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Shani 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Shani 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| There are chances before people on every step of life but the choice is yours always. Similarly, Shani also gives people a chance to make a choice once his or her Saade-Saati is over ||

Epi begins with Surya Dev saying Chhaya is my wife in real terms as she is the one because of whom I am standing alive before you right now. Chhaya gets teary eyed hearing it. Surya Dev extends his hand towards her and she gladly accepts it. Shani smiles seeing it. He walks up to his throne holding Chhaya’s hand. Chhaya deserves to sit on the throne with me. You (Sanghya) broke devi dharma by breaking the law and even putting Mahadev in dilemma. I am Dandnayak’s punishment today! I snatch your position as Devi from you today! Dev Vishwakarma smiles. Surya Dev makes Chhaya Devi Chhaya. Everyone nods in acceptance.

Surya Dev requests Devi Chhaya to accept him as her husband and the position. Dev Vishwakarma says justice is sometimes delayed but it is always served.

Shani walks up to Sanghya. The punishment of your fourth misdeed is over! First was to punish you for not doing your duty as a mother. Second was to fail as a daughter. Third punishment was for not following your duty as a wife. Fourth punishment was served for maligning Devi-dharma. I only gave you what you deserved. Now I will take back what you don’t need any more. I withdraw my Drishti from you but do remember that my Drishti will follow you whenever you will lose sight of the right path. My Drishti will always guide you towards good. He withdraws his Drishti from her. Better your karmas if you can as Shani neither forgets nor forgives! Sanghya refuses to stay in Surya Loka anymore. I am ready to leave from here till the time I don’t do something right which will give me the right to stay here. She looks at everyone who either lowers his or her eyes or just avoids her gaze. She walks out of the Sabha upset.

Chhaya goes to Shani. Punishment implies starting a good life again. Everyone should get one chance. Shani tells his mother that a chance has already been given. Her choice will decide her future. I hope her choice is right this time.

Sanghya is walking angrily in jungle unaware that Rahu is following her. Rahu greets her. Welcome Devi Sanghya. You have been thrown out of Dev Loka so Gods wont be on your side anymore. I should call you Sanghya now. What path will you choose now – sinful or pious? Sanghya replies that she is only going to follow the path of revenge now. I will go to any length to take revenge from Shani. Rahu laughs. Sanghya shouts – I will never forgive you Shani! Trees are set afire because of her anger. You will have to bear more pain than me. Rahu tries calming her down but in vain. She adds that she has finish Shani in a way that even Mahadev fails in saving him. Where is Devraj Indra? Devraj appears there just then. He too taunts her on her losing her Devi status. How can I help you? Sanghya asks for his help to finish Shani. Devraj suggests that this discussion should have happened in palace but you don’t have one now. Let’s go to Indra Loka. We will decide what we should do with Shani.

Surya Dev thanks Shani for letting the family start afresh. You followed your dharma. Both Sanghya and Chhaya got what they deserved. A special celebration will be held for Devi Chhaya. I also have to do my duty towards you. You will be acknowledged as Surya-putra. You will be given an equal place like Yam and Yami. Kakol smiles thinking he will be the carriage of Surya Loka’s member. Yami takes responsibility to make all the preps. I would be thrilled to arrange it. Yam looks lost. Dev Vishwakarma asks Surya Dev about the day. Surya Dev shares that it will happen after 2 days. I committed an unpardonable sin a few years ago on the same day. There can be no better day than this. Yami asks about the significance of the day. Surya Dev replies that Shani was born that day. Everyone is surprised.

Narayan says Shani will turn 12 after 2 days. Mahadev says this is what we feared.

Surya Dev says Surya Loka will be filled with a new light on Shani’s birthday. Chhaya thanks him whereas Surya Dev feels bad. I should have done it years ago. Chhaya hugs her son. Kakol is excited. Yami asks him to help her. Dev Vishwakarma walks away quietly. Shani notices him thus. He follows his Nana Shree. What happened? You went quiet all of a sudden and then left without saying anything to anyone. Dev Vishwakarma lies that he was heading to his lab to complete an experiment. Shani tells him not to worry in case there is any problem. I am always there to help. He goes. Dev Vishwakarma nods sadly. I know you are always there but I am concerned that problem in not on us but!

Mahadev says there is a problem for Shani. Narayan adds that they had been avoiding this moment since last 12 years now. It will be a big issue if Shani gets stuck in the problem. Brahma Dev suggests dropping a hint for Shani so he can find a way out. Mahadev tells him against it. Let him face it and decide his path on his own. It can be a problem if we try to guide him. Brahma Dev insists Shani should be made aware of what’s going to come. Stay assured. I will go and inform him. Narayan and Mahadev look worried. They know it is all because of destiny. sometimes all bad incidents happen at once as the negative energies come together (be it the impending problem on Shani; Brahma Dev’s decision or Sanghya)!


Shani 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Brahma Dev tells Shani that a very big problem is looming on entire world especially on him. Sanghya decides to get hold of Kalpa-vriksha so they can fulfil all their wishes as and when they please. We will try to find a solution to Shani through that!