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Shani 4th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 4th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| People get angry owing to circumstances sometimes but one cannot find a solution only in anger. Shani teaches that forgiveness is a bigger quality of brave people and this makes them better.

Mushkasur asks Hanuman if he got tired. Shani tells him that only Mahadev’s energy can kill him. I am a creation of his energy. I will kill him. He aims his weapon at Mushkasur who acts to pass out for a moment but then mocks him. You may be Mahadev’s energy but you are no weapon though.

Ganesha decides to kill him. Mushkasur calls him half elephant. You yourself are Parvati’s sweat. You are not Shiva’s energy. He hits Mushkasur who swivels. Are you done? Ganesha says you are forgetting that I got this head by Mahadev. Mushkasur points out that he too is no weapon. Now I will kill you and then go to Kailash. Shani says a weapon is something which can be thrown at someone (so as to hit him). you have a teeth which you can throw at someone. You got this from Mahadev. Do you understand? Ganesha nods at him. He pulls out half of his teeth and points it at Mushkasur. It was a part of a person’s body till it was attached. Now it is a weapon. I invoke Mahadev’s energies in it. Hanuman blocks Mushkasur’s way so as to not let him flee. Shani too follows suit. Now you will have to head to Kailash to seek help from Mahadev! Mushkasur falls in Ganesha’s feet. He begs for mercy. I crossed my limits in my arrogance. I will do as you will say. Ganesha leaves it on Shani to decide what punishment Mushkasur should get. Shani pronounces his punishment. You must carry Ganesha on your back till Kailash. Mushkasur laughs. I will do it in no time. Hanuman smiles at him. You will realise it when you will carry Ganesha on your back to Kailash. That is when you will realise Shani’s punishment is indeed punishment. Kakol is sure Mushkasur will be left with no energy afterwards.

Mushkasur accepts the condition and turns into mouse once again. He shouts out in pain as soon as Ganesha sits on him. His size reduces. Save me! Please get up! Shani tells him that one has to bear the Karamfal of Karma. People become small when they get punishment for their misdeeds. You will remain Ganesha’s carriage for forever now. Hanuman remarks that Ganesha finally got his carriage. He tells Shani how sure he was that nothing else will go wrong. Everything is fine. Shani stops him. An Asura attacks your jungle suddenly. We come here to end him. That Asura wanted to go to Kailash but he comes here to create a mess. Why would he do that? It is so we come here to stop him and someone else can do what they want to. This isn’t a coincidence. There is someone who dint want us to be present in Surya Loka at the moment. I mean that Mushkasur wasn’t the ill omen which Ganesha and I feared. The problem is going to come in Surya Loka or maybe it has already arrived!

Shani comes to his mother’s room but she isn’t there. Her disappearance boggles him. He tells his friends the same. Shani asks Yam why he dint take care of his mother in his absence. Yam shares that Chhaya is in Sabha. Father called everyone there. Yami adds that they too are headed there only. Shani agrees to join them soon. Shani and his friends decide to go to the Sabha too.

Dev Vishwakarma asks Surya Dev about his discussion with Sanghya and Chhaya. Surya Dev nods. I called this Sabha to announce the same. A very big difference is going to happen in Surya Loka. Shani asks him about it. Surya Dev shares that a new member is going to come in their family soon through Chhaya. Everyone is happy except Sanghya. Chhaya hugs Shani who has a peaceful smile around his lips. She wipes his tears. Are you happy? He nods. Dev Vishwakarma congratulates Surya Dev. He apologises to everyone for making them wait. I had to talk Sanghya and Chhaya in private as Sanghya must know about it at first. She will have an equal right on the baby as much as Chhaya will! Sanghya nods. I have imagined a lot about Chhaya and the baby. I am sure I will fulfil them. Shani and Sanghya look at each other. Sanghya thinks Shani doesn’t even know what she has thought for his mother and the baby. I am now free to put my thought into practise. Surya Dev tells Shani to take extra care of his mother. He smiles. I will not just take care of my mother but my baby too (Looking at Sanghya). World should know that the baby’s brother is Shani, who will stand by the baby’s side at every cost!

Ganesha tells Shani he has to give Karamfal. You took another responsibility on your shoulder. I will help you in this. I bless the kid to be more powerful than any other. Surya Dev adds that this kid will be much more Tejasvi than him. Hanuman offers to take care of Mata Chhaya till the baby is born. Kakol asks him what will happen afterwards. Hanuman sweetly replies that he will get busy playing with the baby then. Everyone smiles. Ganesha takes leave from everyone. Mother must be waiting. Shani smiles and leaves with his mother.

Shani tells his mother to look ahead. You might sprain your leg. She replies that she cannot fall in trouble when he is around. he notices a thread in her hand. What’s this about? Chhaya replies that she got it from Devi Sanghya when he was fighting with Mushkasur. Shani gets thinking.


Shani 5th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sanghya thinks that wasn’t a safety thread but a thread that will take Chhaya to her death. You will never return from death now! Chhaya is pulled in a pit by Sanghya’s tactics. Shani comes to his mother’s room looking for her but she isn’t there.

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