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Shani 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update and Shani 3rd March 2017 video watch online on

Shani’s Saade- Sati: Everyone makes mistakes but Shani gives a chance to everyone to rectify his or her mistakes.

Shani wonders where the elephant / Mahadev disappeared. He peeks down at the pond but the water if calm. Mahadev makes his new abode in the small pond. He smiles seeing Shani confused. You wont be able to find me here Shani. I wont step out of water till sunset. We will see how you will catch me Shani!

Shani sits near the pond sadly. He hears someone ringing a temple bell. Why do I feel as if this is giving me some hint? He heads towards the temple seeing which Mahadev smile. Shani reaches Mahadev’s temple and greets Lord. I have to meet you today and not Shivlinga. Mahadev thinks we will surely meet. Just wait till sunset. A lady keeps her hand on Shani’s shoulder. Take Prasad.

Don’t hesitate. She asks him from where he came. I have never seen you here before. He shares that he has come to find someone. She says it is nice. I know everyone here. What’s his name? Shani says Shankar. The lady says there are many people in this town with same name. Can you tell something about him? Shani smiles thinking about Mahadev. He gives Mahadev’s explanation to her. Mahadev gets emotional hearing his description (he is the beginning and end of the world). Shani looks up. It is almost sunset time. I had to meet him before sunset today but I couldn’t be successful till now. The lady says you are looking for a human yet you described Mahadev. Everyone standing nearby second her. Not even great people can describe Mahadev in this way that this kid did. You wont find such a human being on earth ever. Go to Kailash to meet the one you are talking about. Shani thinks I came all the way here from kailash looking for him only. Sunset is about to happen. I couldn’t find you till now Mahadev. I disappointed you yet again. I am pained. Mahadev thinks this will go away once sun sets.

Narad Muni cannot understand what Tridev are up to. I understand Shani’s pain. Mahadev is Devon ke Dev yet he is stuck in this problem. Surprisingly, you seem to enjoy this tale yet you look worried too. Why? Narayan says I am not worried for either of them. I am worried for those who act to be devoid of any attachments but are still very much attached to their position. This is going to end soon.

Indra Dev says time is almost up. Surya Dev isn’t back yet. I know he has no solution to the problem of Asuras. He doesn’t deserve to become Devraj. Surya Dev says we will find out soon who deserves to be Devraj and who doesn’t deserve to be. Everyone looks at Surya Dev as he enters. Surya Dev says I will present my plan before you all. Welcome Chandra Dev. Indra Dev looks at him puzzled. Did you make us wait actually mocking us Gods? How will Chandra Dev solve this problem? He does not have anything that belongs to him. He roams around in night. How will he solve this matter? Surya Dev says he will do it as Chandra Dev’s identity will change. Chandra Dev says Surya Dev will give me his excerpt. I will shine at night as his reflection. Indra Dev says how this is possible. Surya Dev suggests showing it to Indra Dev or he wont understand like this. Chandra Dev nods. Surya Dev gives his powers to Chandra Dev who sparkles. Everyone looks away because of the bright light which blinds their vision. Chandra Dev says I will keep Asuras under my control. Asuras become powerful at night as Surya Dev’s light isn’t there but now his light will be there at night too. Asuras will not be able to prosper. Indra Dev refuses to accept it. It is impossible.

Mahadev thinks of what all he experienced on earth while avoiding Shani. Seems as if the sun has set. I will reach kailash soon. He gets out of the pond. He is surprised to hear Shani’s excited voice. I found you Mahadev! Shani comes running to him. Mahadev smiles. Shani says I looked everywhere for you. You were in the pond? Mahadev says I couldn’t help it. But look sun has set. Time for your Vakra-Drishti is up. Shani realises he is hungry. He goes to bring something from him.

Indra Dev calls it wrong. It is against fate. Surya Dev says such words don’t suit you. What you have done in the past proves it how many times you went against fate. You justified it calling it to be right for Gods. Are you not happy that Asuras will be finished this way or do you have a soft place for them? Shukracharya says Indra might not worry but I care for my Asuras. He walks in. You are Surya Dev. You spread your light to everyone equally. You too got the qualities of a Devraj agfter becoming one. I used to respect you a lot but you proved me wrong today. Surya Dev refuses to want his respect. You should be thankful to me that Asuras survived because of his light till date. Shukracharya says your arrogance indicates that Dev might not survive for long. Surya Dev tells him to be quiet. This is Devsabha. Come here in future only when you are invited. Shukracharya agrees to leave. I will make sure your karma’s make you pay rightly. I will seek karamfaldata Shani’s help. Surya Dev tells him to remember that shani is first his son, then a Dev and then Karamfaldata! Yam is Dharmaraj. One keeps boundations on people while alive. The other one does that after death. Both my sons have those powers. Leave before I burn you! Indra Dev smirks whereas Dev Vishwakarma looks unhappy.

Dev Vishwakarma requests Shukracharya to stop. I accept whatever happened wasn’t right. Shukracharya tells him it is enough. I gave your SIL enough respect. He has also insulted me enough. Dev Vishwakarma says I fear this is just the beginning of Surya Dev’s downfall. Shukracharya syas anyone may start but you also know who is going to punish for bad karma’s. Dev Vishwakarma takes Shani’s name. Shukracharya nods. Karamfalata Shani! Where is he though?

Shani gives watermelon to Mahadev. Pardon me. this is all I could get. Mahadev says you brought it with love. this is Amrit for me. They look at the setting sun. Mahadev tells him to do his karma. Shani is confused. Mahadev says sun is about to set but it hasn’t happened yet. There is still time left. Do your karma. Cast your Vakra-Drishti on me. Shani does so. They hear the sounds of approaching hoofs.

Some royal soldiers question village people if they have seen the prince. Everyone shakes their head. They come up to where Shani and Mahadev are. The guy asks them about the prince. Mahadev says we haven’t seen him. The main guy tells his soldiers to catch Mahadev. He has killed the prince! Mahadev asks for proof. The guy points at the bag in which the watermelon is kept. It has blood marks. Shani and Mahadev are taken aback to see the same. The head of the prince is kept inside. They decide to catch Mahadev.


Shani 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Shani vows before Mahadev never to misuse his powers. Later, Shani walks calls out to Surya Dev upset!

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