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Shani 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Attachment is the biggest hindrance in the path of duties. Shani teaches that it is wrong to lose your path because of your attachments. ||

Shani 2nd November 2017 Episode start With Narayan says all the 8 planets are ready for the fight. They are also aware of the motive behind this fight. It is time to start the Grah-yuddh (fight between the planets). Devraj says you invoked the presence of planets but how will we find out who will win or who will lose. Who will be the decide that? Narayan says jyotish (traditional Hindu system of astrology).

Dev Vishwakarma creates a kundli. Chhaya asks him what it is. He shares that this is the battlefield where all the planets will fight. Door opens. Shani walks in with other planets in tow. They all look at the kundli. Tridev also appear. Narayan tells Devi Chhaya that this will play a really important role in every human’s life in future. Entire world will be thankful to you for giving your permission for this fight. Chhaya again thinks of Devguru’s words. It is natural to take such decisions when there seems to be no end to a problem. I am wife. My only motive behind giving permission for this fight is Surya Dev’s revival.

Devraj says this is why we wanted to give this right to Mangal. No problem would have come then but how can a place escape from problems when Shani casts his Drishti on it. Mangal looks at Jyotish. We will fight here but we want to know whose kundli is this. Shani explains that this is Surya Loka’s kundli. Our bhagya will determine who will win or lose. Narayan agrees. This is where you have to fight against each other for Surya Dev’s throne. Devguru asks him to explain the rules of the fight. Narayan says before that, we must know the importance of all these houses. Everyone is different and that only will ascertain its course. Ruler will be in Lagan. 12 elements or emotions affect someone. 1 – lagan (centre). 2- family. 3 – related to bravery. 4- mother. 5 – study. 6 – enemy and debts. 7 – relations. 8- age. 9 – dharma and luck. 10 – karma and father. 11 – all benefits. 12 – moksha! Every planet will rule enter in one house in the beginning. All the planets will fight with each other for the same. Rahu is in disbelief. Isn’t it too small for that? Narayan suggests him to broaden his outlook towards the kundli. Every block is bigger than what it appears to be. It represents one or another element. You will be affected by the powers, emotions of that particular house the moment you will enter there. If you overcome it then you will get to rule it. Devraj asks him what if someone loses in that house. Narayan says there is only one rule. Winner will rule whereas the one who loses will be out of this fight immediately. This way, winning planet will slowly enter the main element – lagan and will become the ruler of Surya Loka!

Chhaya says how will we know who won or who lost. Narayan says Dev Vishwakarma will decide it. Devraj says someone has to be the referee too. As Devraj, I should get this chance. Narayan disagrees. This is between dharma and adharma. Only one person can decide that. It will be Dharmaraj Yam. Mangal says we know all the rules now. Let’s start right away. The sooner it ends, the sooner we will reach our destination. Narayan says why such rush. This will start in morning and end in evening. A lot is at stake here. I will advise everyone to be very careful. Don’t overlook dharma and truth just to win. The one who will respect / follow dharma will win!

All the planets look at kundli. Yam assures Chhaya that everything will be fine after this fight. Everyone will get what they deserve. Mahadev is a witness to the fact that this all is because of Shani. I am sure that Mangal will be the winner of this war. He will be able to bring father back to his real form.

Mangal thinks it is time to show the world his real powers. Devraj advises him against it. Remember what Narayan said. It doesn’t matter how many planets you defeat in the fight. What matters is which planet survives till the end and reaches Lagna. There is only one way to reach there. Let other 6 planets fight amongst each other. You should focus only on Shani!

Dev Vishwakarma tells Shani his main motive should be to only defeat Mangal. Focus only on him. Shani denies. I wont fight like this. Yami says you need a plan to fight this war. He says you need a plan to fight with only one planet but here everyone is my enemy. I will do what I feel will be right at that moment. Whoever will challenge me in this fight will become my opponent, even if it means I have to fight all the 7 planets. Yami is confused. How are you going to fight? He tells her he will not cheat or plot anything. I will only do what I have been doing since forever. My karma is my only moral!

Guru Shukracharya meets Shani. I heard that you have changed a lot over past 10 years but it isn’t time to think about differences. It is time to face your enemies. Shani clears that he still has no friend or relation. I am still on the same path where it is only karma that matters! He walks away.

Dev Vishwakarma asks about Shani. Did he have a change of heart? Shani says I don’t backtrack from my words. He walks in wearing black clothes from head to toe. Mangal is intrigued by his appearance. What does it signify? Devraj replies that it is the most dangerous and detached avatar of Shani. You should be very careful. Yam plays conch thereby marking the beginning of the Grah-yuddha. Dev Vishwakarma says the same. All the planets will now enter in this kundli. All the planets stay around Lagan house.

Narayan warns everyone no one will be saved from his opponent’s attack. He must face it and then succeed. You got to learn to bear the pain like Surya Dev. Rahu thinks to use his maya on Shani. I will take revenge for all that you did to me. Narayan says whatever you do will leave have some impact on you too. Something that belongs to you will be at stake. You must choose your house wisely. All the planets take their positions immediately. Only Mangal and Shani are left. Devraj thinks there cannot be a better possibility than this. If Mangal defeats Shani in this house itself then everything will be in our favour. The moment he wins over Shani, Mangal, i.e. I will rule Surya Loka!


Shani 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Grah-yuddha’s result will prove who will sit on Surya Loka’s throne. Chhaya wonders which house Shani will choose.

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