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Shani 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahadev Keeps A Condition Before Ravan!


Shani 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Mind is greater than strength. The one who don’t remain patience when in problem never win. Shani teaches that the one who uses their brains succeeds. ||

Shani 4th December 2017 Episode start With Ravan asks Shani what is he plotting this time. Shani says there is no plot. You want to take Mahadev to Lanka right? Go ahead then. Ravan says I will believe it only when Mahadev will tell me this. He asks Mahadev is he is ready to come to Lanka with him. Please give me one chance. Mahadev raises his hand and smiles as he blesses him. Ravan’s joy knows no bounds. Come Bholenath. I have made preps for your welcome in Lanka. Please come to stay in your new abode and bless me. Mahadev says I will surely give you this chance but there is a condition. Ravan tells him to just say it. I accept your every condition.

When my Aradhya came before me then it is clear that even destiny cannot come in my way. This time I will surely take you to Lanka with me. Shani says you cannot determine the taste of a fruit before it ripens. It is important to hear the condition first. Listen to Mahadev first. Ravan tells Mahadev he is ready. Mahadev shares that he wants to undertake this journey in the form of a Shivlinga. I want you to carry me all the way there in your arms. You will have to walk all the way back but remember that I will be placed wherever you will keep me. That place can be Lanka or anywhere. It wont make any difference for me. Devi Parvati seems a bit relieved. Mahadev asks Ravan if he accepts this condition. Ravan looks at Shani and then says yes to Mahadev. I will be honoured to carry you in my arms. Mahadev advises him to think one more time. Lanka is really far from here and the journey is going to be very difficult. Ravan says there is no scope for any question or thought when my Aradhya is with me. When will we leave? Mahadev asks him to let him take leave from everyone especially Mata Gauri. Ravan nods. Devi

Ravan asks Shani where his Drishti is now. I am taking Mahadev with me right before your Drishti. I pity you. The position of Karamfaldata was snatched from you in the childhood. Now it seems that even your Drishti is of no good. He laughs. I told you I will take Mahadev with me right before your eyes. I will see what you will do now.

Dhamini is again teaching dance steps to Yami. Yami is dancing hesitantly. Dhamini points out that a dancer has to have faith in her dance. You have to match the rhythm with your mind, body and soul. Yami nods. You need emotions to understand a feeling. The most pious emotion is shared between a brother and a sister. One hand moves in one direction and the other hand takes its form automatically. Dhamini thinks she is talking about Yam but Yami denies. He might be identical to me but it is only Shani who is responsible for giving my life a direction. I was talking about him only. I know he spoke badly to you about Kakol. You must be hurt by his bitter words but as his sister, I can assure you that there is always a special reason behind whatever he does. Dhamini says I wont comment on what he did but I accept that I have misbehaved with Kakol. Yami asks her if she did anything to rectify her mistake when she knows she made a mistake.

Devi Parvati tells Mahadev she wont become a hindrance in his path but I am sure you know about the dire consequences that your choice of path will bring. Mahadev remarks that Karamfal is impossible without karmas. Ravan asks him if they can leave now. Mahadev turns into a Shivlinga. Devi Parvati touches the Shivlinga emotionally. Ravan happily advances towards it. He takes leave from Devi Parvati and lifts the Shivlinga. Let us go to your new abode Mahadev. He starts his journey towards Lanka. Devi Parvati is teary eyed.

Devi Parvati walks up to Shani. What did Mahadev tell you when he was leaving? Shani replies that he spoke of the opportunity which they had asked from him. We will get our chance. It is time to play our next move. Ravan did his karma and now Shani will complete his dharma.

Kakol is crying in a corner. He is still hurt by Dhamini’s words. She pats at his shoulder. He looks at her in shock and wipes his tears. I was just leaving. She asks him if he cannot stay back if he is leaving just because she said so. I know my words hurt you. Will you not forgive me? Kakol tells her not to say so. Why apologise when you spoke truth? She requests him to smile and ends up bringing a smile on his face with her gesture. Kakol thinks of little Shani who used to gesture him to smile in a similar manner. She notices him crying again. Did I again say something that hurt you? He shakes his head. You and Shani lie every time. You don’t like hurting your loved ones. You both also know how to make me laugh and cry. She turns grim and tells him she shares there is no similarity between her and Shani. We cannot be on the same path ever!

Shani assures and promises Devi Parvati that Mahadev wont be able to stay anywhere else. He wont appreciate the golden palace of Lanka. He will surely return to Kailash.

Ravan is happily talking to Mahadev. He is having trouble walking but still does not stop.

Devi Parvati points out that they don’t have much time. We must do something soon or Mahadev will have to be in Lanka for forever. Shani says he is the base of the world and our reason of living. I am sure we will find help from somewhere for sure. They see Panchtatva’s appearing there and smile. They say that they are a part of Mahadev. We will do every possible thing to bring him back in Kailash. Shani figures out what he has to do now. Panchtatvas have created everything in the world and no one can escape their spell, not even Ravan.

Ravan is on his way. He keeps chanting Har Har Mahadev as he walks. I left Kailash long back. Shani should have done something by now.

Shani remarks that it is time to implement their plan. He asks Agni Dev if he knows what he has to do. Agni Dev nods are disappears.

Agni Dev creates a circle of fire around Ravan. Ravan laughs understanding it must be Shani who is responsible for it. He starts chanting Om Naham Shivaye and walks out of the circle of fire without getting hurt. Did you (Shani) see how Mahadev’s blessings work? You cannot create a problem for me till Mahadev is with me.


Shani 5th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Devraj asks Dhamini to become his servant or she will regret. She holds his hand. Even Mahadev does not bear it when a woman isn’t respected! Shani finds the perfect way to stop Ravan. Narayan meets Ravan in a disguise and offers him water. Ravan drinks it using one hand.

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