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Shani 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update


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Rahu retorts that he decided his punishment what he felt was best for him. Now I will give you the punishment that I think you deserve. I will take revenge Shani!

Shani is in his room. Yam enters. You are here. I am waiting for you since so long. I wanted to welcome you as you did such a great thing. You don’t discriminate being Karamfaldata but you clearly dint chose your brother as a member of that committee. It is because we are not the kids of same mother. Sanghya says you don’t waste time asking questions when answer is same. Don’t you understand till now that Shani does not think of you as one of his own? If he would have thought of you as his brother then he wouldn’t have risked your life for Manu. This is the reason why he dint involve you in the committee.

He allowed that sinful Chandra to be a part of the committee but not you! He gave that Rahu an important place. The only person he ignored was only. Yam adds that it is him as he isn’t his real brother. Shani calls Sanghya an example of the fact as to how a mother influences kids. You could even influence Dharmaraj. A mother should not take her kids down on the path of arrogance but teach them good things. I never differentiated between Yam and Yami but I am lucky that I am not born from you. Yam got the duty which he deserved. It isn’t an easy task. Do you really want Yam to be a part of the committee or are you thinking about yourself? Be it you or Yam, no one will get more that what he or she deserves. Sanghya says you wont decide what I will get. I will get what I have a right on! Wait for sunrise tomorrow. You will find out in the Sabha what position I deserve.

Devraj Indra paces angrily thinking about how Shani refused to let him be a part of the committee. You dint do right Shani. You showed Devraj down in Dev Sabha itself but you are forgetting who I am! I am also the king of wickedness. I will find a way to throw Rahu and Shukracharya out of the Sabha. Shani will have to make me a part of that committee anyhow!

Shani is walking in the corridor. Yam and Sanghya’s words haunt him. Kakol pats at his shoulder from behind. Is something bothering him? Shani replies that it is expectations which bother everyone. Kakol says I understand. I also feel bad for you. You always think well for everyone but in the end, everyone thinks of you to be responsible for anything that goes wrong including your family. Shani says the path on which I have to walk is very difficult but one must get down in the mud to get people out of the mud. I can get anything in return but I will continue doing my karams. Kakol asks him why he is worried when he knows all this. Shani says there is someone who does not want to come on the right path. I have a feeling something very wrong is going to happen. We have to stop it.

Rahu instigates Asuras against Gods. The committee was built by Dev and has lot many Dev’s. Shani will also take part of Gods as he too is a God after all. This is an attempt to fool us. We should finish them before Gods plot anything against us! Shukracharya praises him for his new talent of dictatorship. You were ready to do anything to become a God yourself till a few days back but now you are ready to finish Gods only? Would you have come here if you would have become a God today? You are only forcing Asuras to become a prey to your anger. He dismisses all Asuras. Rahu agrees he was right earlier. I don’t deserve to be a God but you don’t make a mistake now. Let’s finish Gods. Shukracharya says Gods will surely lose but I don’t need any Rahu for that now. Rishi Durvasa is doing something with which I can make Asuras extremely powerful. He walks away. Rahu decides to find out what Rishi Durvasa is about to do. I will have to do something which makes only me powerful!

Sanghya sees change in Surya Dev’s behaviour. You seem happy and calm even after giving up on your role as Devraj. He replies that he was never unhappy about giving up that role. Maybe I dint deserve it. My duty was chosen by destiny and I will do just that. I am happy. Shani’s decision to make committee is right. It will put a tab on Indra too. She reminds him that he is the leader of that committee. Don’t you think it would be appropriate to make your son Yam a member too? He says I am only leading it. It was Shani’s decision to make the committee. He has chosen the members. I can talk to him if you want. She nods. You can surely discuss with Shani. She begins to walk away when stops to seek his permission to organize a puja in Surya Loka. I am mad to ask you this question. I will have to ask Shani. You can ask him the time to rise and set too. Since he has become Karamfaldata Surya Dev is no more capable to decide anything. You don’t have to worry about finding a suitable guy for Yami when she is grown up. He tells her to stop it. It is enough! She refuses to stay quiet. I cannot see you becoming so low. You are Shani’s father and not vice versa. Don’t let your identity become feeble. He agrees with her. What is your wish? She expresses to be with him in the committee as her half partner. I want to share your right. Would you? He says I am the leader of the committee. I can make anyone sit in the committee with me. I will announce it tomorrow in the Sabha. She smirks.

Shani is with Dev Vishwakarma. Rahu thinks he has been cheated. He can go to any extent for revenge. I am sure Rahu will now be looking for the path with which he can destroy Gods. We will have to stop him. Dev Vishwakarma asks him how he can help. Shani asks him if he knows of any weapon which can help Rahu in taking his revenge or any power which is about to take form. Dev Vishwakarma tells him he is thinking in the right direction. Such a power is going to take birth. Shani asks for details.

Rishi Durvasa is doing yagya. Rahu is keeping an eye on him from far. Rishi Durvasa tells his disciples to be ready. We are about to reach the end. The Agni emitting from the yagya is very pious. The energy coming from it will make anyone really powerful. Rahu vows to get that energy in his control. I will then destroy the Gods. No one can stop me from becoming the best as no one other than me is present here. Shani is also watching Rishi Durvasa from behind a tree. Kakol asks him who they are waiting for and why. Shani says we are waiting for that power which is going to come out of the yagya. Rahu would want it at any cost. We must not let it happen.


Shani 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rishi Durvasa produces a garland out of his yagya with his powers. It can take anyone to the top and even destroy anyone. Rahu decides to use it for his benefit to destroy Gods.