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Shani 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update on

It isn’t in the hands of people to take birth but their karmas are. Shani teaches that the future of people is decided not by their birth but karmas!

Surya Dev stops while taking a step towards his throne as he notices a shadow behind him. He is surprised to see Shani. Shani remarks how he stopped seeing his Chhaya today. Till a while ago, it dint mean anything to you. Surya Dev reasons that every Chhaya has a meaning, an existence of its own. Shani calls his logic weird. Chhaya gave birth to your son but has no existence of her own. World has to understand that not birth but karmas determine everything. If you don’t give my mother her right then the world will get wrong message. It will change the outlook of the world. It is up to you now as to what example you want to set before the world. They are suddenly surrounded by fire.

Devi Sanghya says Shani is right. Chhaya deserves to be called your wife. It has already been proved before the world that I failed in doing my dharma. I am a very big culprit. I have decided to kill myself right now in this very fire. Surya Dev’s eyes widen in shock. No, I wont let it happen. She acts to cry. What’s the point to live when I have lost everything / everyone including my family? Surya Dev assures her her family is with her. We will give you a chance to rectify your mistake. She stays put. Shani tells her to stop. As Dandnayak, my karma is to make culprits understand their mistakes and come on the right path. You are free to live freely if you have accepted your mistakes. It is surprising that you understood it when my mother was going to get her rights. It is weird! Surya Dev tells him to stop. She has changed. She is my wife. I wont do injustice to her. I cannot give her place to Chhaya. Shani and Sanghya look at each other. Shani says you still have a lot to know. You will realise / find it out very soon. He leaves.

Sanghya is walking in the corridor. Shani calls out to her. Are you going anywhere? She shakes her head. You are still playing with my brain. I know you are not here. You are an illusion! Kakol comes there. Shani stands with him. Devi Sanghya feels I am an illusion. Tell her if I am here or not. Kakol hides his smile. He turns to Devi Sanghya. It is Shani who is standing in front of you. She wants to go bring flowers for puja. Shani reminds her that she can even become a problem for herself in this condition. You must not go outside. I will be with you while Kakol will bring flowers. Sanghya agrees. Kakol goes to bring flowers while Shani offers to drop her to her room.

Kakol is tempted to see so many fruit trees around him. He starts looking for flowers.

Sanghya thinks Shani thinks me to be a fool but I am way ahead than him. He cannot stop me from taking revenge!

Kakol gets trapped in an invisible ball in jungle. He calls out to Shani for help. Shani and Sanghya head him. She smiles when he has her back to her. She acts concerned. It seems to be kakol. Looks like he is in some problem. Yam also comes there. I heard someone calling for help. Shani tells Yam to take Devi Sanghya to her room. He goes to help Shani. Sanghya steps back as Yam offers to take her to her room. He assures her he wont hurt her. She expresses a wish to do puja alone in her room. Don’t you trust me? He gives in. I will be inside you room. You can call out to me if you need help.

Kakol begins to choke because of lack of air. He calls out to his friend as he begins to lose conscious. Shani reaches jungle.

Indra Dev is waiting for Devi Sanghya who comes just then. You came late. She replies that she is on time. It was my plan to get Shani out of my way. He asks her what her plan to get rid of Shani is. She says you will find out real soon. Come with me.

Shani finally finds Kakol.

Sanghya brings Indra Dev to a desolated place. Two Asuras (Mali-Sumali) come there. Seems like he has come back to kill us. We have Mahadev’s boon so think before doing anything to us. Indra Dev fumes seeing them. Sanghya tells them that she has brought him here. We have to kill our enemy – Shani! I want to see him dead!

Shani gets his weapon and frees his friend.

Sanghya tells Asuras that Shani is Mahadev’s creation. No one can kill him. You have Mahadev’s boon. Why don’t we have fight with him? Indra Dev tries to reason but she does not let him. She fills their ears against Shani. He helped you today as your karmas were good but he wont help you if you do some misdeed in future. He will punish you instead! They ask her how she dare think they will go against Shani. We got the boon because of his Drishti. We wont let any harm come to him. She points out that Shani is Surya-putra and she is Surya-patni. Who will stop me? They warn her that her life will be in dark if she thinks anything against Shani. They walk away. Indra Dev reprimands Sanghya for making Mali Sumali her enemy. You should have thought before talking to them like that. She smiles and shares her plan. They have a boon that Mahadev will protect them when someone will attack them. Mali-Sumali don’t want to kill Shani. Who will they stand against then? Indra Dev takes her name but she shakes her head. They will mistake Chhaya for Sanghya. Shani will come to her help. Mahadev himself will kill his creation then!

Indra Dev likes the plan. You could have done it alone too. Why include me? She knows only he can guide Mali and Sumali. Only you can tell them how important it is to kill Surya Dev’s wife to save Shani.

Kakol thanks Shani for saving him. I feel it was for Devi Sanghya. Shani denies. It was to divert us.

Mali and Sumali decide to tell Shukracharya everything. They are upset with what happened. They meet him on their way and tell him everything. Shukracharya says it is important for Shani to live for Asuras. We have to do something so as to save him. We have only one option left now – to kill Devi Sanghya! They reason that she is Surya Dev’s wife but Shukracharya is only concerned about saving Shani. He is Mahadev’s creation. We have to protect him. We must kill her asap. They agree. Devraj comes in his real avatar as they leave. Amazing! I now realise what a woman can do. Shani brings everyone on the right path but today, Devi Sanghya and Devraj brought you on the path of death!


Shani 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:Sanghya tells Shani to wait. See how you guide will kill you. Maadev throws his trident at Shani but Surya Dev comes in front of him so as to protect him. Sanghya is shocked to see him get hurt.

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