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Shani 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update


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Rahu’s body lights up which makes him happy. I have been chosen a member of committee of Gods. I will also be made a God soon by Shani. Shani says your karmas and experience are your knowledge. No one can beat Devguru in terms of knowledge. He will be the second member of the committee. His body also lights up and he can feel the change in himself. Shani tells everyone to pay attention now. Rahu is sure he will be made God now. Shani says I am going to announce the name of 3rd person who will is symbolic of strength and power. They can push a person to the right path. Devraj Indra smiles broadly thinking it will be him but Shani takes Mangal Devi’s name instead. He too feels the changes. Devraj Indra is miffed. Shani adds that our mind and actions affect out karmas. Buddh will be the fourth person who will be in the committee. He is the emblem of those powers in such a young age. You might disagree with the next name but it will be Chandra Dev who will be the fifth member of the committee.

Devraj objects his decision. Chandra is culprit. He should be punished and not prized. Shani says we are not distributing prize of punishments here but deciding who will be the member of this core committee. You too have made many mistakes yet you are here as you are needed here. The case is similar with Chandra Dev. He has been punished for his misdeed. You cannot punish him for the same mistakes twice. Chandra Dev can influence the hearts of a person which is why he must be here. Like I said, my Drishti will always be on him so it is important for me to be here. To decide the Karamfal, I announce myself as the next member of this committee. Rahu looks at all the members of the committee. Amazing! All members are Dev. It means Shani will make a God too. Shani says for good karma’s, our body, mind and thoughts should be pure. They keep us on the right path. For this we need the one who can lead everyone. Devraj smiles proudly again. Shani takes Shukracharya’s name instead shocking Devraj once again! Every member is blessed with some powers when their names are taken. Shukracharya and Devraj stare at each other. Devraj mentally refuses to forgive Shani for including his biggest enemy. Rahu too is confused about an Asura being involved in Dev-Samiti.

Shani talks about the person who will be the Saarthi (carriage). He will lead us. Devraj announces himself to be the most suitable person for this post. Shani advises him to stay calm. Your question will be answered soon. Surya Dev enters just then. Shani takes Surya Dev’s name as the 8th member of the committee. He will be our leader. Everyone cheers for Surya Dev. Surya Dev tells Shani he does not wish to be a part of any committee. I don’t need any position or throne anymore. Devraj says when he himself has withdrawn his name then it is certain that I only will lead this committee. Shani denies. You already have a throne to take care of. Leader should not have any greed of anything to take decisions without bias. Surya Dev will lead the committee as he spreads his warmth / light to everyone without any discrepancy. Rahu is eager to be made a God. Shani says I am sure Surya Dev wont refuse. Surya Dev accepts the position. Shani withdraws his Drishti from Surya Dev. Surya Dev tells Shani he was right. After thinking about my deeds I have realised it was my arrogance that pushed me on the wrong path. I got a new path and opportunity after retrospection. Yami was right. Not your Drishti but the karma’s are wrong. Shani smiles whereas Sanghya isn’t pleased. Narad Muni asks Surya Dev to take his seat. Surya Dev is also blessed with more powers.

Mahadev opens his eyes. this is the result of Shani’s Saade-Sati. He will give everyone the fruits of their labour but will also give them a new life, new responsibilities when he will withdraw his Drishti from them. Brahma Dev is also impressed with it. A new chance, a new duty after being punished (Chandra). Mahavde says there can be no better Acharya than Shani who guides with actions and not words.

Narad Muni asks if something is left or the Sabha will end now. Rahu hopes he says what he has been waiting for. Shani shares that the Sabha is over now. Everyone turns to go when Rahu shouts at them to stop. What a mockery this is! You (Shani) said you will make me a God. Don’t back out from your words. Shani says I told you you will get what you deserve. You already have it. Rahu does not want this position. Devraj asks him if he should be made Devraj then. You were, are and will remain an Asura! You can never become a God. Everyone laughs at Rahu which angers him. Rahu again asks Shani if he will make him a God or not. I am asking for the last time. He shouts at Surya Dev to tell his son to do so. Surya Dev tells him even Shani does not have this right. You can never become a God!

Rahu blames everyone for cheating him. He walks out from the Sabha upset.

Shani asks Rahu to stop. You are a part of Karma-Samiti. You have some duties. It isn’t right to leave the committee like this. Rahu tells him not to use such words as he dint live up to his words. Did you do justice? Shani nods. I did what was right. I gave everyone the fruits of their labour. Rahu again calls it cheating. Shani says you don’t deserve anything bigger than this position. This is your Karmafal. Accept it! Rahu refuses. I will become Dev at any cost. Now Rahu will do something that will change the history. All Dev including you will bear the brunt of it. Shani tells him he is free but be careful. You only will be responsible for what will happen next. Arrogance, cheating wont make you stand tall always. Hope you don’t become a wrong example and your head isn’t cut off from your body to teach you a lesson. Rahu retorts that he decided his punishment what he felt was best for him. Now I will give you the punishment that I think you deserve. I will take revenge!


Shani 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rahu influences Asuras against Gods. Shani tells his Nana Shree to stop Rahu. Dev Vishwakarma asks him how he can help. Shani asks him if he has any weapon which can help Rahu in taking his revenge.

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