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Shani 7th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 7th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Shani 7th November 2017 Episode start With || Taking aid of lies to solve any problem makes us weak from inside. Shani advises that one should always stick to the right path in life to overcome any problems. ||

Chhaya requests Yam to end this fight between planets right away as there is no point of holding a war where knowledge is put at stake! He explains that Tridev gave permission for it. Shani’s demand is unjust but the decision to accept it lies in Devguru’s hands. We cannot avoid it if he agrees to put his knowledge at stake.

Devguru accepts Shani’s condition. Chhaya looks on stunned. Dev Vishwakarma says if Shani wins then he will have control over Devguru’s knowledge and vice versa.

Brahma Dev suggests stopping this fight. It isn’t right for Shani to attack Devguru. He will have to bear its consequence later on. Narayan says I agree Shani is not Karamfaldata anymore but no one knows about more Karma and Karamfal than him. He knows he will have to bear the karamfal of every move that he makes.

Devraj hopes Shani uses his weapon at Devguru asap.

Shani challenges Devguru for a shastrartha (religious and philosophical debate). You can keep the rules. Devguru says I will ask you 3 questions. One will be knowledge based, while second will be related to logic. The third one will be in relation to truth. If you fail in answering any of them then I will be the winner. If you satisfy me with your answers then you will win. Do you agree? Shani says the most dangerous form of fight is when you use words to fight instead of weapons. Please go ahead. Devguru asks him why he chose to return to Surya Loka. Shani says karsh. Your answer should have been Karma and Karamfal but I have no right to give explanation of karma anymore yet it is still somehow attached to it in both the ways. Karma’s Karamfal is called Karsh. Wish becomes attraction (akarsh) when it goes beyond karmas and attracts someone towards them. The karamfal of good karma raises you up. That is called utkarsh. Bad karmas take us towards the doom. They are called atkarsh. I am neither good nor bad. I am just the Karamfal of karma. I am just karsh. It was important for me to come here for the deeds that have been done already. I came here for utkarsh (rise) of some people and my presence is important for some people atkarsh. I am karsh. I had to come! Next question please. Devguru says you stopped Mangal from taking Surya Dev’s throne knowing that that would have helped Surya Dev come back in his real form. You call Surya Dev your father yet you have always disagreed with his decisions. Entire world knows that Surya Dev takes decisions without any bias. Why do you doubt his decisions then? Shani says indiscrimination and justice are similar yet different in many ways. I have always been in the favour of justice! I am not just Suryansh but Chhaya-ansh too. If I have Surya’s light then I also have Chhaya in me.

Chhaya gets emotional hearing his answer. She recalls Shain giving a similar explanation in his childhood.

Shani says all the 9 planets are powerful in some way or other but it is only Surya Dev who spreads his light in the world. It is equality to allow all the Gods to take part in this but it isn’t justice. Justice will happen only with the choice of the best!

Devguru asks his third question. What is your real intention to take part in this fight?

Everyone in Surya Loka is eagerly waiting for Shani’s answer. Devraj says finally we would find out why Shani has come back and why he wants to gain control over Surya Loka.

Devguru asks Shani to speak up. Shani refuses to answer this question.

Devraj makes use of this opportunity. Shani has accepted his defeat! He turns to Yam. Announce Devguru as winner when Shani has lost. Dev Vishwakarma tells him to wait. It isn’t so good to be eager. You are forgetting that it is Devguru who has to make that decision. Yam seconds him. We should wait for Devguru’s decision.

Devguru gives another chance to Shani to think about it. Shani says I am not bound to answer this question as this isn’t third but fourth question. Remember your questions (what was me intention behind coming here again; what is the meaning of karsh; why am I against Surya Dev). It means I have already answered all 3 questions.

Devraj gets miffed.

Shani says as per rules I am not bound to answer your fourth question. You must decide now. Devguru says your answers were not just logical but they had karma and dharma. I bow down in front of your knowledge (with folded hands). I accept my defeat.

Shani’s allies are pleased. Narayan says Shani has proved once again that you can win any fight just with your knowledge. This is Shani’s second victory where he has proved himself.

Yam announces Shani the winner. Shani is also the ruler of the 9th house now. He now also has a right over Devguru’s knowledge.

Devguru says it is a thing of respect to lose out to your dharma and knowledge. Please accept all that I put at stake. Shani politely refuses. I don’t need your knowledge. Devguru reasons that he has a right over it as per the rules of the fight. You have won. Shani nods. I accept that there is no greater asset than knowledge but knowledge cannot be snatched, stolen or won over. You can only gain it with your hard work. What’s the point of keeping the knowledge with me that I have won over using my knowledge? Great warrior is not the one who wins the fight. It is that who respects the virtues of his enemy. Thank you for appreciating my knowledge. Devguru blesses him.

Shani and Devguru are drawn once again to Surya Loka. Yam tells Devguru he is out of the fight now. Devguru steps out of the kundli. Devraj says (to Yam) that this isn’t a good sign. If Shani continues to win over the houses this way then it would be impossible for Surya Dev to come back to his real form. Yam plays conch as it is evening time. We will resume this fight tomorrow. All the other planets also automatically return to Surya Loka. Shani has won over 2 houses today by defeating Buddh and Devguru. On the other hand, Mangal has defeated Shukracharya. Only 5 planets will remain in this fight now. Everyone leaves from there.

Mangal shouts Shani’s name angrily. Rahu and Devraj look on. Rahu says seems like Shani’s double victory has affected Mangal badly. Devraj says if he doesn’t learn from it today’s incident then he will surely be angry seeing Shani sitting on Surya Loka’s throne! He uses his power on Mangal to tie him momentarily. Mangal stares at him angrily. It seems like you want to face my anger. Devraj declines. I want to make you aware of reality. You will have to bear much more pain if you don’t play calmly. Mangal is freed and he seems to calm down a bit. I understood what you said but I don’t understand why we have to fight the other planets when everyone knows that the last war will be between me and Shani only! Devraj advises him to come out of his arrogance or any planet will succeed in defeating him. Mangal agrees to change his plan. Devraj smiles. We will defeat Shani using his weaknesses against him!


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