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Shani 7th December 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 7th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Pain and happiness aren’t stable in life therefore one must act in a balanced manner in both the situations. Shani teaches that every pain is an indicator of happiness which is about to come our way. ||

Shani 7th December 2017 Episode start with  Mahadev saying You should have love and dedication but you became arrogant instead. Because of that very reason, I wont go to Lanka with you! This is your karamfal. Ravan is taken aback. Mahadev says I still hope that you will keep my biggest devotee inside you alive and follow the right path your life. Shani adds that this temple will have 4 doors indicative of dharma, karma, moksha and one more thing! Those who will follow dharma and will attain moksha! Mahadev disappears. Ravan shouts after him but in vain. Don’t leave me Mahadev! He breaks down. I beg you Mahadev.

Please don’t leave me. Shani looks at him. I warned you that my Drishti will be on you forever but because of your arrogance you chose the path of your doom. The result is right in front of you. Recall all that happened from the beginning starting from Nandi’s curse. Afterwards, your hands were crushed under Kailash Mountain and now Narayan placed this Shivlinga here. Ravan thinks of Baiju and realises it was no one else but Narayan himself. Shani says now you would have understood how my Drishti works. Ravan calls him a cheater. You cheated me by sending Narayan in Baiju’s disguise. You made him place the Shivlinga here intentionally! Shani reasons that he did his karma while I did mine. You had to do complete the vow you made for your devotion while I had to fulfil the vow that I made to Mata. If you had followed the path of dharma then you would have been surely blessed by Mahadev. It would have been something beyond your imagination but you tried to rule over your Aradhya, his love for your own selfish reason. You ignored everything for that reason. This is the karmafal of that same karma.

Ravan is irked to hear him talk about karma and karamfal all the time. You misused the blessing given to me by Mahadev and created hurdles in my path. I will punish you for the same. I challenge you I will keep you captive in the same golden palace where I was once eager to keep my Aradhya. No one in the world, no God will be able to protect or free you! Shani tells him he isn’t afraid to bear his karamfal. I will always go through what is right and what I deserve, whatever may be the circumstances. Remember that my Drishti is still on you. This will determine your future. He walks away.

Ravan looks at the Shivlinga angrily. I diligently worshipped you till date to gain you. There was only one motive behind all my karmas – to take you with me to Lanka! If you were upset with me or weren’t pleased with my worship then you should have punished me! You supported my enemy instead and raised a question on my devotion! If you don’t accept my devotion then I offer you my hatred starting from this very moment. If I could have gotten you on my side with your love then the world would have been mine. I refuse to worship you anymore. I wont be known as biggest devotee of Mahadev anymore. The world will know me as Great Ravan! I wanted to take you to a place where no one could even touch you but now! He marks a cut on his finger by rubbing it against the tree / branch. I will rise so high that you will become smaller than me. He hits at the Shivlinga thereby pushing it deeper in the ground. I am the Great and all powerful Ravan! He laughs evilly.

Tridev look on. Mahadev tells Narayan that Ravan has chosen his path. He will get his karamfal soon as Shani’s Drishti is still on him. Now you will have to become a part of all this to give Shani his karamfal. Narayan nods. A new chapter of his life begins now. He would need the strength of a woman by his side for the same reason.

Devi Parvati appears before Shani. He asks her if everything is fine. She nods. Now that Mahadev is back in Kailash, everything is fine. I know you don’t like anyone thanking you as you call it your karma but I wont leave just like that. You have united Shakti with Shiv today. I bless you that a Shakti will soon enter your life which will take you to new heights in life.

Dhamini is plucking flowers in the garden. She is upset thinking how Devraj Indra does not know how to respect women. I did right by giving him a fitting reply. He deserves it.

Yami is concerned for Dhamini. She is nowhere to be seen. Where would she be? Kakol asks her if everything is fine. She relates that the Sangeet function is due tomorrow. We need to practise. Kakol informs her that he saw her heading towards the garden. I will bring her. Yami wonders why she is suddenly so worried about Dhamini.

Dhamini hears some strange sounds. She demands to know who it is. Come in front! A guy (bird) peeks at her. Devraj will be pleased to see her. It is not an easy task to catch her! Flashback shows Devraj ordering Kupan to bring Dhamini here. I will add her name in the list of Apsaras in Indra Loka. Flashback ends.

Kakol asks Shani where he was since so long. Is everything alright? He nods. Shani notices him looking sad. Kakol shares that their relation has changed over time. I have realised it. Maybe you don’t want me to be with you which is why I am incapable of flying today. I don’t have wings anymore. Shani asks him who told him he does not have his wings anymore. Kakol says I got the energy to fly when you patted at my shoulder but then you left me. I have not been able to fly since then. Shani tells him it is no point lamenting like this. The day you decide you want to fly, no one will be able to stop you from flying!

Dhamini notices a large bird’s shadow on the ground and looks up.

Shani stops in his tracks sensing something wrong.

Dhamini is sure there was something but what was it. She stops in her tracks hearing the sound of a bird. She retraces in her steps and shouts in shock as she collides with someone. It is Kakol. She tells him she was really scared. I wondered who it was. He wonders why everyone is reacting so strangely today. You are worried here while Yami was concerned for you there. You women! Kupan lifts Dhamini just then. She shotus for help.


Shani 8th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Devraj says I will complete my revenge by bringing Dhamini to Indra Loka. Devraj vows to blame Shani for everything! Kupan lets go of Dhamini. She falls and shouts for help from Shani. She is seen hanging on the edge of a mountain.

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