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Shani 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Anger is destructive. Plus, it also invites trouble. Shani teaches that one must not make any decision while he is angry. One should first calm down and then think of solutions. ||

Yami cries seeing her mother like that. Surya Dev feels helpless and guilty. It happened before my eyes and I couldn’t do anything. I don’t even know how this happened and who is behind it. Yam says whosoever has done it, has made me his enemy. I will punish that culprit with my own hands. Shani tells him against it. You are Dharmaraj along with the God of death. You cannot kill anyone before their time of death. We must not do anything in rush as it isn’t just one but lives that are at stake – Devi Sanghya and Mata Chhaya.

Shani asks Dev Vishwakarma what happened here. How someone can do this to Devi Sanghya even when he or she is not here? Dev Vishwakarma too has never experienced it before. This is a strange power which did this to Sanghya. I am worried what it would do to Chhaya.

Simhika orders Chhaya to sit on her knees. Chhaya complies. Rahu is amazed to see Karamfaldata’s mother under their spell. Simhika says this is just the beginning. Just wait and watch what I will make them do in future. They will have to pay for every attack! She moves her fingers and Chhaya moves in similar direction / takes similar number of steps or turns around. She enjoys torturing Chhaya in a similar manner again and again. Simhika vows to trap all those who have hurt her son in her Vyuh. Karamfaldata Shani will be the first one to fall in my trap. Ketu requests his mother to let Chhaya speak. I want to know how helpless she is. Simhika grants his wish. Time is very valuable to you. Don’t waste it. Speak up. Chhaya tells her that she has no identity. You were right about it but Karamfaldata’s identity is associated with my identity. My son will surely come to look for her mother. When it will happen, your boon wont become your shield. My Shani will turn your boon in curse! Simhika shouts against it and withdraws her power to speak yet again. You don’t even know how strong my shield is. She tells her to look up.

Brahma Dev suggests informing Shani about everything but Mahadev tells him against it. Narayan supports him. Problem has arisen before the new generation. They only should find a solution.

Surya Dev remarks that it seems even Tridev’s have refused to help. What should we do now? Devraj enters just then and suggests holding a war against the enemy. That is the best way to protect yourself. Let’s attack on Pataal; get hold of those Asuras and their Acharya Shukracharya. It must be one of them only. Nothing is impossible if my Vakra, Shani’s punishment and your warmth come together. Shani denies. I will go there alone. Your idea is valid as well as invalid. It is right that some Asura is responsible for it. It is wrong that it is associated with Pataal. It is associated with only one person from Pataal – Rahu!

Simhika show off her powers more. Hope you understand son that your time has begun now. Now you have to bring Shani under my control. You remember how? He nods.

Shani, Kakol are on their way to Pataal Loka. Hanuman offers to accompany them along with Ganesha. Ganesha first wishes to go to Kailash to find out what this is all about. I want to know the secret behind it. Shani reasons that a shield has been cast already. What do you need now? Ganesha wants to seek advise from his parents first. He disappears. Hanuman tells Shani to not tell him to forgive Rahu this time. First he abducted your mother and now mine. What are you thinking? Shani says I am wondering why Tridev aren’t doing anything this time when the lives of 2 mothers are at stake.

Brahma Dev says I cannot take it anymore. I want to tell them the reason behind this incident. Ganesha greets them. this is what I also wish to know. Narayan asks him the reason of his coming here. Ganesha replies that he had some questions so he came here looking for their answers. Who other than parents can calm a curious kid? There is something which you are hiding. Think again. there might be something that you wish to tell. Mahadev says his name which gives him a hint that they don’t wish to tell him anything. He disappears. Brahma Dev asks Mahadev why he dint let him say anything to Ganesha. I am responsible for Simhika. Mahadev says I understand your guilt but we are bound by rules. We cannot intervene in destiny. We will have to let the impact of your boon come forward. Shani, Hanuman and Ganesha will have to face much adverse situations in future; and do much bigger responsibilities. We have to give them a chance to figure a way out and use it for their future too.

Shani, Kakol and Hanuman reach the entry point of Pataal Loka. Strange sounds are heard. Shani tells Kakol to wait outside. It might be dangerous inside. He gets his weapon and goes inside with Hanuman. They don’t find anyone there. Shani points out that it is the silence before the storm. Lot many Asuras come to attack them but Shani and Hanuman easily defeat them. they disappear in no time. Shani says why we were attacked suddenly. Shukracharya tells him that they don’t have a hold over their conscience. Someone else has gained control over their hearts. Shani knows it is Rahu. Hanuman repeats the name after him.

