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Shani 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Pain and happiness aren’t for forever. One must remain balanced both the times ||

Epi begins with Shani saying the trident, which killed Brahma Dev’s arrogance once, will now kill your arrogance! He casts his Drishti on Mahadev’s trident. Mahadev looks pained. Maharishi reaches there. Don’t let this happen, Mahadev. Take back this curse or there will be a big problem. Mahadev tells Maharishi Kashyap not to blame himself for any reason. Whatever is happening is destined to happen. I accept your curse willingly. Now it is time for me to experience it. Maharishi recalls his curse and feels bad. Punish me. It was my mistake to curse you. Mahadev denies. It was destiny. I have accepted it already. You too must accept it now. He tries holding onto his trident but it is getting difficult with every passing second. Devi Parvati is lost in meditation. Mahadev mentally apologises to Devi Parvati. It is important though. He frees the trident. Mata Parvati realises that something wrong is about to happen with Vinayak. She rushes out but Mahadev’s trident cuts Vinayak’s head before she can do anything. She shouts his name in shock. Everyone present there looks at Vinayak’s lifeless body in shock.

Devi Parvati breaks down. She kisses her son’s hand sadly. You cannot leave me son. Shani too has tears in his eyes. Devi Parvati gets angry. She walks up to Mahadev. I yearned for a son for years. You killed my son in few moments? All Gods blessed him with their powers and energies. They were so excited to see him yet you did this to him? It is a husband’s duty to give happiness to his wife but you snatched everything from me! Shani tells her that he is the one who is responsible for Vinayak’s condition. Mahadev is not at fault. Vinayak wasn’t allowing Mahadev to enter in Kailash. He was ready to attack Mahadev. I tried to explain to him but he stayed put. He insulted / disrespected Mahadev in his arrogance. I had no other option. I had to punish him for his misdeed. Mata Parvati points out that he broke his promise. You promised not to cast your Drishti on Vinayak ever in Kailash. Shani explains that he cast his Drishti on Mahadev instead. Mahadev had accepted Maharishi Kashyap’s curse. It was bound to show its effect. This was the time! I am responsible for the pain you are experiencing right now. I had to do my duty. I will accept whatever punishment you will give me. She agrees to punish him. Losing her child is the biggest pain for a mother. You are responsible for it so you will be punished! She takes Raudra avatar and aims his trident at Shani. Shani’s family gets worried for Shani. Chhaya requests her to calm down and forgive Shani. I can understand what you are going through but you cannot snatch a kid from some other mother for the same. Surya Dev, Narayan request her to forgive Shani. He was just following his duty. What example will this set before the world if we punish Shani for doing his karma? Devi Parvati stays put. Chhaya again begs for forgiveness but Shani tells her against it. Mata Parvati’s loss cannot be managed with your apology. It’s all because of me. I will have to bear the punishment. He tells Mata Parvati to go ahead. I am ready for my punishment.

Devi Parvati attacks Shani. Mahadev looks at Narayan who nods at him. Mahadev lessens the effect of the trident. Shani falls down as it hits him. Chhaya rushes to his side. This angers Mata Parvati. You stopped my attack? Mahadev nods. Shani was doing his duty. I couldn’t stop your attack so I diverted it. Our pain cannot go away by punishing others. Calm down. She refuses to be calm till her son gets his life back. If my son wont come back to life then I will destroy the world. Chhaya begs her to calm down. Mata Parvati reiterates her condition.

Shani adds that it was fate. Don’t punish entire world for it. She advises him to return her son. You will be responsible for the destruction of the world. Narayan asks her how a mother (Jagat Janani) can destroy her kid (world). Listen to your brother. Calm down. Mata Parvati retorts that right now she is neither his sister nor Mahadev’s wife. I am the mother whose kid has been snatched from her. The fire burning inside me will destroy the entire world! Weather changes.

Devraj requests Mahadev to do something or the world will be doomed. Mahadev is in a fix. Shani says there is no problem in the world which cannot be solved. I realised this after Neelima’s incident. Balance is always maintained in the world. There is always a counter energy for every energy in the world. Some other incident must be associated with this incident. It might not be here but somewhere else. That may be our solution. He asks Mahadev if there is any way through which Vinayak can get his life back. Mahadev thinks for a minute. There is a way out – Gajasur!

Gajasur is my biggest devotee. He did tapasya for years to please me. I gave him Darshan as I was pleased with his devotion. Flashback shows Gajasur taking a boon from Mahadev that he will let him stay with him for forever. I should get your love. Mahadev blesses him with his wish. It will happen at the right time too. Flashback ends. Shani asks him how that is related to it. Mahadev explains that if we join Gajasur’s head on Vinayak’s body then both things will happen. Gajasur’s boon will come true and Vinayak will get his life back. It will only happen only if he willingly agrees to do so. Devraj says will a God have an elephant’s head. It is Mahadev and Devi Parvati’s son after all! Shani says you speak of the head but I see the logic behind it. Vinayak will be the most loved God if he gets Gajasur’s head.


Shani 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shani tells Narayan that Devi Parvati’s anger is increasing. It is time for Mahadev’s boon to come true. He will have to do it willingly though. Mahadev joins Gajasur’s head with Vinayak’s body. Shani announces that Vinayak will be also known (and prayed to) as Ganapati after today!

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