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Shani 6th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 6th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Our existence in the world is solely because of our parents. Shani teaches that it is the duty of a kid to always protect and respect their parents. ||

Shani notices Hanuman nearby and calls out to him. Hanuman rushes to him. Shani tells him that Mata Chhaya’s life is in trouble.

Sanghya says I had to lose a lot because of you and Shani. I had to fall in Surya Dev’s eyes; had to bear the hatred of my father and kids! I had to remain a horse in the jungle! Chhaya says Shani was right. The one who is filled with hatred never changes. She mentally apologises to Shani for not listening to him. The baby, for whom you dreamt so much, would have to die. Sanghya is sure Shani himself will be destroyed the moment Chhaya is dead! Chhaya tells her not to do it but Sanghya pulls her towards the pit. Chhaya shouts Shani’s name. Shani, Kakol and Hanuman hear her voice. Sanghya laughs proudly. Chhaya is dead! All my problems will end with her! She is shocked to see Chhaya still holding onto the edge of the pit.

Hanuman manages to break the entrance shield and they all enter inside.

Sanghya asks Chhaya why she isn’t dying. Why don’t you let me live in peace? Die! She stomps on Chhaya’s feet to make her lose grip. Shani shouts Mata. Sanghya gets upset that he came here again to spoil her plans. She uses her energies to ward off Shani. Hanuman offers to stop her instead. Sanghya asks him if he would raise hand on his Guru Mata. Hanuman says I wont have to do it. He catches her in a shield.

Yam and Yami tell Surya Dev that Chhaya, Sanghya, Shani, Kakol and Hanuman are not in their rooms. Is something wrong? Surya Dev is sure about it. He was hinting at that only. Devraj enters just then and agrees with him. Devraj tells Surya Dev that Devi Sanghya has plotted to kill Devi Chhaya. Hurry up. She needs your help. Devraj thinks Sanghya kept me in dark so she could win. See what Surya Dev will do to you now.

Shani rushes to his mother but it gets late. Chhaya begins to fall in the pit. Shani also jumps inside holding Hanuman’s tail in one hand. Chhaya keeps shouting her name. Shani keeps telling her he wont let anything happen to her. Give me your hand. They both extend their hands towards one another. Chhaya apologises to him for not listening to him. She is pulled deeper in the pit. An explosion is heard. Shani is pushed back outside because of the impact.

Surya Dev and everyone else have also reached the cave. Shani cries out in anguish. Why do you (Tridev) always put my mother in a problem? Why Tridev? Answer me! Tridev appear there. Shani says I promised not to keep any relation with anyone except my mother. I lived up to my mother. I never asked for anyone else apart from my mother. Why was she snatched from me then? Surya Dev asks Mahadev if there is no other way to save Chhaya. Mahadev denies. There is no way to escape from Halalal. You would remember that I too swayed when I drank Halalal during Sagar Manthan. If Devi Parvati hadn’t turned into Mahakali that day to protect me then I too would have been dead. Sanghya smiles. Mahadev extends his hand and pulls Chhaya out of the pit. Shani rushes to her side. Are you alright? Please wake up Mata. You cannot leave me. He requests Mahadev to do something. Maahdev replies that he is helpless. Halalal is the most powerful poison in the world. Chhaya and her baby will surely die because of this. Shani cries holding his mother’s hand.

Sanghya thinks to escape r everyone will burn her without Halalal. Surya Dev angrily takes her name just then. She tells him not to blame her. I will explain what happened. He tells her to be quiet. I have given you enough chances. Chhaya accepted you every time but you killed Chhaya and her unborn baby. She tries explaining but this time Devraj too speaks against her. Nothing can save you this time as I told entire truth to Surya Dev. Surya Dev says if my dharma would have allowed me then I would have killed you right away. Today, I renounce you once again, for once and for all! Go away from me for forever! Yami too renounces her. You don’t know how to love. You only know jealousy and anger. Mahadev said Halalal is the worst poison but no! The worst poison inside you! You can even kill me or Yam some day for your own motive!

Sanghya says how I can harm my own baby. Yami reasons that the one who she hurt was also someone’s baby. She addresses her as Devi Sanghya. Yam also seconds her. You have always been “Kumata” (a bad mother). You don’t deserve to be called that also as you are a murderer. You only know how to kill. Sanghya justifies her act saying that Shani and Chhaya were snatching their places in Surya Loka. I did everything for our sake only. Yam reasons that everyone’s karma decides their place in anyone’s life. Your karmas prove that you don’t have a place in our home or our lives. Devraj snatches her Devi position once again. She is only Sanghya after today! You are also banished from entering in Indra Loka ever! Sanghya says you always were on my side in every plan. You are snatching my position from me? He nods. There is a limit to my deviousness though. I can never fall this low! Sanghya accepts that she made a very big mistake. Please have mercy on me. Dev Vishwakarma says if it was in my hands then I wouldn’t have let Surya Dev go bring you back from jungle. I wouldn’t have been then cursed to have a daughter like you. Sanghya says you are saying this for your own daughter. He refuses to acknowledge her as his daughter. You are the result of some unknown sin that I committed. Sanghya pleads for mercy from Tridev but Narayan refuses. I will not allow you to enter in Vishnu Loka ever. You are banished from Vishnu Loka!

Brahma Dev and Mahadev too warn her not to even think of entering in their Loka’s. Sanghya says I do realise I committed a crime but don’t punish me so hard. Shani says you haven’t gotten your punishment yet Sanghya. He invokes his weapon and turns to her.


Shani 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shani’s sister is born. Shani calls her lucky. Mahadev does Taandav. The energy which will destroy the entire world has arisen. It will very soon destroy everything!

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