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Shani 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Epi begins with Devi Sanghya telling her father that he has crossed his limits. You will be punished for it. She attacks him. Dev Vishwakarma shouts as something explodes. Sanghya is stunned to see Shani standing there once the smoke clears. Shani remarks that she cannot be his mother! He looks really angry. My mother can never harm her father! Dev Vishwakarma recalls Mahadev’s words. He calls out to Shani who helps him stand. Dev Vishwakarma tells Shani he is mistaken. You know your mother since your birth while I know her since her birth. She fights with me like this only when she gets angry. It is since childhood. I have gotten used to it. Why are you disturbed about what happened between a father and daughter? Shani does not take his eyes off Sanghya whereas she avoids his stare all along. They hear the sound of conch. Sanghya says it is time for Sabha. I have to be present to do Surya Dev’s abhishek. She walks out of the room. Shani looks determined.

Surya Dev steps inside the courtroom with Yam and Yami. Everyone is gathered there (including Indra Dev). Surya Dev points out that he was banished. How dare you come here? Narad Muni tells him to calm down. Indra Dev was dismissed from his position but he is still a God. It isn’t wrong in my opinion if he is here with respect to the same thought. Surya Dev walks up to his throne with both Yam and Yami on his either side. Indra Dev thinks time changes. Yesterday it was mine. It will be mine once again tomorrow. Surya Dev signals the dancers to stop and takes his seat. Narad Muni welcomes everyone. Devraj’s position is very powerful and important after Tridev’s position. As their representative, I will do the needful. Surya Dev keeps moving all day so the world wont stop. If his wife, who always is with him, does his abhishek then it will just add to the beauty of it. He calls out to Devi Sanghya who enters just as the doors of the courtroom open.

Sanghya walks up to the throne. Yami brings forward the thaal. Devi Sanghya is about to do Surya Dev’s tilak when Shani shouts at them to stop. She stops startled. Puja thaal falls down from her and Yami’s hand. Devi Sanghya looks angrily at Shani. Shani walks in with Dev Vishwakarma. Surya Dev also looks upset. He asks Sanghya about what just happened. it is inauspicious. She corrects him. It is a hindrance. It isn’t in my abhishek but is in this inauspicious Shani’s eyes. His eyes are as ugly as he is! He destroys wherever he looks! Things are bound to go wrong wherever he is. It would have been better if he wasn’t allowed to come here today! Ugly, inauspicious! You stopped the abhishek. Shani looks at her in shock.

Surya Dev asks Shani the reason as to why he stopped the abhishek. Shani replies that he realised that the one who cannot give respect to her father wont be able to give respect to her husband either! I came here to say that what she did to Nana Shri wasn’t right but now my question is different. I want to know who you are. Indra Dev smirks. Surya Dev asks him what kind of weird question is that. Shani replies that what she did to Dev Vishwakarma was weird. A daughter cannot behave like that with her father. weird were those words which she spoke for me. A son can be as bad as he is but a mother cannot say such things to him especially not my mother. Tell me who you are. Was Indra Dev speaking truth? Say it once that whatever I heard from your mouth was a lie; whatever Indra Dev said was a lie. Just say it once that you are my mother. Devi Sanghya refuses. I am not your mother! Shani takes a step back in shock.

Surya Dev is equally confused and so is everyone else gathered there. Devi Sanghya tells Shani what he heard today and what Indra Dev said that day is truth. I am not your mother! Shani asks her about his mother. Where is she? Sanghya replies that she is no more. Your mother died! You too don’t need to stay here anymore as your mother is dead! Indra Dev looks pleased. Surya Dev asks Sanghya if she isn’t Sanghya. Sanghya walks up to him. I am Sanghya only; your wife and Yam and Yami’s mother. But I am not Shani’s mother. Your birth was an accident! It was a cheating, a sin. This is why your birth is also a sin and your eyesight is so twisted. Your mother’s creation was my mistake! I had to go for a tapasya so I could bear Surya Dev’s heat. I created a shadow for myself as a backup in my absence. I named her Chhaya as she was born out of my shadow. I thought she will take care of my kids as my shadow but she cheated me! She tried to snatch my family from me. She tried to gain hold of my rights and gave birth to you. The one who was born stealthily is nothing else but a sin! Did you hear? Your birth and your life is illegitimate, just like your sinner mother Chhaya was! Shani stumbles in a step. Sanghya says she dared to throw me out of my house only. If she wouldn’t have disappeared today then she would have surely been sitting here as Devrani. You want to know the truth, right? Your mother Chhaya was shameless, greedy and characterless! Now you know the truth. Neither do I need you in my life nor in Dev Loka. She drags him till the door and asks him to leave. Disappear! Your mother is dead!

Shani refuses to accept it. The one, for whom I undertook Kailash journey; the one, who was blessed by Mahadev with a long life, cannot die! He walks back to Sanghya. Where is my mother? Sanghya says same voice, same bitterness. You are surely that Chhaya’s son. You want to know where your mother is. She pulls him before light. Don’t look at my face but at my feet. Look down. Shani looks on the floor and sees the shadow. Sanghya points out that this is his mother. She went back to where she had come from. Shani cannot take his eyes off the shadow. Sanghya says the sandals of my feet dreamt of becoming my crown. They ended back in their place in the end! Shani kneels down to touch / caress his mother. All the memories flash before his eyes. He recalls the blessing that he got earlier today. Sanghya says she was about to finish my identity and got stomped under my feet. She does it literally which angers Shani. He looks at her in anger and hits her hard on her stomach. Sanghya shouts in pain. Epi ends on Shani’s angry face.

Shani 7th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Sanghya says I, Surya’s wife, curse Shani. The leg, with which he hurt my stomach (womb), should leave him right away. She attacks him using her energies because of which his one leg breaks apart from his body.

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