily. He aims his arrow at the elephant / Mahadev. Mahadev notices him and decides to go from there. Shani shouts for Mahadev. Mahadev / elephant runs in the jungle to save himself from the hunter who keeps chasing him. Shani hears the elephant’s voice and turns.

Chandra Dev says I was waiting to serve my Aradhya at my home. Mahadev has heard me today. Whatever I have is given by you only. My identity and everything is because of you. Surya Dev says I understand your worth. I have thought something big for you. Chandra Dev tells him to order him. I will do as you say. Surya Dev makes him stand. Come with me. Before sunset, I am going to do something after which Asura’s will be all calm with Gods. You will have a big role in this.

Mahadev / elephant keeps running. I got myself in such a bad situation. The hunter is right after me. I cannot even use my powers of Shani will recognize me. He reaches the edge of the mountain. Hunter aims his arrow at him again. I finally got you! Shani shouts at him to stop. Hunter looks at him.

Shani tells hunter not to kill the elephant. You are not doing right. Hunter asks him who he is. Shani replies that it isn’t important who I am. Your karma is important. You don’t have a right to give pain to this elephant when he dint harm you. Mahadev thinks how to avoid Shani. Hunter tells Shani not to lecture him. I have to do a lot of things. Go away! Shani again tells him he isn’t doing right. Killing someone for no reason is not just a crime but sin. This karma will bring problem upon you. Everyone has a right to live. What if I kill you for no reason? The hunter laughs. You will kill me? I don’t joking around work. I have the weapon which can kill you yet you speak about kill me. Go away kid! He aims the arrow at Shani. Shani warns him to come back on the right path or he will have to do so. He stares at the hunter who takes down his bow and arrow in fear. He runs away from there. Shani is surprised to find the elephant / Mahadev missing. Where did he disappear? He runs up to the place where the elephant / Mahadev was but does not see him there. He looks down at the pond. Water is calm. Mahadev makes his new abode in the small pond. He smiles seeing Shani confused. You wont be able to find me here Shani. I wont step out of water till sunset. We will see how you will catch me Shani!


Shani 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Shani’s Vakra-Drishti cast a big problem on Mahadev’s life. People come up to where Shani and Mahadev are. They announce to catch Mahadev. He has killed someone!

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