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Shani 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Time is the most powerful thing in the world but it also sometimes falls weak before truth. Shani teaches us to treasure truth so as to treasure time.

Epi begins with Devi Sanghya deciding to stand as an obstacle in Shani’s path.

Shani tells Raja Harishchandra to understand he is an ordinary man now. You have no money. Face the reality. You wont be able to do anything until you accept you are no more a king!

Next morning, one guy is deciding wages for everyone who is willing to work for him. Raja Harishchandra is also standing in the queue. The guy agrees to pay him in return of work. Shani asks him if he wont ask the new person who he is and why he is here. The guy asks Raja Harishchandra who he is. Raja Harishchandra reluctantly tells him his truth. The guy immediately apologizes. All this belongs to you only. Please accept it. Raja Harishchandra denies. Right now, I am neither a king nor a beggar. I will only take money in return of my hard work. The guy politely declines. You are our King. I cannot give you any work. All this is yours anyways. Raja takes his leave. Shani tells him to try as much as he wants. No one would like to employ a king. Till the time you accept you are an ordinary person, you wont get a job. Raja insists he is sticking to his promise. I wont lie. Shani points out that this is the truth. You are not a king anymore. You wont get work anywhere till you speak truth. Raja tries at other places too but in vain. Shani says you tried a lot but you should understand you are a father and husband now. You should lead the family and think as to how to take care of them. Sanghya says a king remains a king always. He is born a king and dies a king! Shani is surprised to see her there.

Devi Sanghya tells Raja Harishchandra not to worry. I am Surya Dev’s wife Sanghya. I am here to help a Suryavanshi king. Raja Harishchandra and his family greet her. Rani Taramati says you must have come to take your son with you. Sanghya tells them Shani’s truth (of he being her Chhaya’s son). Can Surya Dev and my son be this ugly? He wouldn’t have troubled a Suryavanshi if he was indeed a Surya putra. Raja Harishchandra is a true king. Whatever is happening is embarrassing Surya Dev. I have come to give you a solution. You were forced to promise not to lie by Shani. You don’t value what you don’t do willingly. Raja Harishchandra is confused. She tells him to break his promise. No one will mind it as it was Shani who had forced you to get into this agreement. He refuses to back off from his promise being a Suryavanshi. She insists he was forced to do it. Trust me. I am telling you. You wont commit any sin by doing this. Shani says everyone has to bear the consequence of his or her actions. You too will have to do so if you take the wrong path. You are anyways on wrong path. Don’t go so wrong that I will have to bring you back on the right one. She challenges him to punish her if he wishes to. You might have cast your Vakra Dristhi on Raja Harishchandra but don’t forget who I am.

Shani reminds her how he cast an eclipse on the same Surya Dev when he spoke / did ill to his mother. I don’t spare anyone. When he couldn’t escape it then how can you. I give Karamfal at the right time. You too will get it at your right time. Just wait a little. This is Raja Harishchandra’s time. He walks up to Raja Harishchandra. What have you decided to do – to follow or sway from the path? Raja Harishchandra thanks Sanghya politely for thinking well about him. I will stick to my words though. I will fall in my eyes if I break my promise this time. She asks him if he has no responsibility towards his family. Raja Harishchandra reasons that this is his Karamfal and maybe his family’s too. I wont break my promise for anything! Shani suggests Sanghya to leave as she has her answer now. She says my leaving now does not mean I wont return. You will regret sending me away when I return next time! She walks away. Raja Harishchandra tells Shani he does not know what enmity he has from him but trust me I wont let you be happy. I wont bend or break before any of the challenges that you will pose in my way. Shani says there is still time in starting your new life yet again. I warn you again to come on the right path!

Rani Taramati is pained as their son is hungry since yesterday. How will we eat without money? Shani adds that the path of truth is difficult. They hear an announcement. It is Swanand (a trader from Banaras) who knows the royal family already. He agrees to give them money but asks for Rohitashva in return. There must be something special in him if you took such a big risk for him. Raja Harishchandra warns him to be quiet. How dare you say that! I am not going to put a price on my son! He is my son after all! Shani finds the suggestion of the trader right. There is still time to think. Your love for your son is the reason for all the problems. The sooner you give it up the sooner all your problems will end. Raja Harishchandra thinks of Maharishi’s offer and what all happened thereafter. He suggests giving up his wife instead shocking everyone present there.


Shani 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Devi Sanghya asks Shani to cast his Vakra Drishti on me. Your mother will also have to bear the consequence.

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