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Shani 5th December 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 5th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| When our motive, its path and our companion is wrong then you can never reach your aim. Shani teaches that our choice is the base of our life. Choosing what is right is very important to find your right path. ||

Shani 5th December 2017 Episode start With Shani turns to Vayu Dev. Agni Dev couldn’t do anything to Ravan. Now it is your turn.

Vayu Dev goes where Ravan is and creates a storm for Ravan. He finds it very difficult to hold the Shivlinga but then chants Om Namah Shivaye. You cannot withstand this mantra Vayu Dev. He walks out of the storm determined.

Shani next sends mother earth to create a hurdle in Ravan’s path.

Earth begins to shake and crack under Ravan’s feet. A big pit is formed right before him. Ravan picks a fallen tree using his other hand and makes passage for himself. With Om Namah Shivay’s

constant chants, he escapes this problem as well. When I have made my decision then it isn’t easy to divert me. It isn’t difficult to give up in the face of such troubles but come what may I will place this Shivlinga in Lanka! He laughs as he crosses that hurdle.

Narayan tells Shani that Ravan has overcome all the problems created by them. He is on his way home. Do we not have any other solution to stop him? Shani shares that he has a last solution. If this also fails then we will have to accept defeat.

Ravan notices lot many animals in his way. He calls out for the shepherd. Narayan comes there in a disguise of a shepherd named Baiju.

Devi Parvati asks Shani what Narayan is doing there in this form. Shani explains that 3 Tatva’s failed in stopping Ravan. I realised that we dint intend to stop him. We have to create such a situation when Ravan is forced to put the Shivlinga on the ground. Now, with the help of Aakash and Jal Tatva, Mahadev will be placed then are there only and he will eventually return to Kailash.

Ravan asks Baiju to remove the cattle from his way. Baiju tells him maybe he lost his path. My animals know their way well. Ravan is arrogant. Don’t you know who I am? I am Ravan. Get them out of my way now. Baiju points out that this isn’t Lanka. Plus, the cattle is really hungry and so am I. You can get them out of your way yourself. I am going to have food. Ravan calls out after him but Baiju sits down to have food. Why don’t you listen to me? Baiju replies that this body also belongs to Mahadev and it is important to feed it. Ravan tries shooing the cattle.

Aakash Dev and Jal Dev use their powers. Baiju invites Ravan to have food with him but Ravan declines. Under Aakash tatva’s spell, he begins to feel hungry.

Shani points out that now Ravan will place Mahadev on the ground very soon.

Dhamini is thinking about Kakol’s words. Is there any similarity possible between me and Shani? No! Our thoughts cannot be alike! She is startled to see Devraj. Pardon me. I was looking somewhere else. Devraj says I don’t mind it. I was coming to meet you only. I couldn’t praise you after seeing your dance that day. It isn’t right if you don’t appreciate a talent! Dhamini tells him he has done it already. I am very well aware of your mindset. I have to do something urgent. She turns to go but he blocks her way. I dint give permission and I am also not done talking. Walking away from Devraj when he is talking isn’t right. I have seen many women who are very talented but aren’t beautiful or vice versa. Very few women have beauty with brains but they lack talent but you are the rare kind of woman who is the perfect combination of talent, beauty and brains. You would know that there is a special place for such women in Indra Loka.

If you stay with me in Indra Loka then you will get the fame and wealth of Indra Loka. She sternly thanks him for his proposal. I would like to take your leave if you are done. He smiles. You are talented enough to insult anyone with your words. You forgot the meaning of your life since you have come here. A Gandharva lady is bound to stay in Indra Loka. Only a few Gandharva ladies are lucky to get that option. Come with me or you will regret it your entire life. She holds his hand. you spoke of my 3 good qualities. I will tell you the fourth one – self-respect! For a woman, not even Devraj has a right to cross his limits when it comes to a woman! He calls her mad. There is no limit to Devraj’s rights. She tells him against it. Forget about Indra Dev, even Mahadev’s limit ends when it comes to a woman’s respect. People like you think women to be their slippers. You change them as and when you please. Apsaras surely have a right to choose. Everyone, be it a celestial nymph (Apsara) or a courtesan, has a right to make decision for themselves. My father has raised me such that I don’t need any help from anyone. Apart from being an Apsara, a Gandharva woman also has another right. I don’t want to become someone’s servant but a God’s wife!

Shani seems to have heard it as well.

Dhamini walks away. Devraj is miffed by her attitude. Now I will see which God will marry her!

Devi Parvati asks Shani what happened. He dismisses it. He asks Varun Dev to be ready with their next move. Narayan will surely give us next signal soon.

Narayan praises the food before Ravan. Ravan seems tempted. He is about to ask for a bite but Narayan has finished eating already. Ravan asks him to move the cattle out of his way. Baiju drinks water. Ravan points out that he offered him food but dint leave anything. Give me some water atleast. Baiju says you got too late for food but I can arrange water for you. There is a lake nearby. I will bring water for you. Ravan agrees to wait for him.

Shani is waiting for Narayan near the lake. Narayan asks him what the plan is. Shani advises him to fulfil the promise he made to Ravan. He requests Varun Dev to fill the pot with all the water that is there in the lake. Varun Dev starts the process. Ravan shouts for Baiju. Narayan replies that he will be back soon!

Shani shares that Ravan will drink the entire pot of water because of Aakash tatva. He would not realise the quantity of the water he will drink. That will be the biggest mistake of his life!


Shani 6th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Devraj insists upon bringing Dhamini to Indra Loka as his Apsara. This way I will take my revenge! Dhamini is kidnapped. Devraj vows to blame Shani for everything!

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