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Shani 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Shani 7th March 2017 Watch Online Episode HD on

Shani 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update Recap :
Shani steps forward staring Surya Dev in his eye. He makes a fist in one of his hands. Dev Vishwakarma walks out of the Sabha sadly.

Shani 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update Start with Shani’s Saade- Sati: Shani tries to make the guilty understand that their path was wrong. He always gives them a chance.

Shani steps forward staring Surya Dev in his eye. He makes a fist in one of his hands. Dev Vishwakarma walks out of the Sabha sadly.

Dev Vishwakarma thinks of what happened inside. Shani calls out to him. Dev Vishwakarma closes his eyes in pain. Shani points out that not his but entire Dev Loka’s head bas bowed down. They will have to pay for it. I apologise to you on behalf of Surya Dev. I will have to give Surya Dev the fruits of his karmas as I am Karamfaldata. Dev Vishwakarma says Surya Dev has lost his conscience because of his status. He has forgotten everything. Shani says Mahadev has given me the responsibility to open the closed consciences. Dev Vishwakarma tells

him not to mess his relation with his father once again. Shani says with Mahadev’s guidance I have understood there are other ways to guide people too. I will bring Surya Dev to the right path. Dev Vishwakarma says Surya Dev’s arrogance has blinded him. He wont listen to you. Shani is sure the same arrogance will force him to hear him.
Surya Dev announces that he has made a new plan to finish all Asuras. There will be a new beginning with their end. Shani adds that only the end will begin now. He enters in the Sabha. Surya Dev tells him he isn’t needed here. Shani says whatever happened here made me come here. I had to come here after what you and Chandra Dev did. You crossed your limits with your acts already! Surya Dev says I am Devraj. Wherever king stands becomes the limit; whatever he says is justice. Shani reasons that justice and limits don’t see kings and poor. I feel I have to make you understand this truth. Surya Dev says you will. Don’t forget that you are Karamfaldata but I am Devraj. I believe you aren’t needed here. Go away! Shani replies that only Shani has the right to decide when and where he will go. Dev Vishwakarma looks taken aback. Surya Dev repeats that whoever cannot fall in line with his thoughts isn’t required here. Shani decides to approach the matter in another style. I need to be here. I am a God. Mahadev gave me birth from you so I could learn something from you. I have to be just with everyone just like you spread your warmth equally to everyone. I have to be here to learn something from you. Surya Dev refuses to let him stay here but Shani says who else will teach me then. Chandra Dev advises Surya Dev to let Shani stay here. He has agreed to be under you. Surya Dev asks Shani if he will follow his rules. Shani nods making Surya Dev and Chandra Dev happy. Chandra Dev tells Surya Dev something in his ears. Surya Dev gives permission to Shani to stay here only if he will cheer in his name before everyone. Shani agrees. I also want the same. Surya Dev is surprised to hear him cheering in his name. Indra Dev is puzzled. Chandra Dev again whispers something in Surya Dev’s ears. Surya Dev puts another condition before Shani. You will stand behind all the other Gods. You will follow whatever I will say. You cannot revolt. Do you agree? Shani accepts his conditions. Surya Dev tells him to take his place behind all Gods. Stand in the end of the Sabha. Shani happily does as told. Surya Dev thinks Shani finally realised his true place today!

Brahma Dev asks Mahadev why Shani took such a low place in Surya Dev’s Sabha instead of stopping him. Mahadev denies. He entered in his life by using his arrogance.

Shani requests Surya Dev to allow him to keep him at such a place from where he can always look at him. I have to learn from you. I should be made to stand at a place from where I can hear whatever you say and observe whatever you do. Surya Dev allows him.

Mahadev says trusting yourself more than required is the first step from where one gets into the process of changing (purification). Surya Dev thinks Shani will abide to whatever he will say but Shani does not need to do anything.

Shani takes his place and casts his Vakra-Drishti on Surya Dev.

Indra Dev is angry thinking how Shani gave in to Surya Dev so easily. Shani asks him why he looks so dejected. Indra Dev says the one I had hopes from has disappointed me (pointing at Shani). You are karamfaldata. Why dint you punish Surya Dev for his overconfidence? You instead took a place in his Sabha. You say you have no relation or bondage with anyone but you bent down before him! SHukracharya seconds Indra Dev. Shani remarks that he knew he (Shukracharya) will come. SHukracharya says I had to come as hopes are from you. Becuase of Surya Dev and Chandra Dev’s plan, Asuras are getting killed. You are supporting them instead of stopping them? Shani says even enemies become one when the motive is same (even if the way is different). You have been together once in past too. You can do so today too. Shukracharya speaks of solution. Shani says I have come to tell the solution only but you have to decide. Indra Dev asks for the solution. Shani says the same path on which you have walked earlier too. It isn’t difficult to make anyone agree to you. Indra Dev asks him what he means. Shani says if Devi Sanghya talks to Surya Dev then he will surely understand. It wont be difficult for you to talk to her. You have done it before. Indra Dev calls it useless. Shani reminds him he said his choice will bring the solution to culmination. Think once again as our thoughts only come in the form of our decisions!

Kakol gets happy seeing Shani. Where did you go? Atleast tell me where you are going and when you will come back. I get worried. Shani smiles. I know you care for me but don’t demand something which I cannot fulfil. He sits on the swing. I am not just Shani but Karamfaldata Shani. I have some duties for which I have to go. Kakol says I too have some duties as your carriage. I have to be with you. Shani denies. I cannot take you with me everywhere as everyone shouldn’t know when Shani will come in someone’s life or exit. Kakol says I understand you have changed a little. There was a time when we used to roam in jungle and talk. You never hid anything from me. Why now? What’s happening in Surya Loka? Shani replies that sometimes end is the beginning and vice versa. Shani’s end was the beginning of Surya Dev’s arrogance and with that coming to an end, something else will begin. A lot is going to happen in Surya loka.


Shani 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shani asks Devi Sanghya if she doesn’t feel Yam deserves to be made the advisor instead of Chandra Dev. Surya Dev says no one has a right to question Devraj’s decision. Sanghya reasons that she has the right. You can enjoy your position. I am going to my father’s home with my kids!

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