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Shani 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani asks his mother why she is repeating first para again and again. Sing the second one. It is much more beautiful. Yami seconds him. Devi Sanghya thinks Shani got me in trouble. I will sing only if I will remember. Yami shrugs her mother’s hand away and turns to the other side. Shani walks up to Devi Sanghya. Yami also fell asleep. Shall we go to our favourite spot now where we can sit and talk peacefully? To our favourite spot? Sanghya thinks to go. I should see what Shani and Chhaya used to do in my absence. She says yes to Shani but takes the wrong way. Shani looks at her in shock. Where are you off to? Are you alright? First you forgot the lullaby and now the way to the jungle! It is on the other side. She smiles to cover it up. I do remember. I was only a bit sleepy. Let’s go. Shani is in thoughts.

Narad Muni meets Devraj. I am Sanyasi, Brahmachari. How can I help you former Devraj Indra? Indra Dev says you know I spoke truth. Chhaya exists as much as Sanghya does. Shani will understand if you will talk to him. When Shani will find out the truth about his mother then he will get angry. He will do something that will put a question mark on him becoming Karamfaldata. Narad Muni says it isn’t in my control. But I can help you by giving you an information. Surya Dev will be crowned Devraj. You only have tonight. One night and your beloved throne will go away from you once and for all.

Shani and Sanghya come to jungle. Devi Sanghya does not look so happy. Shani excitedly walks ahead. Sanghya wonders what’s so special about this jungle. This is why Shani is like this. She stumbles on a tree. Shani rushes to help her. He notices the branch because of which she fell. She always warned me to be careful about it. Why couldn’t she see it herself today? Shani brings Sanghya to their abode. It feels so peaceful here. He sits on his bed. Sanghya looks displeased but smiles to keep up the pretence for Shani. Shani says do you remember how you used to make me sit on this swing whenever I was upset. I used to fall asleep hearing your lullaby. He notices her lost in thoughts. She asks him what happened. he says this is what I want to know. You used to get happy after coming here. Why are you lost tonight? Are you hiding something from me? Dev Vishwakarma says you are right. Your mother is indeed hiding something from you. Devi Sanghya gets tensed. Dev Vishwakarma says she is hiding that she isn’t well. She came all the way here for your sake. Don’t worry though. I brought medicine. I am sure you (Sanghya) will be fine soon. She looks at her father pointedly. Dev Vishwakarma tells Shani Sanghya needs rest. It becomes difficult for her to handle 3 kids. I want you to stay with me for some days. Shani says mother isn’t well. I should be with her. Devi Sanghya agrees. I cannot send my son away from me. Shani smiles hearing it. Dev Vishwakarma agrees. Your mother must go to Surya Loka though. Shani tells him to take mother home. I will stay here for some more time. Sanghya tells him to come directly home from here. We have a grand celebration tomorrow. Surya Dev wants you to be there. Dev Vishwakarma and Sanghya leave.

Shani decides to find out what his mother is hiding from me. I have to find out what has happened to her. Indra Dev says acting innocent when you know the answer already wont change it! Shani looks at him pointedly. Indra Dev says I have already told what Devi Sanghya is hiding from you. You only fail to trust it. Shani asks him what he is doing here. Indra Dev folds his hands. I was looking for a chance to explain the truth to you that you are trying to overlook. Shani stares at him suddenly which makes Indra Dev backtrack in fear. If Sanghya was your mother then wouldn’t she know about jungle? She is acting to be your mother. She isn’t Chhaya!

Devi Sanghya thanks her father for coming on time. He asks her why she invites troubles. When you don’t know how Shani has raised you then why you do such things? Let me take him with me. You will be as safe much safe as much away he will be from you.

Indra Dev tells Shani Sanghya does not keep him close as she loves him very much. She is doing this so I cannot come near you, and tell you the truth. Shani replies that no one can separate him from his mother even if he is near her or not.

Sanghya says this is why I don’t want Shani to go away from me. Shani already has a doubt on me. Plus Indra is on the loose. I have to keep Shani close.

Shani gives last warning and chance to Indra Dev. You have just lost your crown as of now. You will lose your life if you say anything against my mother! Leave! Indra Dev begins to walk away but stops. I will go. Answer my question before that. You punished me as I was proven guilty. What would you do if your mother is proven guilty?

Dev Vishwakarma tells Sanghya not to be full of pride. She reminds him that he is standing before would be Devrani. Chhaya has left. I don’t think you are also not needed here.

Shani says you have asked the right question. You have doubted Shani’s justice. Shani’s justice is never under any pressure. I have practise and am also destined to take stand against wrong. Remember my words. I warn every culprit. I bring them on the right path if they don’t listen.

Devi Sanghya warns her father never to come in her way or to Surya Loka. Dev Vishwakarma says there cannot be a worse attack on a father’s heart than this. I will do my duty towards Shani. I will take him with me tomorrow after celebration. If you try to stop me then I will be forced to speak to Surya Dev. She asks him with what right he will do that. You are standing before would be Devrani. You are trying to threaten me? Don’t come in my path in future if you want to stay safe. Don’t also come in the celebration. He tells her she has crossed her limits. She says the same to him. You will be punished for it. She attacks him. You yourself are responsible for your condition. She attacks again. Dev Vishwakarma shouts as something explodes. Sanghya is stunned to see Shani once the smoke clears. Shani remarks that she cannot be his mother!

Precap: Shani says a son can be bad but today you have proved that a mother can be bad too. He hits her on the stomach. She curses him because of which his one leg breaks apart.

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