Kakol tells Rahu he cannot harm him in any way. I am the carriage of Karamfaldata. Rahu casts his spell on him and makes him slap himself thrice. Amazing! I love obedient kids. Repeat what I will say next as you have to give this message to Shani. Kakol affirms.

Hanuman tells Shani to come and put an end to Rahu’s
Shani tells him to first understand Rahu’s game plan. His first attack is only to divert us. His main motive is something else where he attacks later. He wont attack me directly.

Rahu says Karamfaldata’s carriage will become my messenger. He will take my message to you.

Shukracharya agrees with Shani. Rahu gained control over so many Asuras which means he is up to something big. Hanuman says it means his main motive is something else. Shani takes Kakol’s name. He is alone. They hear the sound of Asuras yet again. Hanuman sends Shani to Kakol and agrees to tackle these Asuras. He gets his mace ready. Shukracharya also gets ready to attack Asuras. I may be their Guru but I wont support them in wrongdoings. It is the duty of a Guru to bring his disciples on the right path.

Kakol repeats Rahu’s message – if you wish to see your mother alive then come near the river alone before sunset time. Shani is running towards where he left Kakol alone. Kakol adds that Shani should not tell anyone about this, not even Hanuman or Ganesha. Sharing this info might make him lose his mother. Rahu laughs evilly.

Hanuman says I understand you wont be able to hurt them strongly. You know they are under Hanuman’s influence. Shukracharya is pleased to hear him talk to smartly. I wont hesitate from hurting them. I promise I wont kill them though as they are mere puppets at this time. He hits the Asuras such that they pass out. Shurkacharya smiles. Poor guy! He doesn’t know my body is of stone. Shukracharya watches him singlehandedly tackle all of them.

Kakol keeps repeating Rahu’s message. Shani gets tensed. Rahu peeks at him from inside the cave. Great job! Shani has my message now. Kakol wont remember anything once my spell is over. Kakol becomes normal yet again. Why are you panting Shani? Shani understands Rahu’s plan. Rahu says it was fun to make a crow my parrot. I have to only make Shani my puppet this time. Kakol asks Shani if he got any info about mother. Hanuman and Shukracharya join them just then. Are you alright Kakol? Shani answers on his behalf. He is fine.

Yam asks Yami why she dint come for lunch. Yami says mother has turned in a statue and there is no news of Mata Chhaya. Can you eat in this condition? He too shakes his head. Surya Dev asks them if their mother wouldn’t have felt bad seeing them hungry. He feeds them food. Your mother will be satisfied. Yami says she will be satisfied only when you will eat something. He too takes a bit. Yami wonders why so many problems surface in front of them. Surya Dev says when there are so many responsibilities to every person in one house then problems increase. Bigger responsibilities call for bigger tests. Just keep faith on yourself. Such obstacles only make you stronger. She nods. I trust myself, you and everyone. I am sure my brother Shani will find a way out!

Simhika mocks Shani’s situation. Who would know that karamfaldata will have to bend before me? A mother’s love is amazing. Chhaya wakes up and is able to move, talk. I can move as per my wish. I will have to escape before Simhika comes here. Simhika plans to trap Shani. Rahu says what if he tells someone about their hideout. Simhika knows Shani cannot afford to lose his mother again. He will come alone to free his mother and will fall in my trap.

Shani cannot escape as Simhika has cast magical spells around her. She tries using her powers to break free but in vain. She cries. I cannot find any way Mahadev. Help me. She looks at the window above and gets hopeful. Rahu asks his mother what they have to do when Shani reaches here. She is miffed that he only had his head but no intelligence. Go and bring Chhaya here. He is irked that anyone can do that. You can bring her here using your powers. She repeats what she just said. I can keep Chhaya under my control till the time I can see her. Go and bring her. Rahu leaves. Simhika says come soon Shani. I have prepared something for you which will surely surprise you.

Shani and Kakol are on their way to some place. Shani keeps thinking of Rahu’s message that Kakol had repeated. Hanuman joins him. You are always lost but you seem worried today. Shani says I am worried as to how to protect mother.


Shani 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shani says right now Rahu’s power is at its peak. It is natural for him to lose sight of his path. Rahu goes looking for Chhaya but does not find her there. He shouts for his mother.

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