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Shani 5th January 2018 Written Episode Update

Yam’s Efforts To Cancel Shani’s Haldi Sanskar Foils


Shani 5th January 2018 Written Episode Update on

Shani 5th January 2018 Episode Start With Shani’s teachings:
God gives difficult situations to a person to make him better and vigorous. Shani teaches us that any changes, even the change for betterment comes up with difficulty and inconvenience.

The Episode starts with Devi Chhaya telling Shani that today his life will have a new journey and says I wish you will respect this new relation. Shani promises that everything will be auspicious. Kakol says now haldi will be applied to your face. Shani says this ritual is important in Surya family and that’s why he agrees. Devraj Indra says Shani can’t be quiet and that’s why they have to be alert. Mangal says we have to send Yami somewhere else she will bring hurdles on our way. Yam says Yami can’t do anything.

Shani smiles. Kakol says I saw this mischievous smilein your childhood. Yami is happy and hopes all the happiness returns in Surya lok. Shani comes there and says this will happen. Yami says Shani and says you have to be present for haldi sanskar. Shani thanks her for supporting him always and says he has a request. Yami says she will never ignore his sayings.

Surya Dev tells that today there is happiness in the Surya lok. Devi Chhaya says this utsav is enjoyable. Yam says Dev Mangal wants to say something. Mangal says someone shall be present from Dhamini’s side and her family shall be here. Devraj Indra says just her father and few girls came. Mangal suggests that Yami shall go to Dhamini’s side to be present with her.

Yami says suggestion is good, but she has promised Shani to apply haldi to Shani first and can’t leave him even for a moment. Shani says I agree with mangal and Devraj indra and says someone has to go to Dhamini’s side and says who could be better than Devraj Indra. Surya Dev says I agree with Shani and Devrj indra to go to Dhamini’s side. Devraj Indra tells Yam that he knew Shani would do such things and asks Yam to think of an idea. He tells Surya Dev that he will go to Dhamini’s side. Kakol asks what is his plan. Shani asks him to wait.

Dhamini thinks of Shani’s words and thinks she is sure that she will make love blossom in his heart for her after marriage. She sees her soul who asks her not to lose her identity which she did to marry Yam. Dhamini says you wants to say that I shall not expect love from him, but I am sure that I will make Shani love in his heart, and if this don’t happen then I will not let Shani see other girl. Gandharva Raj comes there and tells Dhamini that haldi must be coming. He says kanyadaan is the biggest charity and says he will get immense happiness and cries. Dhamini wipes his tears. Gandharva Raj says I am very happy. Dhamini hugs him.

Dhamini sits for haldi and thinks she can’t believe that she is going to marry Shani. Mangal asks if he really thinks he will marry Dhamini. Shani says surely and tells that haldi sanskar brings truth light with it, and says who knows you will tell the truth to everyone. Mangal says time will tell. Brahma Dev tells Krishnaji that it seems Shani will expose Mangal and Devraj Indra’s truth. Krishna says Shani will just as he said. Yami says she will apply haldi to Shani first. Yam stops and says haldi sanskar is sacred. He says I can’t let this marriage happen and says Shani shall marry only after Yami as she is elder than him. He asks Dev Vishwakarma if he is wrong. Dev Vishwakarma tells that he agrees with Yam. Shani says I agree with Yam. Devi Chhaya says how can you take the decision without talking to Dhamini. Shani says here the question is not about Dhamini’s permission, but Dharmraj yam’s dharm. Yam says this marriage shall be stopped here. Shani says I am not done yet and says you said right about this customs, but it is not written anywhere that if Mangal’s haldi sanskar happen after my haldi sanskar then his marriage can’t happen before my marriage. He asks Dev Vishwakarma. Dev Vishwakarma says Shani is right.

Mangal says don’t know why Shani is eager for his haldi sanskar. Shani stops Yami and says before haldi sanskar, he wants to pray. He talks about marriage and says prayers are needed first. He announces that he Surya Putr Shani, calls Mata Kaali’s avatar when she kept her leg on maha kaal. Mata Kaali appears infront of them. Everyone folds their hands in respect.


Shani 8th January 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Shani and Dhamini gets married. Shani has a new challenge. Devraj Indra tries to make Dhamini characterless before her marriage and asks her to come to him else she will repent all life. If Shani can stop Devraj Indra.

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