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Shani 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Shani 6th March 2017 Watch Online Episode HD on

Shani’s Saade- Sati: Shani’s Saade-Sati isn’t painful but purifying. The first milestone is when your overconfidence breaks. Shani breaks your overconfidence and brings people on the right path.

The guy points at the bag in which the watermelon is kept. It has blood marks. They find a cut head inside the sack. Shani and Mahadev are taken aback to see the same. Soldier orders his juniors to make Mahadev captive. Shani steps forward. Do you know who you are misbehaving with? A soldier says he looks like a beggar but is a killer in reality! Shani shouts at them to be careful. He is about to get his weapon when Mahadev tells him to let them do their karma. He surrenders to the soldiers shocking Shani. The men tie Mahadev’s hands and take him with them. Mahadev tells Shani there is still time

in sunset. Do your karma. Keep your Vakra-Drishti on me. He leaves with the soldiers. Shani looks at them boggled.

Everyone waits for the king to take his seat. Soldiers are holding Mahadev while Shani stands at a distance. King sits on his throne. He demands to see his son’s killer. Soldiers bring Mahadev forward. King says you kill innocent people. You are dressed like a tapasvi and are acting like an Asura! Shani gets angry but Mahadev shakes his head at him. Shani stops. King announces that the culprit should meet the same fate that his sons met. Behead him! Mahadev stands up. He notices Shani’s shocked face and then goes with the soldiers. People too shout for justice. Kill him! Soldiers make Mahadev keep his head on the wall. Shani looks at the setting sun and then at Mahadev. Sun is about to set. It is time for me to remove my Drishti from Mahadev. Allow me to remove my Drishti Mahadev. Allow me to do my work. Mahadev nods at him. Shani removes his Vakra-Drishti from Mahadev. The guy is about to behad Mahadev when the sons of the king come running there. King asks his kids where they were. The elder son replies that they were playing in the jungle. They lost their path. We found it somehow and reached on time or otherwise! King frees Mahadev and apologizes to him. I was about to commit a big sin. Mahadev saved me. Mahadev smiles. King tells him he is free now. How did soldiers doubt you then? Mahadev replies that some incidents are such which are better not to be understood by everyone. There is a lesson behind every incident though. Whoever had to learn a lesson from this one has learnt his lesson. Shani smiles.

Shani kneels down before Mahadev. I understood why you did all this. Mahadev asks him what he understood. Shani replies that he wasn’t running away. you were trying to make me understand that responsibilities come with power. You wanted me to understand the extent of my power and how should I use it well. I apologize for the pain you had to undergo for the same. Mahadev says the one who learns shouldn’t apologize. This is the effect of your Vakra-Drishti. Whoever will be subject to it will have lot many changes in his life. It will take them to a new journey just like it happened with me. Think well before using this power Shani. Shani nods. He vows before Mahadev never to misuse his powers. I will use them for the welfare of the world. I will never let you be ashamed. I will always respect Mahadev’s expectations and my mother’s teachings.

Narayan says Shani finally understood the power of his Drishti and so did we. When you yourself couldn’t avoid it then no one else can escape it. Brahma Dev asks Mahadev if it will be right to give such a big responsibility to a kid. Is he ready to fulfil his responsibility? Mahadev says I allowed him to cast his Drishti on me for that very reason only (to make him understand the meaning of it). But Shani will have to learn when and how to use it on anyone. Brahma Dev asks him if world wont be scared of this power. Mahadev says it may happen in beginning but they will soon understand that Shani’s Drishti will be a purifying process for them. brahma Dev asks about it. Mahadev shares that we will all be soon a witness to it.

Dev Vishwakarma says Surya Dev and Chandra Dev have broken the rules. The world is in a mess. Entire world is lit up day and night. A problem has come on the life of human beings as well along with Asuras’ life. Chandra Dev has to make everything calm and easy whereas he is also spreading heat. Surya Dev adds that it is happening because of his orders. Clouds don’t stop when the rain which gives life also drowns a few houses. It isn’t my fault if some human beings have to go through some trouble for a bigger cause. Chandra Dev says Surya Dev shares his warmth with me to kill Asuras yet you are going against him in his plan instead of supporting him. I dint expect this from someone like you! Yam enters just then. We won father! Chandra Dev and Surya Dev look pleased as Yam walks in. We killed an entire army of Asuras. Our power is increasing whereas Asuras are becoming weak. We will kill them very soon! Everyone cheers for Devraj Surya Dev and Dharmaraj Yam. Surya Dev stops them. He asks Dev Vishwakarma to speak now. Do you trust my strength now? I will make this position of Devraj so powerful that Asuras wont be able to stand before it. I will take Gods to a level where no other Devraj could reach earlier! Indra Dev looks miffed. Chandra Dev seconds Surya Dev while Dev Vishwakarma opposes it. Surya Dev is taking world to instability and downfall. Surya Dev calls it jealousy. You couldn’t achieve anything big and are now questioning me? You wear slippers to cover feet. When they begin to hurt you then you remove them. That is the only option! Whoever has objection to my decision has no permission to be here. Hope you understood Dev that you aren’t supposed to stay here. Devguru reminds him that Dev Vishwakarma is his chief advisor. Surya Dev corrects him. he was! When the same person begins to question you then he does not deserve to withhold his position anymore. He walks up to where Dev Vishwakarma is. I, Devraj Surya, announce that Dev Vishwakarma is free from his post from this very moment! Everyone looks on in shock as Surya Dev removes the crown from Dev Vishwakarma’s head. From now on, Chandra Dev will replace him. Dev Vishwakarma looks at him unhappily. Surya Dev is about to put the crown on Chandra Dev’s head but he holds his hand. I got everything from you. What’s the need of this? Surya Dev leaves the crown in his hands. Chandra Dev assures Surya Dev he will follow his duty diligently. Surya Dev nods pleased.

Dev Vishwakarma turns to go teary eyed. He stumbles in his step and is about to fall when Shani holds him. He is pained to see tears in his Nana Shree’s eyes. Shani steps forward staring at Surya Dev in his eye. He makes a fist in one of his hands.


Shani 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update : Precap :: Shani says I am a God. Mahadev gave me birth from you so I could learn something from you. surya Dev tells him to take his place behind the Gods. Shani asks him to allow him to keep him at such a place from where he can always look at him. Surya Dev allows him. Shani casts his Vakra-Drishti on Surya Dev.

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