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Shani 5th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 5th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Revenge snatches your patience. Shani teaches that you destroy yourself if you are overcome by the feeling of revenge. One should not hold any such feeling in mind for the very same reason. ||

Shani notices a thread in her hand. What’s this about? Chhaya replies that she got it from Devi Sanghya when he was fighting with Mushkasur. Shani gets thinking. Please remove it. She tells him against it but he tells her not to trust Devi Sanghya. I know her well. She makes him sit down. It is her kid too. How can she think of harming her own kid? Shani says I am also her kid but you know what all she has done to harm me. I can sense that something is going in her mind. Stay away from her. Chhaya asks him how she can keep the baby away from her second mother. Shani says her karmas, thoughts have only sins.

Chhaya is positive time changes everyone. Devi Sanghya has borne the karamfal of her karma. She too has changed. Shani stays put. Poison is deep rooted inside her. She can never change. Please remove this thread from your hand for my sake, for yourself and for the unborn baby. She requests him to believe that Devi Sanghya has changed. DO it for my sake. I trust her so I wont remove it. He tells her to stick to her faith while he will stick to his promise. I will protect the unborn baby at every step.

Shani meets Sanghya in the corridor. She asks him what happened. He replies that something is surely going to happen. She tells him he is getting worried for no reason. You should be happy that you will finally get the love that you couldn’t get from Yam or Yami. A new member is coming in Surya family. Shani shares he isn’t worried. It should be you who should be worried for your Karamfal. I know something wrong is going on in your mind. This time I am not warning you as a Karamfaldata. I am warning you as a son and a brother! If anything happens to my mother and her baby then it wont be right for you. She acts innocent. It will be my baby too. For the baby, I will do whatever best I will be able to. She leaves. Shani is still sure she is going to do something else altogether.

Hanuman thinks of something. He goes to Shani excitedly. I know what I have to give. Everyone gave something or other to Mata Chhaya’s baby. I now know what I have to give. I will get the baby’s name inked on Chandra so the baby’s name shines brightly. Shani tells him he has to help him protect Mata Chhaya’s baby. Your Guru Mata is in trouble because of your Guru Mata only. I feel Devi Sanghya is going to do something wrong, that too tonight itself. Hanuman assures him he will keep a tight vigil on Devi Sanghya every second. I wont let her come near Mata Chhaya. Shani thanks him. Hanuman leaves to do his work.

Chhaya sings lullaby for the unborn. Shani is sitting next to her all this while and smiles. He too joins her in singing the song. Shani tells her brother / sister not to worry. I will protect you every second. No problem will fall on you till your brother is here. I will take you to places with Kakol when you take birth. I will also show you the home where I stayed in for 10 years. I will show you Hanuman’s home and take you to meet Mahadev too. we will have lots of fun together. I will save you if mother will scold you. Chhaya falls asleep. Shani notices her hand over her stomach.

Hanuman is following Devi Sanghya. Shani might have been right in doubting her. Where is she off to at this hour? Sanghya feels she is being followed and turns back to check but Hanuman hides in time. She goes inside a cave. Hanuman wonders why she came to this place. I don’t have a problem till the time she is away from Mata Chhaya. I will wait outside till she returns. He sits down at the entrance.

Sanghya laughs looking at the put. The cave is full of burning lava. She does black magic.

Shani reaches out for his mother’s hand when he notices her temperature. He wakes her up. Chhaya asks him what happened. He shares that she has high fever. She coughs. He gives her water.

Sanghya invokes all her powers. I will put all my powers in this hell. This is the end of Chhaya and of all my problems!

Chhaya holds her neck in pain. She tells Shani she is thirsty and in pain. Shani rushes outside to bring water for her.

Sanghya continues doing black magic. Poor Shani! Shani doesn’t know that the baby, for whom he is worrying so much, for whom he is dreaming so much, wont come in existence ever! Neither Chhaya nor her baby will see tomorrow’s sunrise. That wasn’t a safety thread but a thread that will take Chhaya to her death. You will never return from death now!

Chhaya is unable to control herself. She is pulled in different directions. She shouts Shani’s name. He hears her voice and comes running in the room but she isn’t there.

Hanuman finds the place strange.

Inside, Sanghya continues her prayers. No one not even Karamfaldata Shani can save you from this Halalal (poison), Chhaya!

Chhaya is being pulled. She shouts for help. Shani and Kakol begin searching for her. Shani is sure someone is pulling her to himself but who would that be.

Chhaya reaches the cave. She is shocked to see Sanghya there. What are you doing here? Sanghya says I am ending the pain which I started. I am ending the jealousy in which I am burning. I am ending your relation with Surya Dev which I disapprove of! I am ending my own creation! Neither you nor your baby will return from this end!

Shani and Kakol try entering the cave but in vain.

Chhaya says I thought you changed. Sanghya says I wish to change. I wish to enjoy once again and gain control over everything. I will get that by your death. It will happen once you will fall in this pit of poison!

Shani wonders why they are unable to enter. We must get inside. Mother is in trouble. He notices Hanuman nearby and calls out to him. Hanuman rushes to him. Shani tells him that Mata Chhaya’s life is in trouble. Chhaya shouts Shani’s name again.


Shani 6th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Devraj tells Surya Dev that Devi Sanghya has plotted to kill Devi Chhaya. Chhaya begins to fall in the pit. Shani also jumps inside. An explosion is heard.

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