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Shani 5th March 2018 Written Episode Update

Shani, Hanuman Get Ready To Fight With Ravan


Shani 5th March 2018 Written Episode Update on

|| Shani teaches that you get solution of a problem when you face it. ||

Shani 5th March 2018 Episode Start With Shani says no one can break this bond of friendship between us. Hanuman says we don’t know each other. We met some days back only. How can you be so sure we will be great friends in future? Shani smiles looking at young Hanuman peeking at him from behind the curtain. Hanuman follows his gaze but does not see anyone.

You did not answer me. Shani replies that your heart can never be wrong. It is the voice inside me telling me this. tell me what you came to ask me. Hanuman says I dint know why I felt as if only you have answer to all my questions; as if you know me. I came here to know that only. I applied oil on you and I am so restless since then. I feel as if this has happened in the past too. I am unable to recall anything even if I try. But when I do something, I feel as if I have done it in past too. He extends his hand and feels strange. Where did the seeds of mustard go? Shani looks at young Hanuman.

Hanuman tells Shani that this happens only when he is around. Shani is teary eyed. This is not any illusion but your karma. Every human being has an aim. Karma takes us towards our aim. Possibly, because of these karmas only, you are experiencing this. I am sure you will find your answers at the right time. Hanuman nods. It will happen when I will meet that special person. Do you know that someone told me about it? Shani recalls telling Hanuman in the past that he would meet someone special in future. Shani nods. When you will meet that special person!

Mahadev says Narayan, just like fire needs air to burn Hanuman also needs to meet this special person. It will happen very soon. All the doubts, questions will go away then. There will only be devotion. Narayan says who knows maybe Shani only will become the one who will bring them together. He holds an important role in Hanuman’s life. Ganpati is alive today because of Shani only. Mahadev agrees. This war between Shani and Ravan will bring Shani and Hanuman closer. This war is very important for the world; for Shani and Hanuman’s friendship; for Shani to become Karamfaldata again. Worlds needs their karamfaldata which is why Shani must win this war at any cost! He will have to clear this test. He will then get his karamfal and so will the world!

Shani tells Hanuman that their duty is to only do karma. Karmas should always be done without thinking about their karamfal. We must leave for Lanka. Hanuman asks for some time to complete a task. He leaves. Young Shani and Young Hanuman step out. Young Hanuman holds Shani’s hand. Don’t worry Shani. Remember that our friendship does not need any memory and neither can any curse curse it. Our friendship is beyond time. Young Shani adds that he has faith in Shani and Hanuman. You both will surely win this war. They disappear. Shani says I feel as if someone is calling out to me repeatedly.

Dhamini comes there. I had faith that you will certainly save me from Ravan. Shani calls it his duty to save his wife. Dhamini says you dint save me as it was your dharma but new colours have been added to our life. Shani is confused. She tells him to think what he had said to her when they were about to get married. Shani recalls telling Dhamini they can never fall in love with each other. Think from where you got your strength to fight Ravan even when you were helpless / powerless? Your pain, anger which you expressed before Ravan was nothing but love. You couldn’t recognize it. That love became your strength and helped you fight with Ravan; it helped you save other planets and me. You succeeded in defeating Ravan. She smiles and holds his hand. Truth is you also have begun to love me. now I have faith that after the end of this chapter, we will start a life together which I had imagined! Kakol comes running there. Shani knows he came to tell that Ravan has entered in Surya Loka. Dhamini’s eyes widen in shock.

Ravan says see how I will abduct your wife before your eyes this time. Last time I did so in your absence but I will do it right before your eyes this time and you wont be able to do anything!

Hanuman and Shani join the army. Shani says this war is against someone who misused his powers and boon. Such person must be shown his real place. Surya Dev apologizes to him for not trusting him. I always thought that you were against me and Surya Loka but I can see things clearly today. I will support you in this war. Yam also agrees to support Shani. Hanuman and Shani seek their mother’s blessings. Shani, Hanuman, Surya Dev and Yam walk away with their army.

Shani says Ravan’s arrogance will be finished by the time today’s war will be over. Yam reasons that they would need more army. Ravan’s army is huge. Shani says we don’t have to worry about karamfal when karma and path is right. Whatever be the karamfal, we will face it. Shani looks in one direction and remarks that their army wont be less than Ravan’s army now. They see King Bali coming there with his army. Bali greets everyone. Hanuman told me how Ravan cheated Shani. This is why I will be lucky if you will allow my army to support you. Shani thanks him for his help. I hope I will be able to repay you sometime in future. Bali replies that he will surely get a chance. I need a promise from you. You would allow me to fight with Ravan once. Ravan shouts at Shani to be ready. I am coming to kill you with my own hands. Yam and Hanuman warn everyone to get ready. Shani hears someone calling out his name repeatedly. Whose voice is this which is calling out to me?


Shani 6th March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap :A very big fight is about to ensue between Ravan and Shani. The fate of world depends on it. Will Shani be able to save the world? See how the final chapter of Shani’s life will end when Shani will finally accept the position of Dandnayak.

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