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Shani 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Anyone can be angry as it is the easiest thing to do. When someone is angry with his or her loved ones then he or she is actually upset with himself or herself. Shani teaches that anger is the reason for pain. Good souls should never get angry. ||

Simhika remarks it is time that Tridev’s power ends Karamfaldata. She invokes Brahma Dev. Vishnu has always cheated Asuras. I have done your tapasya since years. You have to listen to my prayer today. I, Simhika, Hiranyakashyap’s daughter, invoke you. Please appear now. She shouts his name repeatedly.

Mahadev tells Brahma Dev it is time to go as his devotee is calling him. Brahma Dev leaves with a heavy heart.

Simhika keeps shouting Brahma Dev’s name. He finally appears. Tell me why you thought of me. Simhika says you finally came.

Hanuman says yes I am here. He checks Shani’s room. You were doing your duty. You did what you thought was best in that situation. How come Ganesha had a right to shout on you? Mata Anjana appears there. Hanuman is surprised to see her there. Shani also smiles. Hanuman wonders where Ganesha is. Shani tells him he is very innocent. Hanuman stops him. I am innocent but not mad. I have been trained by Surya Dev too. I understood what has happened. Mata Anjana came to you and Mata Chhaya came to me. Ganesha only suggested them a solution which they put into practise. He walks up to his mother. You knew I would come here to stop Ganesha from shouting at Shani. She nods. Shani says that is what happened. You came here to protect me from Ganesha’s anger. Hanuman denies. I only came to say that you were not at fault. He fumbles while calling himself guilty. Shani and Mata Anjana smile seeing him put everything on the emotions which took over him. I got trained but I am not used to control my emotions. You would have understood what I mean. Shani nods. You don’t need to say anything more. Ganesha stops Hanuman. You need to give words to your emotions. Shani is capable to balance justice and emotions. He knows when to punish or forgive but you should know how to give voice to your opinion. He tells Shani to let Hanuman say what he wants to. Hanuman asks him why he is insisting that I apologize to Shani. Even he is saying it is not required. Ganesha replies that sometimes words have a stronger power than weapons.

Brahma Dev tells Simhika he cannot make her an immortal. She knows he cannot grant that wish. I only want to hypnotise whosoever I wish to. He calls it impossible. It is one of the powers from Ashta-Siddhi. You don’t deserve it. Ask for something else. She asks him if he will certainly give her whatever else she will ask from him. He looks helplessly at her. Simhika asks Rahu Shani’s mother’s name. Rahu tells her. Simhika smiles and turns to Brahma Dev. I want (in mute). Brahma Dev calls it impossible but she questions him. I dint ask for immortality or anything valuable. Should I think that you have nothing to give to your devotees or should I think that you are a mere puppet in the hands of Mahadev and Narayan? Brahma says it isn’t so. She tells him to prove he too has powers by giving her what she wants. Prove it that whosoever prays to you is not left empty handed. Brahma Dev reluctantly blesses her with her wish and disappears. Simhika remarks that now Shani will pay the price for attacking her son!

Brahma Dev is scared to think of the outcome of the situation. Narayan says one part of fight between Shani and Hanuman is over but another fight is about to begin. Mahadev says Simhika is not an ordinary power. With Brahma Dev’s boon, she will turn out to be his biggest obstacle. She has become more powerful now as this time the pain will be not just physical but mental and emotional too!

Ganesha again advsies Hanuman to practise using words. Hanuman says I don’t know what I should say. Shani is smarter than me when it comes to words but understand that what I will say next is a very big thing of respect for you. I know what I did was wrong. I was powerful before meeting you but I dint know when and where to use it. I gained knowledge because of you. Now I have understood it was no coincidence for us to meet. There is some very big motive behind it. Now I want to start the soul searching journey with you friend. Accepting your mistake is the first step of apology. I accept my mistake and apologise to you for what I did. Shani tells him against it. Hanuman asks them if everything is fine now. Shani denies. You apologized to me but I too have to apologise to you. he folds hands before Hanuman. You will have to forgive me. Hanuman tells him he has forgiven him. Mata Anjana says my thank you is still due. She thanks Shani for saving her life. Shani tells her not to say so. Mother blesses and not thanks a kid. If it was I in Hanuman’s place then even I would have done the same. I am glad that everything is fine once again. He tells Kakol he can come in now. Kakol stumbles in his step yet again and falls down.

