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Shani 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Sometimes such situations arise before us when we are forced to stand against the one we respect the most. Shani teaches that one must follow the right path in such situations. ||

Shani and Kakol are on their way to some place. Shani keeps thinking of Rahu’s message that Kakol had repeated. Hanuman joins him. You are always quiet but you seem worried today. Shani says I am worried as to how to protect mother.

Chhaya tries reaching out to that window. Rahu is on the way to get her. She senses approaching footsteps and hopes she succeeds.

Surya Dev apologizes to Sanghya. I couldn’t save you. I couldn’t follow my Pati-dharma. Yami says there must be a way. Yam says there is a way. There would be another Dev-Asura Sangram if Rahu wont agree. Shukracharya tells him nothing comes out of war. This is my personal experience. They see Shukracharya coming in followed by Shani, Hanuman and Kakol. Shani says right now it is Rahu Kaal. Rahu’s power is at its peak. It is natural for anyone to lose sight of his path. I asked Shukracharya to help us. He wants to stop Rahu and Asuras from going on the wrong path. Surya Dev asks them if they have any clue about Chhaya. Kakol denies. Yami requests her father to do something. Mother has turned into a statue and Mata Chhaya is nowhere to be seen. Surya Dev agrees to find her. Let’s try reviving Sanghya at the moment. He uses all his powers yet again but in vain. Sanghya remains a statue. Yam asks his father to do something. Surya Dev says right now I have put a very big part of my power for the betterment of the world. I can do something better once sun sets. Shani thinks he doesn’t have much time. I must reach the river shore soon so as to discover the secret to this.

Rahu goes looking for Chhaya but does not find her there. He shouts for his mother. Ketu leaves to check on him. He notices Chhaya trying to escape and warns her of the consequences. She still tries finding a way out but fails. She utters Shani’s name.

Shani hears it and looks back stunned. He closes his eyes to calm himself. Hanuman blocks his way. Where are you off? Shani says to find mother. Hanuman says I know that already. Where did you disappear earlier? I promised to help you in looking for Mata Chhaya. Shani shouts against it recalling what Kakol had told him. He hides it from Hanuman and lies he needs rest. Hanuman is suspicious and offers to drop him till his room. Shani nods. Hanuman leaves Shani in his room. You can rest. I am nearby only. Shani waits for him to leave the room.

Kakol joins Hanuman. Why are you trying to walk on your toes? Hanuman replies that he doesn’t want to make noise. Kakol asks about Shani. Hanuman tells him he is taking rest. Kakol wonders why he is resting in Mata Chhaya’s room. Hanuman realises he dint think of it. Is there anything special there? Kakol thinks for a while. There is nothing special but there is indeed a secret room. They come in Mata Chhaya’s room. Hanuman and Kakol are hesitant to remove the quilt to check on Shani. Hanuman calls out his name twice but gets no response. He removes the quilt while looking at Kakol and they are stunned to see pillows in place of Shani. Hanuman checks every corner. Kakol notices the secret passage open.

Shani is in the jungle. Hanuman and Kakol are also in the jungle. Kakol tells Hanuman Shani has never done it before. Don’t know where he went to.

Rahu and Ketu are unable to find Chhaya but Simhika finds her. This isn’t the age to play games with me. Rahu and Ketu join them. Simhika is eagerly waiting for Shani.

Shani reaches the river shore. I am here alone. Where is my mother? On getting no reply, he gets impatient. Come in front of me Rahu and tell me where my mother is! He hears his mother calling out to him repeatedly. A halo appears in the river. He jumps inside it. Simhika hears the sound and is pleased. Karamfaldata is welcome in my palace.

Rahu and Ketu block Shani’s way. Beware! Shani says you dint learn anything after all that has happened till now. You are yet again ready to fight me? Rahu and Ketu let him go in. Rahu smirks. Shani walks ahead. Simhika is following him at a distance. She manages to get in range of his shadow and controls him too. Mother’s love is very powerful. It can pull a kid to Pataal too! Sometimes a mother’s love makes one weak. You dint come to save your mother but to become my prey. I called you here so I can take care of you. She pushes him aside and laughs seeing his condition. Shani gets up and glares at her. Who are you? What’s your enmity with me and where is my mother? She calls him too curious. I will answer all your questions one by one. I will give answer to your last question first. You will have to face my fighters first. Shani says I will be glad to take care of Rahu and Ketu again. She says there is someone else who is waiting to face you. She orders someone to attack him. Shani looks at the person approaching him (the person is in dark so the face is not visible). Shani is stunned to see his mother standing against him, ready to attack him with teary eyes.


Shani 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Chhaya attacks Shani. Rahu, Ketu and Simhika enjoy seeing it. Simhika tells Shani to break Sanghya’s statue. Chhaya will be free the moment it happens. Shani shakes his head in disbelief.

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