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Shani 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Shani 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| No one can be successful till the time he or she is not dedicated. Shani teaches that the feeling of dedication makes one stronger and anything that you do then is always turns out to be a success. ||

Epi begins with Surya Dev lying unconscious on the floor. Everyone rushes to his side. Chhaya cries. What did you do Surya Dev? Why did you sacrifice your life for a shadow? You should have let me die! Yami tells her brother that her father isn’t waking up. Do something. Everyone is teary eyed. Narayan and Brahma Dev also appear there. Narayan tells Mahadev that he lived by his word but Surya Dev’s death is no ordinary death. World is destined to end with his end. Instability has already begun. Shani says Surya Dev maintained life and stability in the world. What will happen after his death?

The world is in chaos.

Narayan asks Mahadev how they will save the world in his absence now. Mahadev calls it destiny. Shukracharya says I made a mistake. World is at this stage because of my disciples. Forgive me please. I failed in my duty as Asura Guru. Narayan says we cannot undo what’s already happened but we will now follow the duties. Shani asks Yam to get up. Do your duty. Yam shakes his head. I wont be able to do it. Shani holds him as he begins to go. Surya Dev did his karma till his last breath. His own son cannot back out from his karma. You will have to free your father’s soul. If that doesn’t happen then his soul will be in pain; his sacrifice will be embarrassed. Do it. Yam nods sadly. He gets hold of his weapon and is about to extract his father’s soul when Maharishi Kashyap tells him to stop. He turns to Shani. Give explanation of your karma and dharma before teaching everyone Dandnayak. Is this dharma to punish the world for punishing one culprit? Is this the motive of your creation? Is this how you do your dharma? He also questions Sanghya if she hasn’t gained any good quality after spending all these years with Surya Dev. You couldn’t see anything beyond your arrogance? How dare you let my son die because of your motives? He turns to Mahadev next. You gave boon to Asuras but you punished a father by killing his son! You are Mahadev. You wont know that pain unless you go through it yourself. Rishi Kashyap curses Mahadev – the way you have killed my son, you will similarly kill your son with this trident one day! Everyone is stunned. Mahadev accepts his curse. Sanghya asks Dandnayak Shani if he is happy now. Your father, who never accepted you, is no more now. You must be at peace now!

Mahadev points out that Shani isn’t at fault here. Shani was doing his karma just like Surya Dev and I have been doing. There is only one culprit here who has given birth to all these circumstances and that’s you! Surya Dev’s death is your Karamfal. You plotted to get Shani killed by my hands but your plans foiled. You got your own husband killed. World will be destroyed today because of you only! All this has started because of your jealousy and arrogance which is why you have been punished. You have become a widow. Shani counters that justice is still incomplete. Surya Dev’s death might be the result of Devi Sanghya’s deeds but why did Yam, Yami, my father and entire world got punished in return? I came to seek your help for my mother’s life once. I promised you I will stay detached from any relations and will never ask anything from you but I ask you to return Surya Dev’s life today; for the benefit of the world atleast. Dev Vishwakarma seconds him. Shani has lost his mother once because of Sanghya. Will he have to lose his father for the same reason yet again? Have mercy!

Mahadev shares the only way by which Surya Dev will come back to life. It can only happen if his wife will give him her energy. Shani looks at Sanghya who refuses to do so. I cannot do that. Everyone looks at her. Sanghya takes shelter behind Yam and Yami. Kids need mother more than father. Yami calls her selfish. Don’t use us for your selfishness. You got father killed because of your own selfish motives. You are scared to give him your energy because you will die? Sanghya insists she did her patni-dharma by trying to stop her husband again and again. It was his decision to save Chhaya! Dev Vishwakarma breaks down. I am ashamed at the fact that Sanghya is my daughter! There must be another way.

Chhaya speaks up. There is a way out father. Everyone looks at her in surprise. Your other daughter is still alive. Surya Dev has accepted me as his wife. My husband sacrificed his life to protect me. I am willing to give my life to him. She turns to Shani. You only taught me it is the dharma of husband and wife to protect each other in all terms. I know I promised not to leave you ever but forgive me son. Just like a husband’s duty is more towards his wife than his kid, it is a similar law for the wife too. He hugs her. My body may or may not live but your mother will always live with you.

Chhaya folds her hands before Mahadev. I am ready. Take my life and return Surya Dev his life. He points out that he dint ask for his life in return. I only said if Surya Dev’s wife will share her energy with her husband willingly then he will come back to life. It is life for a husband when her love and dedication is pure. Your wish is enough for giving Surya Dev his life. One, who has a pious heart and is ready to make sacrifices for the benefit of the world, gets a prize. He returns Surya Dev his life. Everyone smiles in relief.


Shani 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sanghya is upset with the latest turn of events. She asks Surya Dev to tell his son Shani to withdraw his Drishti from her. Shani is about to retort when Surya Dev interrupts him. She is right. You have no right to punish her. Sanghya smirks.