Ganesha and Hanuman help him stand and take him inside. Ganesha asks him where he was. Kakol replies that he went to do his work. He greets everyone. I came to invite you for the Mahabhoj organized by Mata Chhaya herself. Ganesha is tempted. I can smell food from here only. They smile. Shani says you deserve it after what you did. Ganesha shares that he only provided a solution to both the mothers. You know any mother can go to any extent for her kids.

Rahu tells his mother to get ready to take revenge for his son!

Chhaya has prepared food for everyone. She sees Hanuman’s toys and thinks of younger Shani. She sings the lullaby. Shani stops in his steps hearing it. All the childhood memories flash before his eyes. She senses someone’s presence and thinks it to be Shani but it turns out to be Simhika.

On the other hand, Shani smiles broadly to himself as he heads inside Hanuman’s house. He calls out to his mother but gets no response. It worries him. His allies join him. Kakol wonders where Mata Chhaya is. Shani says Ganesha’s laddoos are ready. Mother might have gone to bring more fruits for Hanuman. Mata Anjana must have told her what happened when Ganesha and I came to have lunch with him. Flashback shows Hanuman and Ganesha eating everything that was available. Shani watches them open mouthed. Hanuman burps thinking about it. It was fun. Shani says it would be fun this time also. Last time it was Mata Anjana who cooked. This time it is my mother. Let’s wait till she returns. They all nod.

Hanuman and Ganesha are tempted to see the food prepared. Hanuman thinks to help Mata Chhaya in plucking fruits. She might return early this way. Shani agrees. The very next moment he feels strange. Ganesha asks Shani what happened. Shani replies that he is feeling as if something wrong is about to happen.

Simhika welcomes Chhaya in her place. Rahu and Ketu are also present there. Simhika says you must be puzzled. You want to move but you are unable to walk. You want to speak but no words are coming out of your mouth. I have answers to all the questions that are in your mind but I must give you my introduction first. Rahu introduces her to Chhaya. You must be thinking how she came here. I had no other option after what Shani and Hanuman did to me. Ketu adds that she would understand how a mother feels when her kid is hurt. Shani hurt us so our mother decided to talk directly to him. Simhika calls Chhaya her first guest. I will tell you how you came here. Flashback shows Simhika asking for her boon from Brahma Dev – whichever Chhaya I touch or catch, will become mine and cannot move against my wish. Flashback ends. Whosoever’s shadow I touch, becomes my servant. You yourself are a shadow! This is just the beginning. Think what will be the end! You are my servant. I will attack the person whose shadow you are – Devi Sanghya!

Sanghya says I have never felt this before. I cannot move from this place. I feel I have no control over myself anymore. It is as if someone else has a control over me. Surya Dev calls it restlessness. You are my wife. How can someone else harm you?

Simhika asks Chhaya if she is scared. It is good. Dev’s should also know fear.

Sanghya insists something wrong is about to happen. Yami assures her they are with her. Nothing will go wrong. Yam says any problem coming your way will have to face me first.

Simhika says no one will be able to do anything. They will be mere spectators. Rahu requests her to hurry up. I want to see you take my revenge. Simhika casts a light around Chhaya. On the other hand, Sanghya shouts for help. Her shadow disappears. Simhika remarks that real fun will start now.

Sanghya begins to turn into gold slowly. She shouts for help. I am unable to move my legs. Save me please. Surya Dev uses his powers but fails. Sanghya turns into a statue of gold right before their eyes.

Shani shouts for his mother. Hanuman shares that he couldn’t find Mata Chhaya anywhere. Shani says I feel Mata Chhaya has been made captive by some Asura. I can sense it. Hanuman tells him he searched everywhere but couldn’t find her. Shani suggests leaving for Surya Loka right away. he tells Mata Anjana her safety is equally important at the moment as someone might use her as shield against Hanuman. He creates a magical shield around her. Hanuman says your mother is in trouble yet you protected my mother first. I promise to use all my powers to find Mata Chhaya.


Shani 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Simhika vows to trap all those who have hurt her son in her Vyuh. Chhaya tells her that her son Shani will turn her boon in curse! Simhika shouts against it.

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